Michael Flatley


Michael Flatley is a thundering cunt trumpet…

This plastic paddy Yank inflicted the revolting Riverdance on us in the 90s: thus inspiring a cringworthy love-in for all things ‘Oirish’ (along with Jack Charlton and those Corrs cunts!)…
This walking ego then came up with Lord Of The Dance: More Diddly Diddly cartoon paddy twaddle and gullible twats the world over lapped it up… Then there was the diabolical Celtic Tiger…

Flatley’s ‘view’ on Irish history and an arselicking masterclass for good ol’ Uncle Sam… This theatrical crime had Vikings dancing with Irish maidens (no burning, raiding, rape or pillage from the Norsemen?), the British persecuting the Paddies (with Flatley pompously intervening dressed as a priest!), then the biig headed Yankie cunt (for no reason) dressed as an airline pilot while some bird danced around in a stars and stripes bikini (that was the only good bit!)… The rest of the show was about ‘Oirlund’ showing its ‘gratitude’ to the good ol’ US of A… Irish history? Funny that I didn’t see any pub bombings, balaclavas, semtex, Nazi U-Boats docking in welcoming Irish ports and the wonderful Yanks funding a major terror organisation…

Now this preening, arrogant cunt is back with Lord Of The Dance II, or some shite like that.. Michael Flatley is a cunt, to be sure, to be sure…

Nominated by: Norman

8 thoughts on “Michael Flatley

  1. The worst kind of plastic paddy is the Hollywood plastic paddy… An early prototype was John Wayne in The Quiet Man…. Cunts like Michael Flatley, Rose McGowan, and that ugly little fucker Micky Rourke… Singing the praises (veiled or otherwise) of the provos and going on about the ‘old country’ when they’ve never been near the place…. I was in the west of Ireland for a bit in the late 80s… Every pub or shop I went in had a framed picture of Pope John Paul II: to be expected, I suppose… But there were also framed pics of John . F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan… Why? Because they were catholic? Because they were of Irish descent? How stupid can you fucking get? I used to go out with a bird from Austria (bloody fit she was too!), but she didn’t have’ a picture of Hitler up on her bedroom wall…


  2. Judging by the pic, the cunt looks like he enjoys having his skin several shades darker than normal. I bet he’d look great with third degree burns.


  3. Perhaps the Flatley cunt read somewhere that turn of the 20th century Irish emigrated to the USA to pursue the ‘American Dream’.

    1901 to 1920 most immigrant Irish settled in New York and took up law enforcement as a trade. They formed the New York Police Department (NYPD). It was a corrupt and brutal police force that was all things Irish and maintained cultural ties with Ireland. Their favourite off duty hobby was giving the Americans St Patrick and raising charity money to support the IRA in Ireland who were being oppressed by the English. To this day NYPD finest still promote Irish culture for the USA and now sponsor things like Irish river dancing.


  4. Always found it ironic that the numbers of cunts of Irish extraction in the USA seemed to think that fundraising for the scum of the IRA was acceptable, not giving a shit for the numbers of soldiers and civillians who were massacred thanks in part to their efforts. Now they have experienced terrorist attacks on their own turf, they squeal like butchered pigs.
    Witnessed them collecting first hand in an “Oirish bar” in Philadelphia in the early 1980’s, all the fat yank bastards singing along to “on the wire” and throwing 10 dollar bills into the collection pot. Cunts!


  5. Apparently there are photos showing him being, shall we say, slightly less than heterosexual. And what is all his foot-tapping about? Gene Kelly, now there was a dancer. Although he supported the IRA. Which means he’s a cunt. I can’t watch Singin’ in the Rain without thinking that every step is saying “support terrorist cunts we know nothing about”.


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