Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – what a cunt!

I don’t trust those indian guru cunts and a lot of them fiddle small boys. That whole Transcendental Meditation sounds like a load of shite. I’m surprised the beatles bought into it, especially George. BTW I think the Beatles best music came from drug use that’s more or less a fact. Although I agree with the inflated egos and peace loving crap that part ruined it for me. Also hogging the spotlight and being dumb cunts.

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    • Despite the fact that he was Labour’s rent-a-gob for the wonders of multi-culti divershitty, the left whinge fucktard moved out of his home town the moment the illegal immigrants started to move in.

      He now lives in a fucking massive house by the sea in Dorset where there is only one immigrant in town. Quite possibly one of the whitest, most middle class areas of the country.

      What a hypocritical cunt of Himalayan proportions!

      • How has the cunt Bragg made any money though? It’s not as if he’s ever written a classic hit. Maybe he just married into money…?

  1. I care little for the Beatles, but at least their early stuff was easy on the ear. The drugs stuff was self-indulgent wank for bell-ends. And if there had been any doubts about what a quartet of fucking pricks they were, supporting this obvious con-man should have tipped off their legions of dribbling fans. But no, hey man, they were the greatest, they changed the world, they were the most creative force ever etc etc etc oh fuck off cunts.

    • When Lennon set the Communist Manifesto to music with “Imagine” he added a clause that allowed him to possess a big fuckoff Rolls Royce, surprisingly (or not)…

      • I love the fact that Lennon wrote about what a great world it would be if possessions were outlawed, just before he went into tax exile in the USA. What a cunt.

        • Not to mention him and Yoko eating a tin of caviar in the Apple canteen that costed more than the entire catering staffs’ monthly wages…. Cunts? Yes indeed….

  2. None of those cunts e.g. Bono, Sting are vey big on irony – I think they outsource it to their accountants / tax advisers

  3. What bends my head about this Transcendental Meditation guff is that you have to fucking pay for it! Y’ know, give us a months wages and we give you a mantra… How the fuck is that in any way benevolent or spiritual? It’s a great big rip off, that’s what it is…..

    Also, every ‘mantra’ is supposed to be unique and specifically for the individual in question… Dennis O’ Delll, who worked for Apple Records, discovered he had been given exactly the same mantra as another member of The Beatles staff…. Ringo couldn’t stand the place and he fucked off early…. He recalled how stupid the Maharishi’s followers were… Starr said that eggs were apparently ‘sacred’ and ‘forbidden’… But these people ate them on the site and then buried the eggshells… Ringo said to them, ‘So, you believe in a great being and all that, and you’re burying eggshells…. Like the so-called great god won’t be able to fucking see you?!’

      • Another Apple staff member commented that Maharishi’s ashram was full of rock stars, Hollywood celebrities and demented rich housewives….

    • I unclogged my shakras with the help of Yogi Issumbayeava.
      He set me on the path to spiritual enlightenment, and it only cost me £600 to attend his 2 day seminar in Slough.
      I highly recommend it, I certainly had one of my most satisfying shits the day after I was ‘enlightened’.
      Truth is the whole experience is a bit of a blur and I may have been rohipnolled and bum raped by them all, that would explain why I had such a satisfying shit.

      Stick that in your Kundalini and smoke it

      Oh, Noel Edmonds is a cunt, and this is why…

      Years ago my family and a close friends family all went to Devon on holiday, whilst down by the harbour enjoy some lunch me and a friend were having a kick about, at this point some rat weasel pops up on a boat and proclaims “Don’t play football here, if you hit my boat you will have to pay for any damages”
      It was at this point my friends Dad stated, that was Noel Edmonds (we had no idea).
      Anyway, the next day me and my friend went down to the harbour to hit the amusement arcades, that’s when we got Noel back..
      As we left the amusement arcade we noticed a woman walking 4 dogs, they were crazy labradors and they were shitting everywhere, at this point my friend went over to a public bin and rooted about inside till he found a plastic carrier bag.
      He then proceeded to use it to pick up one of the labradors shits before launching it on to Edmonds boat, as soon as he did that he was off on his toes and I soon followed, no idea if Edmonds knew it was us but I bet he had a good idea, and I am sure that’s not the first piece of dogshit that’s projected his way!

      The CUNT

      • Yeah these gurus are absolute cunts they could give a fuck about the poor they rather get boatloads of money from rich people like celebrities and rockstars especially this mareshi cunt. Reminds me of a song by Frank Zappa cosmic debris it was supposedly written about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and new age guru cunts in mind great song enjoy btw it’s a live taped recording thought I’d share the real thing but the studio recording is alright too.

  4. I wonder if those ISIS cunts have sent Corbyn a congratulatory message yet?
    I know that murdering Fenian cunt, Martin McGuinness, has already sent him one…
    Anyone who votes for Corbyn in any future elections will be like turkeys voting for Christmas….

    • I’ve already made a pile of cash putting a tenner on Corbyn at 150/1, now I’m just figuring out my next bet at the expense of the Labour Party. Surely there’ll be another leadership vote before 2020 – thinking about putting money either on Major Dan Jarvis or Keir Starmer to lead the party into the next election (provided the odds are good enough of course).

    • Sinn Fein cunt. Bit like Bobby Davro but with an irish accent. Brendan Rodgers will soon be needing guidance after his scouse cunts went down 3-1 yesterday against Manclecunt United. Can’t stand those fuck-wits either – bunch of scum-fuckers who should have been castrated at birth. Bit like Bruce Cuntsythe and fucking Michael Cuntymore.

      • For the self basting, Cilla loving Scouse cunts who were at Old Trafford on Saturday, I have only this to say…..

        Fucking pick it out, vermin!

  5. Paul Morley is a paid for opinionated cunt wno pops up on EVERY talking head programme no matter the subject matter. The Cunt has an opinion on every fucking thing, if you pay him that is. Any normal person would now and then come across a topic which they dont actually have an opinion on and would say so along the lines of ‘actually I havent actually given much thought to that’ or words to that effect or maybe even’ no I havent heard of that, what is it ?’ but not fucking rent a gob Morley. Oh no fuck no.

    • Morley is a pretentious up himself coffeehouse bore of a cunt…. Just because he was (or thought he was) in with the Factory Records lot in the late 70s, he thinks it gives him the right to be an authority on anything to do with popular culture… The cunt can never talk about any band (apart from Joy Division, whose association with he has dined out on for decades) without mentioning The Velvet Underground or Roxy fucking Music…. He’s also a bluenose Man City supporting cunt…. But he was born in Farnham, Surrey…. Mancunian street cred, my fucking arse….

      • Fucking Joy Division, 3 chords, 2 guitars and a distortion pedal.
        They paved the way for the sea of shite that has followed ever since!

        Always the same, people waffling on about Sex Pistols gigs, or Woodstock, or Hacienda etc etc, 99.9% of these cunts never even attended, but they spout on like they fucking organised it.

        • The Hacienda was vastly overhyped and overrated…. For the first few years it was always empty and fucking freezing cold… I was at The Stone Roses gigs there (both in 85 and 89), but I had little time for the place otherwise… It got better around late 87 to summer 89, then word spread and a load of student knobheads and local celebrities infested the place… Not to mention all the drug dealers and all those cunts…

          I didn’t go to the Free Trade Hall Pistols gig… I went to see Buzzcocks instead (I saw Joy Division too)… I’ve never agreed with the amount of bullshit and importance that is placed around that Pistols gig… So a concert by four tuneless cockney knobheads shaped an entire city’s cultural heritage? Bollocks… Morley is full of shit…

          • TBF Joy Divisions’s Warsaw was possibly their finest track, and I do have the Roses albums although they sound very dated now.
            As for the Pistols, they were the first manufactured ‘anarchists’, bunch of tone-deaf, talentless, corporate cock sucking sell-outs.
            Lydon was/is a fucking joke, whats he doing these days? Oh yes, selling fucking margarine or butter the cunt.

            And don’t even get me started on the fucking Happy Mondays and Shaun Ryder! 🙂

  6. There them gurus are all cunts. They guide people and help people find the right way through life. What a load of old bollocks. After 18 pints of lager and a good curry I don’t need fucking guiding. Look at John Lennon: that guru cunt forget to tell him to avoid bullets. Worse than psychics and bible bashers!

  7. Have spent a significant part orf me life tiptoeing through human crap in that great shitehole orf the world, India, and have witnessed sights extreme and various. Met me wife there but another story….Surfed through the ashram scene, phoney swamis ect ect but the trade in kiddies went beyond the pale. Tribes orf urchins living orn the streets so a spot orf kiddy bum always available.
    Had a billet in Bombay overlooking the beaches orf the Bay orf Bengal. Early morning as the sun broke through the rose petal mist was truly transcendental. Servants set up breakfast as I enjoy the sunrise. Regular as clockwork a couple orf old holy man tossers would wade oit through the gentle swell raising and lowering their white robes to bath. They would be joined by a group of small silent boy acolytes there to learn from the master and to provide soap and rose petals, scattering for the use orf, to propitiate the gods. The ancient ceremonies orf India, origins lorng lorst in time.
    I thought at least the johnnies were keeping themselves clean, rare enough in India. Until one morning I was watching a spot orf wildlife and trained me field glasses on ’em. Fuck me under the robes they were buggering for Ghandi. Acolyte boys were all past masters orf tantric fellatio, sneaking under the robes and sucking swami cock. Never ate fish in Bombay again after that. When in India do avoid, gentle traveller, bathing near groups orf old men in long white robes.

    • Dirty cunts. Used to be part of the empire. What o me old cunt, does nothing to change the fact that a good vindaloo does wonders for constipation. Worst cunts are those wogs from deepest Africa. You know me old cunt: mud huts, a cup of rice and no red wine. Where’s that cunt Yogi Bear oh Holy Cunt when you need him to point the way to the nearest McDonalds.

  8. Fucking New Age hippy follow your heart and not your head bullshit.
    Just another fucking controlled religion, like Catholicism, Judaism, Seekism, Islam, even fucking Scientology.
    Are you brain-dead, do you spend all day on Twitter & Facebook? are you unable to comprehend what an IQ is, let alone unable to quantify yours in a numerical value over 40? Do you believe there must be more to life than this?

    Then come join one of our religions today, no critical thought required, open your heart and God/Jesus/Deities will reward you by absolving you of all your sins and sending you to heaven, a beautiful place where all the good people go, think of it as the opposite of a Butlins Holiday Camp in Blackpool.

    • That’s why all these rich celebrity cunts like Madonna and Tom Cruise embrace these Micky Mouse religions… Whether its Kabbalah,hippy cults or Hubbarders… They think even if they do (and have) behave(d) like complete cunts to one and all, they think if they put some dosh in the Scientology or Kabbalah pot it will wipe out all their misdemeanours and shitty behaviour…
      Buying a stairway to heaven as Percy Plant once said….

      • Agreed!
        If religion is true then what is stopping people from being cunts all their lives to finally saying on their death bed “I accept God, forgive my sins”
        You croak it 10 seconds later and wake-up in heaven with a load of virgins to get balls deep in!
        Now that is FOR THE WIN 🙂

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