Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman naked bondage photo shoot UHQ

That silly slag, Natalie Portman… another veggie fascist…

Portman said that eating a hamburger was as bad as rape….

Nah… What’s bad is being an overrated Hollywood luvvie who believes because they are famous that they are some kind of great oracle… And helping to ruin the Star Wars legacy is pretty bad too…

Oh, and while she needs some more brains and acting talent, she should grow a pair of tits while she’s at it…

Nominated by: Norman

11 thoughts on “Natalie Portman

  1. Oh, the old “as bad as rape” line – the cliché trotted out by cunts who know their argument is weak so they have to tag on an emotive reference to rape in the hope that people will feel bad about taking issue with them.

    Kim Novak used exactly the same trick a few years back over an equally spurious issue:

    Now Morrissey is a monumental cunt as we all know, but even he realised that a song entitled ‘Meat Is Rape’ would be ridiculed even more than a song called ‘Meat Is Murder’ and wisely went with the latter.

    People who use the “as bad as rape” line should be cunted separately. Before being set on fire.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Fred… Why do these celebrity luvvie cunts go over the top about everything? Like that old one: ‘My drink and drugs hell!’ Getting pissed and hooked on charlie due to your won stupidity is not hell… Losing someone to cancer is helll, your kid brother getting knocked down by a car is hell… These cunts don’t know what day it is…

    Portman is one of the most overrated and bullshit spouting actresses around today… She was the worst thing in those crappy Star Wars prequels… Even eclipsing Jar Jar Cunt and young Vader (both of them!)), which is no mean feat… The only good bit is when Vader chokes her… Shame it wasn’t to death… And besides, I would much rather give Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia (when she was in the original films) one any time…

    • Apparently Fisher used to regularly attend fan conventions and allow them to do that very thing.

    • I hate it when news reporters get their words mixed up. It’s as bad as rape.

        • Great find. Wasn’t he an engineer at Abbey Road who worked with George Martin on many of The Beatles’ records? I seem to recall Gene Wilder selecting Oh Babe What Would You Say as one of his Desert Island Discs.

          • Smith worked on all Beatles releases right up to ‘Rubber Soul’. He also produced Pink Floyd’s first album. Apparently John Lennon encouraged Smith to do his own music, and he helped Smith with the backing for ‘Oh Babe…’ A variation of it was kater used for Lennon’s own ‘Mind Games’.

  3. The masses of Twitter fucktards who are using the hashtag ‘Take us with you, Scotland!’ are Judas cunts of the highest order… Tory government or not, those SNP pigs would never, ever get my vote or support…. Any twat form the north of England who has been involved in any tweeted SNP wanking should be put on a ship: it should then be taken into the middle of the Atlantic, and then one our submarines should fucking sink it…

  4. I would still happily offer her a portion of surprise sex!!!

    Happy to drag her arse into the woods to do it too!!!!

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