James Kingston


James Kingston is a right cunt. Saw a bit of his ridiculous Wembley Arch stunt on the television news. What an attention seeking knobend.

He’s refered to by the media as an ‘urban adventurer…’ Bollocks, he’s just another silver spoon up his arse cunt with too much money and time on his hands (like that other cunt, Bear Gryls). Of course the media lap up this shite: with all their urban adventurer bullshit and calling Wembley’s arch ‘iconic…’ No, it isn’t – the Wembley towers were iconic, but the ‘arch’ is just bits of metal stuck together: an abomination from yet another overpaid and talentless ‘designer/artist’. The sort of ‘modern art’ crap that infests most towns in Britain today.

Nominated by: Norman

4 thoughts on “James Kingston

  1. He is indeed a posh boy cunt, but like 99% of these Internet ‘sensations@ he is merely copying what has been done before and 1000000 times better.

    If you want to see the original nutter then check out mustangwanted on youtube


    Anyway, Fuck James Kingston and fuck the media who promote this cunt (Channel 4 (documentary) and the BBC for showing his Wembley stunt,
    The only video I want to see his him falling 500ft to his death, but then the media will hail him as some kind of hero to be admired – fucking wankers

  2. Coming from West London I agree……..

    The towers were iconic.

    The arc is just modern crap thrown together by some cunt.

    The stadium is great but should have 1) kept the towere and 2) NOT COST US £700m!!


  3. I’d like to nominate Carl Froch MBE for a cunting. He was one of Britain’s best boxers. He was tough, he was humble, and he had carved out a reputation for himself since becoming a professional in 2002.
    Then he came up against Andre Ward in 2011 and was given a boxing lesson. But instead of praising the American and acknowledging him as being by far the best super-middleweight and one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world. he was so embarrassed by the gulf in class that he felt the need to bull himself up in the media at every opportunity and remind everyone of his previous achievements. And he hasn’t stopped since. Now he’s forever going on about when he beat George Groves at Wembley.
    There has been talk about a return with Ward, but he won’t want to go near Ward again because he knows he’ll be made to look silly. He has been offered a fight against Gennady Golovkin, who would be moving up a weight, but Froch says “I’m too big and too strong for him.” So what’s he scared of? Golovkin wants the fight and he doesn’t !
    Time to stop the bleating and retire, Carl. You’re making a cunt of yourself.

  4. Can’t argue with that…. And I’m also glad that arrogant, woman beating cunt, Mayweather has been stripped of his title…

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