Jack Warner


Jack Warner needs a good cunting. He’s a Black-And-White-Minstrel lookalike, Johnny-come-lately cunt. Blatters second in command for years and happy to suckle at the fetid teat of dodgy cash that is FIFA prior to the lid being finally lifted on this maggot infested wheelie-bin of an organisation.

Now all of a sudden he’s got a conscience and is prepared to cooperate with the inquiry and grass up a few of his fellow FIFA thieves. Clearly a man desparate to get on the front foot and mitigate what’s going to be a mighty long time in jug. He’s a slippery, stab his mates in the back, totally minted, could easily be mistaken for Robert Mugabe cunt and no mistake. The cunt.

And lest we forget : The SNP are cunts, every man-jock of them. But particularly that Nicola Sturgeon.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Warner is a copper bottomed cunt. And all those Africans voting for Blatter? They are as stupid as they are corrupt.

Apparently Blatter has Interpol in his pocket, so maybe that explains why he can’t/won’t be fingered..?

Nominated by: Norman

23 thoughts on “Jack Warner

  1. “Apparently Blatter has Interpol in his pocket, so maybe that explains why he can’t/won’t be fingered..?” – far more likely that his cronies were arrested first and are expected to spill the beans on Blatter as part of a plea-bargain. It’s unthinkable that Blatter is not a target of the investigation given how many of his close associates have been fingered.


    • I hope you’re right Fred. But will Blatter suddenly get Alzheimer’s and be unable to stand trial like Grenville Janner and other assorted Establishment cunts?


      • Or like Ernest Saunders, the convicted Guinness fraudster, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers from which he made a miraculous recovery upon his release from prison.


        • Or Ken Dodd: Doddy dodged the taxman for years… When he was finally caught, he was apparently ‘not in his right mind (Aww! Bless!)’ and he stashed all his cash because he thought ‘World War III would break out…’ Like money would be any use if the bomb dropped… I think the courts actually bought this shit and the thieving Scouse cunt got off… Tattyhilarious!


  2. Sir Lenny Henry? What has this cunt got this gong for? For being one of the unfunniest men in he world? For being a first class hypocrite? I bet all the right on brigade will pipe up about Henry ‘Encouarging diversity…’ Which basically means that he constantly moans about there not being enough black people (ie: himself) on television…

    Oh, and James Kngston is another cunt…. Saw a bit of his ridiculous Wembley Arch stunt on the television news this morning… What an attention seeking knobend… He’s refered to by the media as an ‘urban adventurer…’ Bollocks, he’s just another silver spoon up his arse cunt with too much money and time on his hands (like that other cunt, Bear Gryls)…. Of course the media lap up this shite: with all their urban adventurer bullshit and calling Wembley’s arch ‘iconic…’ No, it isn’t… The Wembley towers were iconic, but the ‘arch’ is just bits of metal stuck together: an abomination from yet another overpaid and talentless ‘designer/artist’…. The sort of ‘modern art’ crap that infests most towns in Britain today… And the stadium itself is just another soulless concrete bowl… Like those other highest bidder stadiums, the Emirates and the Etihad …. It’s only a matter of time before Wembley has a corporate arab name too….


  3. Supposed “Supermodel” and walking toothpick with eyeballs Kate Moss is a cunt. Not content with bullying recovering stroke victim Andrew Marr out of his coffee shop seat (No fan of the man but strokes can get ANY poor cunt!) the malnourished shitbag has got herself pissed up on an Easyjet flight (whilst returning from a stretch of rehab no less) and drunkenly abused passengers, flight crew and the (female) pilot. No doubt with the timeless classic screech of “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” It’s pretty obvious WHAT you are my dear. Anyone who would abuse a pilot trying to control several hundred tons of metal and aviation fuel carrying passengers who might actually have worked for a living is an absolute cunt of terrifying proportions. Mrs Bastard is 52 and she looks better than you from every angle and has the benefit of a pleasant personality to go with it. Fuck off and get a bloody sandwich, you skinny, emaciated, overrated, overgrown playground bully, coke fiend, fag ash Lil and consummate CUNT!!


    • Moss is about as attractive and charming as a bad egg… A pilled up, boozed up, coked up stick insect… It amazes me how this skinny, bug eyed gluebag is (or was ever) considered top model material… There is more meat on a Pepperami, she has no tits, and her face is like something Picasso painted when he was pissed (eyes on the side of the head etc)…

      When I heard that Moss has posed for Playboy, I thought three things: 1: What the fuck is there to see?
      2: Hefner really has gone senile…
      3: Is that really the best they can do? No wonder the bunny mag is on its arse…


      • And wasn’t she was one of the repellent faces of that hypocritical, flag-debasing “Cool Britannia” bullshit?


        • That reminds me, Mr. B: That 90s cuntfest TFI Friday is being brought back for a 20th anniversary special… Expect Ginger Cunt, Chris Evans and every other celebrity tosspot and shite musician farom the so-called ‘Britpop’ era … Basically Loaded magazine on television… I have no doubt that Moss and others will be shanting it up and getting shitfaced at C4’s expense…

          I can hear that fucking ‘Riverboat Song’ ( a rip off of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Four Sticks’) already….


          • Apparently Moss called the pilot a “basic bitch”, “basic” being the new insult meaning low status, unglamorous, under acheiver, run of the mill etc. Surely for a woman to qualify as an airline pilot is somewhat more of an acheivment than being known for dragging scraps of overpriced fabric up and down the catwalk with a fag hanging out of your sour little gob. I sincerely hope that, while out clubbing at some expensive nightspot, she aggravates a REAL woman and gets snapped in half. Or set on fire. Or machine gunned. Hell, anything fatal really….


    • A shame… Because 1970 was probably the best World Cup ever…
      But since 1986 they’ve mostly been shite…


        • 1990 was exciting, I agree (Cameroon, Toto Schillaci and that shootout!)…. And the 98 tournament was lit up by the French…. That was some side with Barhtez, Viera, Petit, Henry and Zidane….

          I also loved the 1982 World Cup… England went home unbeaten (Keegan missing that open goal though!)… And that Brazil side was wonderful…. Zico, Socrates, Junior, Eder and Falcao (Not the sack of shit United have just offloaded)…. The Brazil vs Italy game of 82 is still the best World Cup game I ever saw…


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