Emma Thompson [3]

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Emma Thompson is a lefty cunt of the highest order i.e of the metropolitan elitist nature who looks out of their Ivory Tower at the rest of the country who she claims to represent the views of.

She has claimed that the reason Britain cannot take in more migrants is`racism`. Oh so it is racist not to want to set a precedent that everyone in an impoverished war torn country can swan in here through illegal means. What an assumption to make that British people would prefer white refugees. Maybe she is pre-occupied with peoples ethnicity while the rest of us are simply focusing on space and resources as arguments against the cosy Guardian BBC luvvie world which she is pretty much the patron saint of.

Come to mention it, didn`t her and her cunt of a husband say that they were willing to go to prison for not paying their taxes. Anyone here in a position to intervene in this important “humanitarian cause”?

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

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  1. if you are going to resort to photoshop you could at least make the collar and cuffs match you lazy cunt….and she is a treble cunt by the way

        • Well it’s a rarity I myself haven’t seen the like, my last girlfriend was a redhead all natural redhead black pubes like everyone else . Then again women 80% percent has there pubes cut nowadays but its a straight out lie. It doesn’t exist you can style your pubes or dye them but blonde pubes on a blonde woman doesn’t make sense a fucking lie tolds by wankers and 13 yr old boys who haven’t seen one.

          • My first girlfriend was a bit of a wag (in the old sense of the word). She used to be a go go dancer and performed on stage for ChasC’s band. Let’s face, the poor bugger needed all the help his band could get.

            She cut her pubes into an arrow shape pointing down to the fundamental orifice and had the words “Insert cock here” tattooed just above.


            (Bet she regrets that now she’s a pensioner)

          • Sorry Titslapper, I have to disagree.

            I have a thing for blonds and redheads and all of them had matching upholstery.

            Frankly, if the collar and cuffs didn’t match I would have called trading standards to complain.

  2. I’m so sick of these actors who think they are above the law that they don’t have to pay taxes ,now this cunt wants to bring in allah ackbar cunts to bomb buses and tell us what to do in our own country?.
    Emma thompson is a cunt I can’t think of one decent movie she has done(not that they make decent movies anymore)and I suppose she’ll be nice and safe in her gated mansion while the muds are rioting in the streets declaring they deserve more rights then they are given fuck ’em.

  3. Excellent cunting of Thompson who belongs in that particular class of ‘Ex-Cambridge Footlights, Thinks She’s A Comedian, But Is As Funny As Leukaemia” cunt, along with Toksvig and Perkins. Excellent photoshop too.

    I’d just take exception to the phrase “cosy Guardian BBC luvvie world” – “luvvies” are not metropolitan liberal elite, not Guardian-readers, not BBC/media managers, not Islington/Hampstead-dwellers, not Labour voters. The word “luvvie” seems to have become misused primarily due to the Daily Mail’s adoption of it as a catch-all epithet for everything they despise in their funny little world of socio-political paranoia, whereas what “luvvie” REALLY means is an old school melodramatic MALE ACTOR of the Dickie Attenborough/John Gielgud/Donald Sinden variety. In fact I believe it originated from the late Sir Dickie Attenborough’s habit of calling his colleagues “lovey” and “darling”. Possibly coined by Private Eye, though I wouldn’t swear to that.

    But this is just my cuntish pedantry of course and in no way detracts from Thompson’s monumental cuntitude.

    • “As I was saying to darling Larry Olivier in the Green Room… etc” (While holding a prop skull).

    • I’m sure there are people who still insist that gay means happy, straight just means the antonym of curved and that Captain Kirk is THE Captain of the USS Enterprise.

      Sorry to break it to you Fred but the word seems to have developed a new connotation and as such, has gone colloquial. Language is fluid and evolves and so has that word.

  4. Yes Shaun, Thompson and her husband, Greg Wise, did say they would rather go to prison than pay tax in the UK. I think it was something to do with them resenting the then Tory led coalition government. I’m pretty sure I cunted them when they said it.

    The thing that gets me about left wing scum like Thompson and Wise, is that they make these allegations of racism without having the first fucking clue what they’re talking about. Like all the soppy cunts who call for the UK to let in all ‘refugees’, they tend to be rich fuckers with huge houses. THEY live in rich suburbs, where the only foreigners are either millionaires, or au pairs, nannies and cleaners.

    They don’t have to live in the communities that these parasite, so called refugees are invariably dumped in. They don’t see the ‘enrichment’ they bring. Crime, violence, a blatant disrespect for this county, its customs, traditions, culture and people. In the gilded world of cocksuckers like Thompson and Wise, all refugees are genuine. They’re always polite, respectful and incredibly grateful to be in our country. And of course, they have every right to jump the housing cue, and claim a fortune in benefits.

    The fact is, the reason that a growing majority of British people, (real British people, not some Paki who was given a passport) are against taking more immigrants/refugees, is not because of racism. It’s because of fatigue. We’ve are sick and tired of cunts like Blair, Brown, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg etc, standing up and saying to these fuckers; “Yes, come on in, you’re more than welcome. There’s plenty of room. We’ll give you free housing. And there’s plenty of money for you, we’re stealing it from our own people to ensure that you have far more than you need. You’re grandmother needs expensive medical treatment? No problem, we’ll just deny a British patient, who’s actually paid into the system the treatment that THEY need. And not once did any of those cunts have the decency to ask the British people for their permission. They just forged ahead with allowing in every Abdul, Yuri, and Tomasek. And anyone who questioned them was racist.

    It’s funny though, that although the likes of Thompson are quick to demand that more ‘refugees’ be brought in, they’re not quite as quick to volunteer to house any of them. They’re even less generous when it comes to the question of the bill. Because none of these loud mouthed cunts ever offers to ease the burden on the taxpayer, by offering to pick up the tab for a ‘refugee’ family from their own pockets.

    Thompson has always been quick to accuse people of racism. She accused Exeter University of racism a few years back, when her adopted black son started there. I forget the exact reason. The thing is though, Thompson has made millions out of British audiences over the years, yet the slag treats us all with condescension and contempt. She needs to shut the fuck up.

    • Now that you mention it, I’ve yet to see Frankie Boyle, Russell Brand or Charlotte Church standing in the street handing out wads of banknotes to the poor and dispossessed either. Strange that……..

      • And you won’t, they crave the TV attention, that’s how they get paid.
        altruism is a noun even the synonym quoting intellectual Brand does not understand,

        “I’m for the people, but only if I get my £500 TV appearance fee!”

        This cunt needs his fucking face bashed in with an irony stick

  5. Fuck her, smelly old Cunt.
    I will listen to your feckless diatribe Emma when you start paying some tax

  6. all you will get from charlotte fucking church is an ear fucking followed by a headache,stupid welsh cunt needs a bat around the head and while your about it the handle in to the teeth for emma Thompson and back to the collar and cuffs shouldn’t it be ginger?

  7. I should imagine that all of these left wing progressives have their main homes in entirely white posh areas, and if they have another home in a multicultural area then it would be out of their choice, and not forced onto them by ridiculous immigration policies.

    • They probably do; a trendy four bed apartment in Pimlico overlooking the Thames so they can watch all the tribes of Lambeth across the water while sipping fairtrade espressos ………. Pimlico? why does that sound familiar? … ah yes, Dolphin Square, notorious kiddy-fiddlers paradise.

  8. Who cares what Emma Thomson thinks? It’s simply a way for an aging and increasingly irrelevant actress to get some free publicity. Obviously just trying to emulate the uber cunt Cumberbatch after he demanded an interview with Theresa May ( also a cunt, obviously )

    It is a nice PS job though…..

  9. Emma Thompson used to get her tits out in films, not that they were much to write home about. And that in no way makes up for her cuntishness. Or that fucking Thompson “comedy” show she did.

    • Couldn’t agee more… The only reason she got anywhere ever was because her family was rich and because her dad, Eric Thompson, was in at the BBC (he did The Magic Roundabout, used to love that as a kid)… This led to ‘Emm’ getting a free pass into Oxbridge or some other posho establishment, and she didn’t earn her comedy stripes doing clubs like other comedians of the time… Her status was elevated further when she married Kenneth Brannagh (the ultimate luvvie of the late 80s)… Life has been a walkover for this daft bitch.. Whatever she’s wanted, she’s got… And if she (with all her money) can’t be arsed to pay her taxes like everyone else, they should throw the key away on the crabby old cunt…

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