Charlotte Proudman


Charlotte Proudman, what can you say? A bloke calls her ‘stunning’ in an online message and she complains about being objectified and labels the man a misogynist….

Some of them are never satisifed, are they? If he called her an ugly cow she would whine on about how horrible he was… Pays her a compliment and she still doesn’t like it…. That’s all he said: ‘You sent a stunning picture’… It’s not as if he said ‘Get your tits out, you bitch….’ If she gets hung up about that then there is really no helping her…

Some women -women born not very good looking or with some kind of disfigurement – wait for a compliment like that all their lives…. Her social media blurb states she will fight the ‘male dominance’ of porn and prostitution… Someone should tell this daft mare that the biggest and most powerful pornstars in the world are women (Nikki Benz etc)… Someone should also let her know that women/madams are in charge of some of the world’s biggest brothels…. She also called ‘male dominated’ workplaces ‘repugnant places…’ A misandrist if ever there was one…

Fact is though she is a hypocrite… The Mail (for all its faults) has rumbled her and her own comments to men online… It’s OK for her to call a lad ‘Hot Stuff’ and write ‘Ooh La La’ to another? The difference between that and a man calling her stunning is what exactly?

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. CUNT.

    And a cunting for the cunt that call this cunt ‘stunning’. Fucking ugly cunt!!

    • With a look like that, its probably a woman that wrote that comment.

      She needs a hard fuck in the arse.

      • Found this website whilst looking for like minded souls who shared my observations on Camila Batmangerbilfucker or whatever her cuntwipe name is. Instantly recognized this gem as a forum populated by kindred spirits.Ny object of detestation this well (so far) is Anthea Turner, erstwhile Blue Peter and breakfast tv presenter and adultress/husband stealer who now finds the tables turned and is getting all chirpy about stuff. What’s the form for submitting a nomination? I can see a way to log in but no tto subscribe as a newby? 3 Pints of Stella and a bottle of Merlot in I have a good rant brewing. Do Ijust go for it one one of these threads and hope the admins agree and start a thread?

        • Just write it up an leave it in the comments. I go through them regularly and add them to the queue.
          Topical comments tend to get posted faster, but anyone or thing will do…

          Welcome to the fun!

  2. Pretty sure this is the woman who scowled with disgust when I let one go in the Costa queue the other day …….. or at least it was someone with the same acid look about them.
    Thankfully most women aren’t like the cunt in question unless you live where I live. Here everyone walks around with a sense of entitlement and attitude but then I live in the arse hole of London so what do you expect.
    Nope, I thank the good lord Nature that the other half of our species are generally pleasant and friendly as they mould and manipulate their men into the subordinate zombies we become in the years of servitude we call marriage, ultimately retreating to a shed at the bottom of the garden or the garage which we fill with ‘wife-repellant’ like oily things and rusty tools.
    Women are lovely ….. most of the time. Others need Sigourney Weaver to slip into a spacesuit and give them a slap.

    • …… yeah it could have been her as the Costa in question was up near Lincoln’s Inn Fields where all the barristers congregate :/

  3. She’s clearly not very well travelled (or educated). If she looked even slightly beyond the foam of her spiced-pumpkin latte, she might find that when it comes to women’s rights, the UK is a helluva lot more forward thinking than quite a lot of the world.

    Anyway, “Geeeet yer tits out, geeet yer tits out…..”

  4. Its cunts like her that prevent me from employing women.

    Who the fuck wants to employ a sullen, politically correct nightmare to make their male employees live’s a misery for 10 hours of the day.

    I have yet to meet a female engineer, project manager or consultant who didn’t get to their position without either sucking a vast amount of director’s cocks or by bleating on and on and using positive discrimination until everyone gets fucked off with hearing it and they get given an easy ride.

    Nine times out of ten they usually fuck that up too and then go crying to the directors that its everyone else’s fault….because they’re men. And they’re mean.

    I am tired of sorting out the shit that they cause, even if it does pay me handsomely to do so.

  5. What a fucking stupid cunt, she claims someone calling her ‘stunning’ is a misogynist?
    Maybe ‘is a cunt’ should get a kitty going so we can all chip-in & buy the stupid cunt a dictionary for Christmas.
    If the bloke was a misogynist he would have called her a ‘cunt’ and punched her in the face, not called her not ‘stunning’.

    Her ineptitude and blatant self promotion is so typical of a fucking barrister, cunts the lot of them.
    The ladder of cunts is thus:

    Bono & Geldof
    Barristers & judges
    TV celebrities
    Shopping channel presenters
    Everyone else

  6. What a cunt.


    John Inverdale – that gaping cunt of a cunt who’s always bletherin’ his cunt flaps about Cuntby.

  7. Mark Hanna is a solid gold 24 carat cunt.

    Former Head of Security for News International, Hanna stood trial alongside Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson et al. Though the jury brought in a Not Guilty verdict against Hanna, he was promptly sacked by News International. Although unlike Brooks, he didn’t receive a £16m severance package, nor was he re-employed in pretty much the same role after a couple of years. In fact he found himself completely unemployable due to the stigma of being associated with the Brooks trial.

    So what did Hanna do? He took News International to an employment tribunal (the case was due to be heard next month) and then last month posted an extraordinary video on YouTube claiming that he knew all the “shocking secrets” of News International which he promised to reveal.

    Surprise surprise, Hanna has been bought off by Murdoch – in the last two days he’s dropped the employment tribunal claim and tweeted to say that he now understands all the allegations he intended to make are false and is happy that the matter has been resolved amicably. Once again Murdoch escapes by the skin of his teeth – corporate charges against Murdoch are a whisker away and could have been precipitated by Hanna’s revelations. Impending corporate charges in the UK could easily have brought Murdoch’s American empire crashing down too and the cunt Hanna should be held personally liable for propping up the corrupt Aussie dwarf’s global empire.

    • Should have gone Guantanamo on Murdoch, Brooks, Hanna and the rest. Plod & CPS bought and paid for plus I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some judge & jury tampering

      • Brooks would have been found guilty if the transcript of her evidence to a parliamentary select committee had not been protected by parliamentary privilege and had been admissible by the prosecution. At her select committee appearance, she unambiguously admitted to regularly paying police officers for information – something she categorically denied ever doing when questioned at the Old Bailey.

        Not only was she shagging Coulson, but the word on the proverbial street is that Tony Blair and James Murdoch have both been up there too.

  8. This dumb bitch could do with being schooled by porn star (and former aerospace engineer) mercedes Carrera.

    I have seen her state several times in Google hangouts on Youtube that the porn industry is, much like modelling, DOMINATED by women…… they earn the fucking big bucks!

  9. Got to love the irony of her surname being ‘Proudman’ though. Sort of takes the edge off her playground feminism…

  10. I agree with Cunty Cunterson… Anyone who calls such a munter ‘stunning’ needs to recaptured very quickly…. She reminds me of the character, Vera Webster from Superman III…Still a crap film (apart from Pam Stephenson’s tits!)…

  11. This is a real problem these days.I payed a woman a compliment on a dating site of all places and got berated for it.You couldn`t make it up.It is a dating site what do you expect.This guy may have not said the correct thing in the right forum but come on the poor guy clearly has severe glaucoma give him a break :P.It is incredible that people can`t take compliments as well as insults these days.If you don`t kee your mouth shut at all times you are some sort of mysognist arsehole.

  12. How to put cuntishness in its place.

    It’s the ashes. It’s Headingley. It’s the Western Terrace and it’s dress up Saturday. Lunch. Five thousand well oiled Brits and one pissed Ausie are in fine voice. Out of the pavilion appears a blazer and tie with his squeeze on his arm and he sets off for his postprandial peregrination in front of the above mentioned Gentlemen. A hush settles and 10002 eyes watch, waiting, then the chant goes up: “WHO ARE YA?” “WHO ARE YA? All now standing and throwing an accusatory digit over their shoulders and at the hapless oaf. The volume is terrific. He smiles and she waves. Mistake. Let loose the curses of wrath. Fuck me they were well and truly Cunted. It went quiet and a lone Ausie stands, almost, and waving his pint his voice rings out: “We don’t know who the FFFFUCK you are mate, but you’ll have to sup some until SHE looks pretty”. Points with (plastic) glass, falls down. She stopped smiling. Where the fuck all those blow-up sheep and roos appeared from I have no idea, but they did the rounds to be faux-fucked by one and all. I think it ranks as my top moment in a crowd.

  13. Charlotte Proudman looks like angela merkel long lost daughter or some shite, put her in slutty clothing and give me a ale(make it a six pack) then maybe she could be stunning cunt.

  14. What a miserable sour faced cow she is. What’s wrong with a compliment. Twenty years from now she will be glad of one.

  15. The stupid misandrist plug ugly cunt looks like Marjorie Dawes, George Dawes’ ‘sister’ from Shooting Stars…. Stunning, my arse…

  16. Let’s face it, she’s not stunning! A fucking Sniper wouldn’t out! but she is, yet another example of a ‘Weapons Grade Cunting Feminazi!!!!’

  17. Dr david Starkey gegen laura Penny the fucking 12 year old smelly knickered dykey 6th form speaker Y-tube it

  18. By mid century civilization will be over so feminism will be no more. The fears of climate change the real threat facing humans is a loss of non renewable energy and no possibility of substitute forms of energy for oil. Oil is the key fuel. It must produce more energy per unit than it uses to extract it. In 1900 1 unit of oil used to extract 100 units. Now it only extracts 7. By 2046 it will be less than 1. At that point at just a 2% increase in use oil will effectively expire as an economic resource. All oil substitutes are economic only because oil is reasonably cheap. Oil as the key fuel in all its forms is used to extract, transport, build, manufacture, deploy, maintain, grow and even sell all other forms of energy. Once oil becomes too expensive nuclear, coal, gas, wind, solar, geothermal, artificial fuels like ecoli or bacteria based fuels are not going to create enough portable high density energy like diesel or bunker oil fuel to maintain civilization. Hyperinflation combined with Depression in different sectors simultaneously will occur 15 years before this as the computers that control future’s trading spot the problem and react robotically to it. Feminists now will then turn to burning money to keep warm, suckling cock to get a meal, and will be totally reliant on real men who know how to survive the ensuing chaos. But nuclear war will probably end all of this driving us to a Mad Max future.

  19. No because chickens are battery farmed and they rely on wheat Wheat grown using diesel oil powered combine harvesters. Do you see Mad Max at a KFC? No.

  20. Also as society breaks down men will once more be men rather than what civilization is doing to us….making us worry about things like feminism.

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