Yvette Cooper

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Campaigns Before The Rochester And Strood By-Election

Yvette Cooper is a cunt.

The pin-head lady-boy has never had a job. The worthless cunt studied bullshitting and CIA stooging at Harvard before ‘working’ for the fuck-pig Shadow Chancellor John Smith as researcher (i.e. kissing his arse and sucking up to him).

Yvette Cooper is cheap nasty bitch from the sewers of hell.

Nominated by: Kevin

( Staggeringly, this is first time cunting! )

16 thoughts on “Yvette Cooper

  1. Well aware that many here regard Stewart Lee as a cunt, but his demolition of the mindnumbing cuntery that is the Labout Leadershit Election is absolutely spot on:

    “Meanwhile, the centre-right squabble about whether to allow leftwing people to vote for an old leftwing man to lead an old leftwing party, or whether to allow it to be led by one of three wooden spoons with faces drawn on them that, if viewed from a certain angle, might look reassuringly like some of the people that are already in power…”

    Incidentally, I love the way all the candidates are falling over themselves to reinforce the idea of “change”, yet Andy “Captain Scarlet” Burnham, in trying to be more authoritative than his opponents, has come up with a campaign slogan which seems to me as though it’s referring to the menopause:


    – maybe it’s just his way of having to avoid addressing the awkward issue of VAT on sanitary products…?

    • Stewart Lee, adored by cretins who believe they are intelligent, if you do not find his “humour” funny then you must be a retard.
      Anyone remember his double act with Richard Herring? (Lee & Herring)
      He does a podcast on Youtube and every week he bemoans that he is no longer on TV, but if you watch his podcast it is obvious why, he is about as funny as waking up with no memory of the previous night to find a condom hanging out of your arsehole!

      Yvette Cooper is indeed a cunt, a really rancid, crusty and decrepit one!

    • Bloody Hell he DOES look like Captain Scarlet doesn’t he. Just not as good an actor….

  2. Just recently, I’ve noticed that Cooper has resorted to making accusations of sexism, and talking about feminism. So has Kendall to a lesser degree. It’s because they’re behind in the polls. I’ve long suspected that Yvette Balls, (her actual name), is mentally ill. How else could you explain her marrying that fat, obnoxious piece of shit? Other than Rohypnol of course.

  3. You get cooper: you’ll get Balls in the Back Door, a bit like Keegan Hirst’ll get in yer back door given half a chance.

    What a Cunt of a world. Time to head for the hills; ah! The eyes; you just can’t win.

  4. I could write a long piece cunting this Yvette Cooper libtard Labour party slime. Suffice to say the cunt is just another fucking freeloading self-serving useless idiot sock puppet Member of Parliament.

  5. Looking on the bright side, she will never ever see the light of day again, once Komrade Korbyn exiles the silly bint to a colliery town in Siberia, or Yorkshire depending on which is coldest.

    A place where men still address women as ‘Pet’, a place where people smoke wherever the fuck they want and nobody has a clue what Pesto is.

    You have no idea how much I am getting off on that thought.

  6. Kevin’s absolutely spot-on with this, she’s never had a real job. To be fair, this also applies to the majority of those cunts in Westminster. Study something politics related at University, get a “job” as a researcher or intern or some such shit, end up an MP. And we wonder why they’re all such insular cunts.

  7. Dianne fat fuck flabbot has been dredged up again to serve in the ranks, ill never vote for these cunts even though Jeremy Corbyn is a good man, as they say you can’t polish a turd and labour is one huge pile of filthy turd

  8. some great comments and stuff on this page-love the first commenters pic of fred west and the worstershire sauce n comment…. I too had never heard the name stewart lee before reading this page.
    I like the comment that if you get cooper you get balls by the back door .
    why hasnt andy burnham aged since he did those captain scarlet shows in the mid sixties ?
    the worst thing about Yvette cooper is I fancy her and the next worse thing is she claimed repeatedly that she only lost the labour leadership campaign because burnham conspired with corbyn to make sure a man won it and referred to corbyn as the victor for the old boys network . I know Jeremy corbyn would not sink to that-that’s far more the Yvette cooper style of operating-siting cheating and lying and sexism etc -even captain burnham wouldn’t sink to that level I don’t think-she was the most evil contender of the lot and she spent all the campaign time swearing blind in public the others were all conspiring against her -they say card cheats always accuse the other players and assume because they cheat others must also cheat -I think that sums up evil cooper perfectly…. but seeing as I fancy her can I be put in charge of the custody cell till we execute her ? please ? I just want to tell her off before we fry her honest .

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