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The obnoxious, arrogant piece of shit that is Sepp ‘Bell End’ Blatter will be re-elected to the post tomorrow. This will happen in the wake of numerous arrests of high ranking FIFA officials over the past couple of days on suspicion of corruption.

Watching this on the news, I found myself asking a question that I think most right minded people were asking. Why the fuck wasn’t Blatter arrested too? Considering he’s been President of FIFA for the best part of 20 years, I find inconceivable that he didn’t at least know about the antics of his allegedly corrupt colleagues.

Either Blatter was in it up to his neck, or he’s the most gullible, stupid and downright ignorant President that FIFA has ever had. I’m leaning towards up to his neck in it. Because there is no fucking way that a man like Blatter would be unaware of corruption in an organisation that he micro manages. I have no proof of this, but I reckon this cunt was getting a piece of every bribe that was accepted by his minions. Blatter says he’s standing down – but not until next year! Personally I think that’s about as likely as NASA announcing that they have video footage of Elvis doing the Macarena on Jupiter.

As I said at the start, Blatter is obnoxious and arrogant. He genuinely, and mistakenly, believes himself to be the only man who can run FIFA. That’s why he announced that he wouldn’t run for re-election, only to then stand for re-election. He’s a grubby little creep, who has allowed FIFA to be dragged through dog shit during his tenure as President. He’s a slaphead and a cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, QDM…. Blatter and all those other rotten to the core FIFA cunts will now start pulling all that Nazis at Nuremberg shit: Too ill, old or unfit to stand trial… And that old classic ‘I was only following orders…’ Jack Warner is coming it in this fashion already… Somebody should tell these bent bastards if they can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime… I do hope both Russia and Qatar lose the World Cup… I think Russia just might avoid it, because Putin will spit his dummy out… But Qatar – regardless of any corruption – should never have had it anyway… A non football nation with ridiculous heat temperatures and a regime that is dodgier than a Francis Lee penalty dive… People are dropping like flies building the stadiums for the Qatar World Cup… Choosing a country for the biggest football tournament on earth and they have no fucking stadiums? That just shows how corrupt the whole thing is and how it’s about money and not the game…
    And Platini is no better than Blatter….This dour frog faced cunt was Blatter’s bagman during the Qatar dealings, and Platini also took orders from the (then) French president, Napoelon Sarkozy: about how if Qatar got the World Cup it would benefit France financially… Platini is all indignant now and anti-Blatter, when he knew (and participated in) what was going on all along…

    To quote the great Eric Cantona: “To choose between Blatter or Platini is like being asked to choose between the Black Death and Cholera…”

    • I have a feeling that Russia will dodge losing the 2018 World Cup, but only just. The ragheads will almost certainly lose it. Nobody who wasn’t a bribed FIFA official wanted the competition played in a country that even at night is as hot as the fucking sun, is known to have billionaires giving money to the likes of ISIS, and are generally about as friendly as ebola.

  2. Possible Nominee Thats a very good picture infact its the best one yet of Bladder on this site, Speaking of that cunt bruce jenner , It seems like his spoiled brat daughters and wifes drove him to insanity, he’s got what 20 kids or some shit? has finally turned him into a gay tranny and he will actively be dating black guys just like his daughters. It’s also funny to note in his leading days of becoming a woman he gets 1 person killed ,and five other people injured but Jenner was able to walk away from the accident. Just like a woman!! fucking lucky cunt apparently millionaires have a licence to kill and now he’s a shemale so he is now officially a CUNT .

  3. Add to this the release of the recent FIFA inspired film “United Passions” epically flopped on its opening weekend taking a whopping $607 to defray the $32 million of which FIFA put up $24 Million. (Shades of “The Directors” and “Springtime for Hitler”).
    Released to stellar reviews by rapt critics…
    The Village Voice called it “not merely ham-fisted, but pork-shouldered, bacon-wristed, and sausage-elbowed”.

    The Guardian added that “as proof of corporate insanity it is a valuable case study.”
    (Shamelessly nicked from the BBC)
    I can only assume that their next project will be a reworking of The Shawshank Redemption or The Great Escape…

    Blatter is not simply a cunt, he is the cunt’s cunt…

  4. They haven’t arrested Blatter because they are building a case against him. They have taken in his lieutenants who even as we speak are offering to cut deals to save their skins. They will be the ones who provide the testimony against the cunt. Far from being ignored he is in fact the main target of this operation.

  5. Here’s a first for this site – a request to take down a post because the nominating person is being sued. Here’s what I received about Anji Philips being a cunt :

    “I nominated Anji Phillips as a cunt and she certainly is but has filed a lawsuit against me for harassment in part because of my nomination on your site. Can you please delete my nomination as it will help me avoid some expenses and headaches is court.
    Thanks for your help!”

    So as I was mailed directly and asked nicely by the bloke that nominated her, I’ve removed the post. Proves she’s a cunt though IMHO…

  6. How can one possibly object to being cunted on this eminent and illustrious website? It brings prestige and status that some people just don’t deserve.
    Cunting’s too good for them.

  7. Sepp Blatter is not a CUNT he is a very nice man and let it be known he does a lot of work for charity

    • fucking crooked little midget freak someone should put a bomb under the cunts car

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