Tessa Jowell


Tessa Jowell deserves a right good cunting.

This is the woman, you will remember, who together with her husband laundered the proceeds of crime via a mortgage which Jowell signed the application form for. When it was subsequently shown in an Italian court that this money had been an illegal bung paid to her bent lawyer fly boy husband by non other than arch corrupt criminal Silvio Berlusconi and which led to her husband being convicted, Jowell staged a false separation from him whilst publicity proclaiming his innocence.

Now why the fuck she would leave him if she thought he was innocent has never been fully explained though it does show you what a cunt she is if she is prepared to throw her husband under a bus to save her career. She also claimed she did not realise what she was signing to distance herself from the money laundering scheme her husband was ‘innocent’ of. Needless to say the separation was faked.

Now the deceitful cow wants to become the Mayor of London. Fuck Off she is having a laugh.

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  1. What a ugly corrupt cunt, but what else is new? more scumbag tory scum getting away with corruption most would serve life for,she is a equivalent to hilary bint clinton.

    • I think she is actually Labour scum, but I take your point as its so hard to tell the difference with most of the fetid corrupt pond scum who run the country these days.

      And lets not forget that she sprung to the defence of Harriet Harman for her connection with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), an affiliate of the then National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) an organisation she was legal officer for at the time.

    • To be fair, Jowell isn’t responsible for anybody’s death. Clinton has the blood of those US citizens who were murdered in Benghazi on her hands. Other than that though, yeah, she is somewhat Clintonish.

  2. talking about corrupt. has anyone started a petition against that colossal cunt Douglas Hogg? you know the bloke? he’s the one who thought it was ok to claim expenses to have his MOAT cleaned.his reward for that piss take? a place in the Lords! . NO NO NO FUCKIN NO.. you couldnt make this shit up.

    • be fair it probably needed cleaning from all his dissatisfied comstituents pissing, shitting n fly tipping in it – so it may well have been a legitimate expense
      on the other hand he is number one son of quintin hogg so the cuntishness is in the genes

  3. Anti-gentrification protestors are cunts…. Sure, people who go in to a cereal cafe are probably cunts with more money than sense (just buy a box of sugar puffs or cornflakes, you knobheads!)… But what the fuck is attacking people in there going to achieve? Talk about a soft and easy target, women and kids for fuck’s sake… If these ‘anti-gentrification’ wankers had any balls or real conviction they would attack actual government targets… Instead of just picking on soft targets and those who aren’t even a real threat…. Gutless scum….

    • If they are really anti-gentrification I presume they would like to go back to the good old days of slum housing, diphtheria and typhoid?

    • Somewhat reminiscent of the Nazi Stormtrooper attacks on Jewish businesses, known as the “krystallnacht” (sorry, probably spelt wrong) due to the streets being full of shiny broken glass. The “Class War” group have been around for years doing this kind of shit, the cunts even have a Facebook page apparently. I’d confirm it but that would mean logging into my FB account which I havn’t been near for months due to the number of cunts talking shit on there. A mixture of thugs, pseudo-intellectuals and spoilt little rich kids rebelling against Mummy and Daddy’s money.

      • Just like those so-called ‘riots’ in 2011… They weren’t riots or demonstrations in any way… It was just scum cunts looting: nicking stuff televisions, iPhones, designer label shorts and causing property damage… It just shows how bad news coverage has become, when the likes of the BBC label thieving scum as activists and protestors…

      • Don’t make fun of Nazi’s , Hitler was a magnificent leader and after all he did kill hitler. Hitler was trying to make the world a better place but nobody understands that. Stalin, trotsky and lenin killed more people and they were jewish but you don’t hear much about them, besides nobody painted more beautifuly then mein furher. Just look for yourself 15/out of 10 that’s my rating. I cry everytime 🙁 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/de/The_Courtyard_of_the_Old_Residency_in_Munich_-_Adolf_Hitler.jpg

        • Hitler was a cunt, end of. And as for that picture, the work of an averagely gifted amateur, and I’m being generous there.

          • I was being ironic hence the 15/10 rating, but hitler wasn’t a amateur painter thats for sure . I know alot of amateur painter’s and they are pretty shite painters but fair enough he was a evil cunt but all dictators are.

    • From what I’ve heard, most of those flaccid cocks weren’t even from the area. And I’d love to know how many of them are actually middle class, as opposed to middle middle/upper middle class arseholes, who don’t work but live off an a weekly allowance, provided by mummy and daddy.

      You can always count on left wing scum like this to be violent. You can also count on them to be hypocrites. Screaming “FASCIST” at people who don’t share their views, or condone their methods, whilst intimidating innocent people and throwing stones, bottles, petrol bombs, punches, kicks, etcetera.

      Give Boris his water cannons and as much high strength tear gas as he needs.

    • people who sell a bowl of corn flakes for £4.50 definitely deserve to be cunted, but the animals who in intimidate them [the probably minumum wage employees who serve the cereal and the deluded fuckwits who pay for it] are about 3 magnitudes of cuntishness worse

      i was going to cunt highland pride whisky but it’s becoming more palatable after a few cuntings on other subjects

      i will cunt cameron, merkel and hollande, CUNTS, for sticking their fucking noses in to the catalonian independence issue – fuckin surprise, they’re all saying spain should stick together, it’s like a rerun of the scottish independence referendum with cunts who have no business interfering in a domestic (because it it’s easier for the eu to keep us under their jackboot if there’s fewer moving parts) threatening that catalonia would be kicked out of the eu, barcelona would be thrown out of la liga , fuck-all about espanyol, and the banks would fuck off, blah blah haven’t heard of obama stikking his oar in yet but i expect he will when he’s finished fucking up syria and acting as a travel agent for millions more migrants to have backpacking holdidays in eurpoe.
      on the plus side it has reminded me to get hold of a copy of homage to catalonia (very good book) by george orwell (very perceptive man)

      that supermoon eclipse last night was fucking non-event as well – stayed up till 3am+ to watch it cos i’ll probably be dead when the next one comes around, fucking waste of time

      let us now cunt unrestrained free trade. 1700 more unemployed when SSI shut down their steel plant in redcar because it’s cheaper to import steel from china, that bastion of human rights and liberty – where osborne, SUPREME CUNT OF THE UNIVERSE, I FUCKING HATE HIM, is busy kissing arse and sucking dick so they’ll build us a nuclear power plant (we can’t do it ourselves apparently) and bid for work on HS2. how much will it cost uk plc in benefits for the 1700 unemployed (unless they all get jobs in cereal killer cafes as part of the redcar gentrification plan) not to mention the families fucked up

      cunted out – going down the pub

  4. labour reckoned she was too toxic for london mayor (despite her being compared to kylie!) so she ain’t the candidate.
    sadiq khan got the nod – he’s a lawyer and was in red ed’s shadow cabinet. i expect he’s a cunt but i don’t know enough to vilify him – yet

  5. I’m nominating Stephen Moffat for a cunting. Due to the fact the Scottish twat turned the Master in to Missy towards the end of last season, I stopped watching, on the basis that Stephen Moffat is a politically correct, far left shithouse, with pubic hair on his head. He couldn’t write the alphabet without adding some kind of left wing slant to it.

    When the new series started the Saturday before last, I decided to give it a chance, just in a case a miracle happened, and he’d written a script that was actually entertaining, rather than a load of left wing drivel. I should have known better, but I’m nothing if not optimistic. I had to turn it off after Missy made a comment to Clara about, ‘when the Doctor was a little girl’.

    Moffat seems to be oblivious to the fact that he is going to ruin a much loved show, with his obsession with making at least one incarnation of the Doctor female. What is it with left wingers, that makes them feel the need to piss all over once great television shows, by adding a left wing agenda? With Russell Davies, it was about promoting faggots and faggotry. With Davies, it’s about promoting ‘gender reassignment’. On a couple of occasions, Missy referred to herself as a ‘Timelady’. Considering she used to be a man, it would be more accurate to call her a ‘Timetranny’.

    From now on, I’m only going to watch the original series of Dr Who. Hartnell through to McCoy. They may have been corny as fuck, but they were at least unburdened by any PC bullshit.

    • Loved Davros in saturday’s episode (and great to see the old style Daleks), but it was the usual PC nonsense (and does everyone who works at UNIT now have to be a woman?! What happened to the likes of Mike Yeats and Sgt. Benton?)…. The modern version showed promise when Eccleston was the Doc, but it went downhill from there… I bet John Simm thinks Moffat is a total cunt… Telling him that the Master wouldn’t be used for the forseeavle, then casting a woman in the part without even telling him….

      And Davros’s dying wish? ‘I want to see the sun come up?’ I thought he was going to say, ‘I want Amy Pond to sit on my face…’

      • I sincerely hope Moffat is axed before the cunt can introduce a female Doctor…. Rumour is David Tennant heard Moffat was taking over, read his ‘River Song’ scripts and thought ‘Fuck this’ and left…

        • That wouldn’t surprise me. River Song was a fucking annoying twat. I’ve heard talk that Moffat’s planning to bring the slag back.

        • Has there been a decent companion for the Doc since the 2005 revival? Apart from the lovely Amy they’ve all been crap… Not a Jamie McCrimmon, Sarah Jane Smith, Ian Chesterton, Leela or Jo Grant amongst them…

      • It was good to see Davros. Though it was a pity Moffatt fucked it up. I often tell my wife ‘I’d like Amy Pond to sit on my face’. Fortunately, my wife looks somewhat like Amy Pond, but without the jock accent, so I never get punched. Unless she’s not in the mood.

        • Is there any truth in the rumour that Eccleston quit because John Barrowman kept getting his cock out?

          • I remember Kattie Manning as Joe Grant, a bit of an air head character who was supposed to be training as a secret agent or something or other

            Still she did all the basics, looked cute, screamed, fell over, sprained her ankle that sort of stuff.

            I seem to remember an assistant from Peter Davidsons days as the doctor, with a magnificent pair of boobs

  6. Apart from her being ugly enough to curdle milk, I happen to know Jowl (sic) is very keen on really wacky “alternative” therapies – i.e., expensive shit that doesn’t work – which should automatically disqualify her from any decision-making roles.

    • She has obviously already taken 11KVa to the prefrontal cortex on numerous occasions, going by the nonsensical, dribbling cockwash that comes out of her mouth.

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