Break out the Gin and Razors, Adele has come out from a four year hibernation.

She has plastered herself on BBC, X factor (Should be cunted for that alone) and no doubt will go on more, stating she finds Fame and Stardom so hard to live with.

I would have thought the best advice for this bint therefore is not to further participate. Any right minded person would not go back into the spotlight if they then want to moan and leave it.

Do us all a favour and fuck off to where it was you were lying down for the last 4 years and harden up you cunt.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Adele is a piss poor Alison Moyet and a chav cunt got lucky… No doubt her new album will be a bout being dumped, hating her ex-boyfriend, being dumped, anguish at failed relationships, and … err… being dumped….

That ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is one of the worst songs in history… How can anyone roll in deep water? Surely they would fucking drown?! Stupid fat bitch…

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Adele

  1. Luckily for me by the looks of it I haven’t really paid any attention to her but will happily go along with the cunting.

    I watched an advert the other day and googled ‘fat actress in advert’ to see who the fuck the talentless cunt was….’Rebel’ was the answer….still none the wiser, who the fuck is Rebel?

    • You cunt sir!!

      I was stupid enough to Google Rebel and a photo of the ugliest endomorph I have ever had the misfortune to clap eyes on popped up.

      Jesus christ!! How about an eye bleach warning next time!!

      That which has been seen, cannot be unseen!

      You cunt!

      • Seems fair so i’ll take the cunting.

        Graphic picture content warning if you google Rebel, a bit late i’ll grant you but as I can’t edit my original post….

        Ps, stay clear of some of the BT ads.

        • And like a cunt, I clicked on the BT ad.

          Its not like I wasn’t warned and now I have thrown up in my mouth.

      • More of a “What?” than a “Who?” I would say. Another obese talent vacuum that just appeared one dark day….

    • I know little of Adele (did she sing Skyfall, or was that Dido or someone like that?) but that picture ticks the boxes for me.

      • I downloaded ’25’
        Great voice. If only you could make out what the fuck the words are.
        Try listening to it without reading the song titles first. You won’t have a fucking clue what she’s on about…

  2. Doesnt Rebel live with that slaphead cock munching cunt Matt Lucas,it could be him they both look alike apart from the fact that Matts anus is much slacker…….

  3. Talking of that bald sausage jockey, Matt Lucas, I have been quietly pleased with this latest series of Doctor Who (some top baddies, The League of Gents episode, Clara being killed off and Capaldi was ace in ‘Heaven Sent’)… But for the Christmas one, the guest star will be…. Matt Fucking Lucas… The BBC just have to fill up their poofter quota, don’t they?

    Rebel Wilson looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters in a blonde wig…

    • Back in 2005 it was confidently reported by the great British media that both Lucas and Walliams would be appearing in the next series of Who. Took a little while…

  4. The next Doctor will be a gay,lesbian,trangender,feminist…hel also have a top job in the local council and be on the sex offenders register

  5. just seen this fat ugly cunt on the grammys doing some sort of george michael tribute song thing which the useless fat cunt fucked up and had to re-start telling the crowd full of cunts that she cant fuck it up cos george is so special or some old bollocks like that fuck off fatty when george was in his prime you were a mere glint in the milkmans eye fat cunt that he was oh yeah and her songs are shite.
    just for the record i wasnt watching the grammys it was on the news.

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