Robert Christgau


Robert Christgau is a cunt… Anyone who titles himself “Dean of American Rock Critics” has to be a colossal cunt…

One of the earliest ‘professional rock critics’ Christgau is an arrogant bastard who thinks he is an authority and expert on popular music… When in actual fact he has never written, performed or played a note of music in his life… It was this cunt (along with those hippy twats at Rolling Stone) who started the cultural and critical snobbery of turning pop into ‘rock’…

Christgau also began that ridiculous music reviews as school reports shite… Giving a record an A or another letter, instead of saying the album is just good or bad… Now every cunt reviews a record with letter grades, stars, or marks out of ten… How can this wanker claim to be the world’s greatest authority on music and lavish continuous praise on that piss poor Stones comedy act The New York Dolls?!

Christgau is your typical arrogant Village Voice/Rolling Stone ‘Noo Yoik’ snob and a complete cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. No-one is qualified to say what is good music and what isn’t. It’s all in the ear of the beholder. Unless you’re talking about the Tremeloes, who were a load of fucking shit.

  2. There was a better photo to go with this cunt actually its the same photo but its says “King Crimson Court of the Crimson King D+ and Lady Gaga Born This Way A-“. Thats right Ladies and Gents he gave fag hag Lady Gaga a better Rating Then King Fucking Crimson! I would of given ICOTCK a A+ thats how much I loved it but Noo Yoik,manhattan Lady Gaygay A-?He also gave Syd Barrett both albums in a compilation a B rather then reviewing both albums separately. He also gave Pink Floyd and Genesis shitty ratings as well what a cunt a absolute cunt. At Least Lester Bangs gave a long detailed reason for his rating, Christgau would give a pseudo intellectual type of bullshite response. As you have noticed since music has sunk down in the proverbial shithole, Cuntgau has been giving everybody A’s and B’s especially crap rap and elevator music shit like dubstep guess he took the 60’s and 70’s for granted. What a bloody poof Fuck you Christgau you stupid Yob!

  3. Also I don’t think New York Dolls were a piss poor comedy act ,David Johansen just happened to look a lot like Mick Jagger and Johnny Thunders resembled Keef Richards. You should give New York Dolls debut album another chance its pretty great and was a precursor too punk rock.

    • Fair point, TitSlapper…. It’s Johansen who put me off them… Thunders was a fine guitarist and the Killer was a good bass player, but Johansen’s Jagger impressions didn’t help the Dolls… Like Liam Gallagher impersonating Lennon or Lydon…. Mind you, the biggest comedy Jagger impersonator is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith…. Also Whitesnake’s ‘Still Of The Night’ is like Mike Yarwood doing Led Zeppelin….

      • I’ll admit I’m more off a Johnny Thunders Fan Heartbreakers and his solo stuff was very good also. Heartbreaker’s LAMF is awesome not one bad song on there all masterpieces in my mind but like I said with Brian Johansen he wasn’t impersonating Jagger he was born with that voice and face but his stage mannerisms were definitely jagger like. New York Dolls didn’t have alot of bad songs it was the crossdress look that put people off Songs that are a must are Chatterbox , Trash,Looking for a kiss, Pirate Love, Who are the mystery girls?, Jet Boy, personality crisis and Human Being. Morrissey once called them the most important and influential rock N roll band of the 70’s. Here’s LAMF the Heartbreakers there’s times on the album Thunders outdoes Hendrix guitar wise like baby talk, Going Steady and All by myself to name a few a rock N roll & punk classic.

          • It also has to be said that the Sex Pistols ripped off the Dolls something shocking… The only ones with potential in the Pistols were Matlock and Jones… Matlock was forced out by that cunt McLaren, while Jones spent most of his time overdubbing because Sid was such a useless cunt…

          • Oh god their costumes are much worse then the dolls at least the dolls looked cool. Also Captain beefheart wants his tophat back that guy was a real weirdo. Jellyfish’s music wasn’t terrible but it reminded me the shite they play on radio and stupid music videos of that era.Yeah the pistols stole thunders roaring guitar riffs heres a thunders interview where he basically says just that
            Sid was so incompetent that he ruined shows like at the winterland ’78 where he carved his chest with a switchblade that said gimmie a fix. Rotten didn’t like this because there was 16 and 17 year olds there so sid basically ruined the band.

  4. “Sir” Mick has turned the Stones into a piss poor comedy act all by himself, but yeah – academics who appropriate pop music are fucktard cunts of the highest order (and I include universities which offer three year degree courses in subjects like “Madonna Studies”, “Morrissey’s Lyrics” or “The Spice Girls: Girl Power and Empowerment”).

    • I agree, Fred… When they put something new out I still get excited by hearing Charlie’s snare or a snarling Keef riff…. But then Mick squawks, bellows and honks and ruins the thing…

      The Spice Girls were a bunch of cunts and they opened the door for all the manufactured autotuned X-Factor shite there is now… Girl Power? Those silly tarts couldn’t have a shit without Simon Fuller giving them a blueprint… People have called them a female Monkees… But that’s a bit unfair… At least Dolenz and Nesmith could sing…

      • What do you call 4 dogs and a Blackbird?

        The Spice Girls, I apologise if the joke is shit but its one of two that I know.

      • I was working on site and heard a radio interview with gerri halliwell and at the time she had gone solo and tried to do a maddona with that italian shite and in her own words ” this song comes from my mothers side of my family” my mucker piped up “she bought a pizza on edgeware rd” pissed ourselves laughing lool

          • Ted Heath, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter, Prince Andrew…
            Anyone else find it funny once the stories about Price Andrew came out then the papers & TV were full of the missing plane for 2 weeks before it was all forgotten!
            How utterly fucking convenient a plane would disappear the day after the allegations surfaced and never actually be found.

            Now thats a fucking conspiracy Mr Spivey you fucking bell-end

          • Woody Allen (along with Quentin Tarantino) is the most overratted cunt in the history of cinema….

  5. I would like to nominate Sebastian Coe

    The brown-nosing, corrupt cunt, once an MP, now promoted to president of the IAAF, presumably to cover-up the truth about doping in sport, we can’t have Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah exposed as drug cheats can we, that would sully the Olympic Legacy (fuck off)

    I regard Coe in the same disdain as Sep Blatter, a corrupt cunt who probably and allegedly fiddles with kids

    • Coe is a complete cunt, I agree… The Tory twat will be covering up all kinds of nastiness and drugs scandals… I used to think he was a cunt when he was running…. I always wanted Steve Ovett to win…

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