Daniel O’Donnell


Daniel O’Donnell is a smug, pretentious, sickly Irish cunt .

Think of all those menopausal, frustrated housewives with their wet fannies watching him on Strictly. Met a young Irish kid once who used to be in his Irish dance troupe, she reckoned he was a real bell end, who never went anywhere without his entourage of people with their heads up his arse.

Constantly publically paying homage to adoring fans whilst secretly telling them to fuck off, wanker.

Nominated by: Lou Smorrels

13 thoughts on “Daniel O’Donnell

  1. I heard that he knocked his mrs about (like that other cunt, Russell Watson)…
    O’ Donnell churns out the sort of peatbog muzak that plastic paddy yankee tourists lap up…
    You know the sort of thing: cheesy grin, horrible v-neck jumper, horse and cart, there’s a welcome by the fireside (unless you are British) and all that crap… I have it from a reliable source who worked at Channel 4 that O’ Donnell was savagely parodied as the character Eoin McLove in Father Ted… Jumpers and cakes… My lovely Mayo Mammy…

  2. Good cunting orf the catlick paedo granny shagging cunt ta be shure ta be shure. Endured the fenian shite oozing oit orf me wireless whilst driving endless miles in me days soith orf the border in paddiland. Weird radio stations that played endless oirish Cuntry brain dead music. For some reason the krauts have the same fixation with C&W.
    Why is it that during the troubles the murdering pscho cunts never came up with the suicide vest? Certainly the thick cunts blew their bollocks orf on numerous occasions but not by intention. Probably because they were already gutless.
    An idea. Why not pop onto Amazon and buy O’Donnell a suicide vest for Christmas.

  3. Dreadful oil slick potato 1980,s haircut cunt,even worst than Joe Longthorne and hes a shirley bassey loving pikey cunt Daniel O Potato needs a holdall full of semtex stuffing up his guinness loving ringpiece then placing in Ainsley Harriets front room……Ainsley is a creepy slavering cunt too btw…

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