Walter Palmer


I’d like leave to rush through an emergency cunting of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Now I’m not normally one to jump on bandwagons or engage in witch hunts but I will make an exception for this small dicked cunt. For those not aware he is an American who paid $50 000 to shoot a lion with a crossbow . What the fuck for you may ask. Well other than he has psychopathic tendencies and can only get a hard on when he is engaged in killing something , I have no idea.

What a fucking CUNT !

Nominated by: The Cunt Factor

This particular treatment for the aforementioned cunt came to mind. Not sure why 😉


Nominated by: Dioclese

Fifty grand to shoot some old pelt with a crossbow? What a tosser. In me day I was taking oit tiger with me Lee Enfield bolt action. Only got once chance with one orf those if old tigger got wind orf you first and pounced. Play the whiteman. Give the beast a sporting chance donchaknow. Bastard bearers would invariably leg it leaving me on me todd. Nature red in tooth and claw. Would rather not supply the red so had an old large bore elephant gun as backup.

Problem is those bastards had a kick that would put one on one’s arse and accuracy was not a strong point. Generally whatever took a hit was blown to pieces – head/arse/bollocks, – and bang goes me trophy. Blood bone and guts all over the shop.

Love to take that yank oit orn safari. Bush can be a very dangerous place and me old eyesight is not what it was.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

17 thoughts on “Walter Palmer

  1. I’d cover the baldy inbred shitkicker cunt in potted beef and then fling him billy bollocks into a lion enclosure… But before that I’d shoot him up the arse… With a poisoned crossbow bolt, naturally…

  2. You beat me to it. I nominated this piece of shit not so long ago. I would like to point something out. In the pictures I’ve seen of this twat, he was using a compound bow, not a crossbow. Compounds were originally invented for hunting big game, and are very powerful and accurate. Not accurate enough for the Palmercunt though, because he apparently wounded Cecil with an arrow, before shooting him dead with a rifle two days later.

    He claims that he didn’t know that it was illegal, or that Cecil was protected and wearing a collar. The problem is, he has form for being a lying twat. In 2008, he got into trouble for allegedly lying over exactly where he was when he killed a bear. He was also fined just under $3,000 for not having a bear hunting licence. Apparently, he has 43 kills, including rhino and a leopard. Clearly, this is a cunt who has no regard for the law, or nature. He only cares about his own pathetic ambition to kill as many animals as possible.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he was doing it for food, like the American half of my family, and millions of hunters around the world. But no, this cunt does it just for trophies, which means that most of the animal is left to rot. Not that most of them are edible anyway. This cocksucker is NOT a hunter. He’s just a killer.

    In one of the papers, I forget whether it’s the Daily Fail, or the Daily Express, there’s a photo of Palmer in a Putinesque shirtless pose, while lifting leopard. Obviously, in his mind he’s a tough guy. To those of us with a sense of decency however he’s just a piece of shit. He actually looks as though he’s thinking of shagging the Leopard’s corpse. There is actually slightly more to this story. It’s not just Cecil who will prove to be the victim here. He had six cubs, and as soon as his successor, a lion called Jericho takes over the pride, they’ll be killed. So Palmer is also responsible for the deaths of SIX young cubs.

  3. well the mans a cunt, if he had of been a true red blooded american he could have taken a week off with AZOV battalion in the ukraine and shot a commiee with a dragonov! much more sporting, usefull although the trophy bit on the office wall may cause some issues…..
    I sugest he be smeared with the scent of a lioness on heat gaffer taped belly down to a coffee table and left on a lion reserve somewhere.

  4. Given that the cunt is a yank this gives some insight into the sex perve angle originally posted by Cunt Factor (any relation orf Max?):
    Must admit that me old horse prong does come into play from time to time when out on a shoot but that has more to do with the young fillies in tight jodhpurs that are attracted to such pursuits. Have connections with a number orf shooting estates in Europe and the problem there are the fucking Japs and Arabs. Go berserk if allowed, veritable bloodbath until beasties are dead or fled but saving grace is end up blasting themselves. Quite a body count every season. Well they pay a tidy sum for their fun.

  5. What a fucking, fucking cunt. Only bright side – there are plenty of heavily-armed Americans who will have taken great exception to this utter cowardly piece of fucking shit.

  6. Seeing how some of these yanks act, with complete arrogance in foreign countries makes me want to put on a burka and wipe my arse on their flag.Bumper stickers with Star-Spangled Banners, saying patriotic crap like ‘these colors don’t run’.This cunt symbolises a lot about the USA.
    We’re force fed their shit on tv & having our culture diluted with their fake, consumer, fuck everyone, wank.We’re eating the same shit food & becoming a nation of fat cunts, who worry more about how white and straight our teeth are, than the crap that comes out of it.

    Friends-watching women are having baby showers in Braintree.FUCK OFF! On the next boat to Ellis Island you treacherous jello eating cunts!

    How long before we start carrying guns and quoting some shit from the manga carta about our god given right to bare arms, while claiming to be Irish?

    I only hope Walter Palmer is hunted down like an animal and murdered with one of his dental tools.

  7. The murdering dentist says that it was up to his professional guides to obtain the necessary permits and to make sure this hunt was legal. He has a point. And you know what? I don’t care. After seeing photographs of him grinning over the carcasses of the various animals he has ‘bravely’ killed with his bow, as far as I’m concerned, nothing too bad can happen to him. Those animals had just as much right to live as he did. His rights should now be forfeit.

  8. Sharon Osboure on Palmer: ‘I hope that Walter Palmer loses his home, his practice & his money. He has already lost his soul…’

    Says the woman who is married to a bloke who bit the head off a live bat and who chuckled on TV about her husband biting the head off a live dove at a record company meeting…
    Fuck off, yer hypocritical old snatch!

    • Shat- on -Osborne is a band wagon jumping whore whose full name is longer than I can be arsed with……

  9. Typical septic tank, sums it up really, indeed they are by nature murderous thick war mongering braindead degenarate burger scoffing lowlife, lets hope for the sake of humanity along with israel they are blown off the face of the planet along with “i have a wet dream” obanana sharpish.

  10. Tesco are cunts… Banning drinks with sugar in them like ribena and capri sun…Yet they continue to stock all manner of crap: like coca-cola, walkers crisps, mars bars, horseburgers etc… Not to mention all the booze and fags… Surely it’s up to the customer what they buy or don’t buy… Not a bunch of supermarket nazis….

    • Ironic isn’t it, I mean at least capri sun has vitamins and what not. Ribena is a good drink too . They will sell the tobacco because they make to much money on that booze too. You would think all the problems booze causes domestic violence , fights, sexual abuse, broken familys, and car accidents. What the fuck does Ribena and capri sun cause exactly bloody nothing. Good job tesco at being a bunch of dumb nazi cunts.

  11. I really hate dentists especially since i just recently got a unnecessary filling which is now causing me more pain (fucking cunt dentist). Also 2 years ago got a tooth pulled that afterwards the cunt tells me she could of saved it. What I don’t fucking understand though is why does it take a endangered species for people to loose their shit. I mean out of all the crazy shite that happens in the world child sex trades like philippines and thailand, war crimes in palestine and syria but it’s the dead lion that causes a global outrage I mean what the shite. This isn’t the first dead endangered animal that has been killed and it won’t be the last. If this lion died from fracking or other chemical disaster it probably wouldn’t have caused such a bother.

  12. Walter Palmer….scum bag…scum bag…hope he dies an agonizing death and as he dies he thinks about all the innocent animals he has slaughtered in the name of sport and fun…..short may his life be ending with a terrible disease..

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