Pat Karney


Pat Karney’s another one who needs a cunting.

He’s a bigger media whore than Keith Vaz, and that cunt has never seen a camera he didn’t like. What a dildo Karney looked at the Manchester day parade, being interviewed in a suit, and with his fucking boat race painted. It still makes me smile when I think of his claim to be related to Barry O.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

9 thoughts on “Pat Karney

  1. Eniola Aluko -(Chelsea women’s team and ‘Lioness’) is a cunt….
    Because of her failure (along with the rest of them) this silly cow now has been ‘rewarded’ with a ‘column’ on the BBC Sports website… And what pearls of wisdom did this bastion of the game have today? Manchester United should have a women’s team and join the World Cup party….

    (1) It was not – and never will be – The World Cup… That was held last year in Brazil… Players like Moore, Charlton, Pele, Beckenbauer, Kempes, Zoff, and Zidane win World Cups… Not silly PC projects with stupid Fleet Street nicknames…

    (2) Join the party? As I have already said, celebrating failure… Pure Eddie The Eagle losing is an achievement shite… What’s ext for the ‘Lionesses’, an open top bus?!

    (3) MUFC do not have a women’s team and never should have one… For all the (many) faults that the club has today, they haven’t fallen for all this PC nu-footie crap… So fuck off, Eniola Aluko….

  2. I want to nominate Bill Cosby & Daniel Lewis as Mega Cunts as that is what they are, a pair of fucking cunts

    • Big turd in a small khazi. Allegedly bent Labour big mouthed media whore Manchester councillor. Awaiting paedo allegations to surface.

    • He’s a Manchester councillor, and their City Centre Spokesperson (not man, person). Consequently, whenever something happens in the city centre, a queer march, Manchester day, the run, etc, up pops Karney, like a demented Jack in the Box, to offer his thoughts. Actually, there doesn’t even need to be an event. As long as there’s a camera at hand, Karney will appear.

  3. “He’s a bigger media whore than Keith Vaz”

    I resent that remark, I may very well be a media whore, but I am conference league when it comes to Susanna Reid, now she is the premier media whore, she would sell her kids to get her smug, fat tangoed face on TV!

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