L S Lowry


Talking of useless artists: LS Fucking Lowry, as his poor former friends knew him, should be up for a good cunting. Jesus Christ inna basket! I could do better with a tar brush and five gallons (Imp.) of distemper. If matchstick men, cats and fucking dogs was the best he could manage he should have stuck to lime-washing outside bogs for a pass time and save us having to listen to jumped up toffee nosed twats banging on about: the tonal quality, the textures and the gritty realism. It’s all fucking crap; the King is naked, open your eyes and smell the coffee people.

Not only, but also, he left those two cockney twats an opening to make their cheery-chappy, lov-a-londoner, darn-saarf foot stomper. Stomp on their fucking necks given half a chance. Perhaps Spaz-n-Drivel should be put on community service lime-washing outside shitholes and let a tribute band take their place. Fuck knows there’s enough talentless cockney wankers to fill their shoes.

Nominated by: King Cnut

20 thoughts on “L S Lowry

  1. i would like to cunt the new shadow chancellor John Mcdonnell. this is the fucking idiot who suggested the IRA deserved our admiration for their ‘bravery’. yeh very fuckin brave planting a bomb and being miles away went it went off. what a fuckin moron

  2. Matchstick Paedo:

    Little more to be said aboit the sad old perve.

    • Typical Daliy Mail though… If Carol Ann Lowry said nothing inappropriate went on and that Lowry never made a pass, where’s the fucking story?!
      Also, although those ‘newly discovered’ drawings are rather weird (and still kinky), they are in no way ‘new and shocking discoveries’… I first saw these drawings at a Salford gallery in 1988 and there was no such fuss then… They aren’t what you’d normally associate with Lowry, but I’ve seen far worse classed as ‘artistic…’ Shite like Sally Mann’s nonced up photography, Madonna’s crappy Sex book (which simulates rape), and the inner artwork depicting rape for Cunts ‘N’ Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction (not to mention their Manson fixation!)…. I’ve said it before: the UK (and cunts like The Mail) like their paedos a certain way: Lowry, an old northern bloke, fits the bill nicely… But Townshend, Wyman, Page etc don’t…. The Mail acts all ‘shocked’ about Lowry’s ‘shock’ drawings, yet they’re full of praise and photos when Lady fucking Gaga actually dresses like that…. Cunts…

  3. Lets give Angela Merkel a deserved real cunting.

    To the Frumpy Frau of Germany,
    We at ISAC are especially pained to witness your deliberate destruction of not merely the great German nation, but indeed, the actual German race / bloodline itself. Tolerance and respect for other races and ethnicities does not entail the deliberate slow-motion genocide of your own kind.

    It isn’t enough that 26% (and rising) of children born in aging Marxified and debt-ridden Germany are now born to foreign imports. It isn’t enough that highly fertile immigrants keep pouring in as your young German women – following your own sterling example of careerist barrenness – go childless and even turn into lesbian dykes. Also your German young men are increasedly turning into faggot pooftahs.

    Due to epidemics of unmarried youth, careerism, feminism, divorce, faggotry and lesbianism, degenerate Atheistic Germany now has the lowest birth rate in the world.

    Just those trends alone would be enough to eventually render future generations of White Germans a minority in the land of their ancestors before becoming an extinct race altogether – just like the blended out / wiped out ancient Aryans of Egypt and India. But that wasn’t enough for you, Merkel cunt. Now you have gone ahead and green-lighted an unlimited mass invasion of unscreened migrant hordes from the Middle East and Africa.

    Your de-balled German Ministers will again clamor for you to win a Nobel Peace Prize. But as you bask in the “humanitarian” glow of the International MSM Press, know that some of us are not fooled by the crap super Woman propaganda that has always surrounded you.

    Merkel, you can fool the degenerate libtards of modern Germany. You can fool the malleable morons who worship the British BBC. But nobody fools us at ISAC. We know who you are, who you work for, and what you are really up to. We know that you were a willing and enthusiastic East German Communist Party Youth leader during the bad old days of divided Germany. We know that under your watch, ‘bestiality brothels’ are flourishing in Germany without so much as a peep from your government. We know that you, at the behest of your elite handlers, helped cause this refugee crisis by sabotaging Syria’s Assad. That you know that the managers of the invasion are embedding criminal and perhaps subversive elements within the ranks of the migrants. We know that you are working in coordination with slime-ball Barak Obama and the Viper of the Vatican – timing the migrant invasion to coincide with the Pope’s upcoming political tour of America.

    Through your deliberate actions, you have helped to engineer the mutual tragedy of this refugee migration – a disaster now being compounded by phony refugees piggybacking along with the real refugees. You know this is true; but you won’t dare say it for that might bring to light the fact that sham Middle Eastern governments are the preeminent human traffickers in world history.

    Pose all you want, you wicked wench; you filthy Frau. All the oceans will not wash away innocent Syrian, innocent Iraqi, innocent Palestinian and innocent African blood from your hands. As if those crimes against humanity weren’t enough, you will also be responsible for the innocent Germans who are destined to be raped and murdered by the criminal minority that has surely attached itself to the German-organised migrant horde.

    But worst of all, Merkel you cunt, the future historians (real ones) will one day observe the crime of slow-motion genocide that you have decreed against your own people.

    • Merkel is a clever cunt as well unfortunately.
      She’s said Krautland will take 800,000 refugees/migrant and her reasons for this are “humatirian” – which is bolox and also that the beeeding stock / labour pool needs topping up to keep labour costs/wages down for her mates.
      By taking those who are young/rich/fit enough to make the trek from the MIddle East and North Africa to Germany, negotiating people traffickers, EU border guards she’s winnowed out the people who most need the help. She’ll cherry-pick the “cream” of the influx, e.g. Doctors, Engineers etc. and reject the rest who’ll get farmed to those EU countries who belive her bullshit about helping the migrants.
      If she wants to rejuvenate Germany’s gene-pool why doesn’t she recruit/conscript youngsters from Spain, Portugal, Greece etc all who have thriving youth unemployment, the cunt, especially since her banksta mates in the IMF and ECB and caused their economoies to tank.

    • Merkel is an cunt – no denying it. Makes me chuckle, she’s welcoming Eastern Europeans into her country, but when Hitler was running the show the scraggy cunts were running in the opposite direction. Has got all the makings of a new TV show: I’m a fucked-up refugee, please find me somewhere else to live.

    • Ach zo. Frau Merkel ist eine kleine cutie ja. Ze Fuhrer haz researched ze origins von der Aryan race und haz studied extensively Schopenhauer, Wagner, Nietzsche und Valt Disney. Und zey haff proven beyond doubt zat Syrians (Assyrians ja) are one of ze great Aryan races. Zo. Frau Merkel vill flood Germania mit Aryans und at ze appointed hour zey vill rise up und do zome ethnic cleansing ja und remove from Germania all ze dross from ze rest von ze EU. Bye bye Franzosisch, Polnisch scum untermensche za. Und if ziss fails to vork or if Ze Fuhrer haz been sold a pup zen ve haff ziz Syrian scum in ze camps und a little Zyclon B und poof schnell. End of ze problem. Sneaky ja? Und lots more gold fillings und wigs to add to Ze Fuhrer’s collection. Gotterdammerung you Syrian cuntz.

  4. I remember that charming little number about painting matchstick men. What a load of old cunt that shite was. Bit like that cunt who sang Grandma, We Love You. As for Arse and Dive, are those two bleeding cockneys still around? They’re right up there with AIDS and chronic diaorrea when it comes to things to make us chuckle. At a push, would rather watch Jimmy Tarcunt’s one man show: Live and Loaded – the scouser is back.

    • That’s a coincidence… The cunts who did ‘Matchstalk Men’ (Brian & Michael) were backed by St. Winnifred’s School choir, who sang ‘There’s No One Quite Like Grandma…’ There was certainly no one quite like my grandma… She was a fucking evil, sadisitc cunt…

      Brian & Michael weren’t cockneys either… I’m sorry to say that they were Mancs… Lowry was a cunt because he was a Salford boy who supported Bolton Wanderers… I also recall these (ahem!) ‘unconventional’ artworks of his surfacing after his death…They looked well kinky to me….

  5. ach quatsch the klein pisser painted scenes out of his window with a packet of crayons and his dad must have had of a bit of pull in the art world and if he did it with a digital camera he would be arrested and hailed as the new hero of taking picking pics of the end of the nation SCHIESS EGAL

  6. I would like to cunt Robots.
    Apparently in 10-20 years 35% of people will be at risk of losing their jobs to ‘Robots’, and you will be 5 times more likely to lose your job if its low skilled. For a business it makes sense, Robot cunts won’t need a fag break, coffee break or any break and won’t gossip about a load of shit or take days off when they are hungover or being lazy. They also can be called a cunt and ‘probably’ won’t take offence. The thing is I have heard on the telly that they will be able to look after people as well, like in films when they do the washing etc. However I believe in 20 years maximum most people in this country will have robots in the house and they will run on computer algorithms and these will be hackable. I wonder how many cunts will be ‘accidentally’ killed by their Robot. Maybe that IRobot film has influenced me but I don’t like the way certain things seem to be going. I think there are too many trying to be too clever cunts. The Cunts.

    • I don’t like robots either… Love Daleks though… They have a death-ray that disintegrates the internal organs, a sucker that can crush skulls and they are totally ruthless cunts (until Steven Moffat turned them into fairies… The odious porridge wog cunt!)…

    • Any cunt who buys a robot to wipe their arse must like living dangerously – probably on a par with those shitforbrains who kill themselves taking a selfie.
      On the plus side, in Terminator 2, Arnie was a nice robot.
      I’m going to have to cunt myself because I had another bon mot/cunting and I’ve lost the thread. CUNT

    • People in business are fucking retards, they will replace all their workers with robots to maximise efficiency and profit margins.
      But what they fail to realise is in a consumer driven capitalist market, workers are the consumers, the customers!
      If people do not have jobs then they will not buy the frivolous shit which drives 90% of commerce.

  7. The Tory party are GIGACUNTS.
    Just been reading some of their comments/smears online (the blatant and suble) about Corbyn. Rehashing and taking quotes out of context. I don’t particularly agree with Corbyn on a lot of things and I wouldn’t vote for him but when I read some the bile being published by the MSM rags at the commands of their owners (J. Edgar Murdoch et al) on behalf of their plutocratic mates a red mist descends. And while I’m at it the House of Lords is a giant turd that can’t be polished and should be broken up and flushed away.

  8. I think it is possible the Bishop Corbyn might have elements of cuntishness, due to the fact that every night he gets into a tardis and time travels back to 1980. He feels safer there… he can assume that all the social experiments that are yet to be imposed upon us by the Marxist dictatorship… will work out fine… But when he gets back in his tardis and ends up here and now… he realizes that Marxist idealism and halo-polishing dictators, are nowt but scoundrals… He’s been too-ing and fro-ing for a while now, and in the end he took advice from Peter Hitchens… which scared the bejuzzes out of him.. so he changed his first name to Bishop… Thus, it is with all the confusion and pomp of the Church of England’s outrage, that I nominate Bishop Corbyn to assume the mantle of the c word. .. I thank you

  9. Im not sure if I am cunting crappy Northern painters,Kraut Merkal, Marxist politicians, or Daleks, but cunts the lot of them

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