Brian Cox [2]


Smug Brian Cox has got to be one of the most irritating presenters on television.

Professor ? That’s a joke. He’s embarrassing to watch and should be teaching introduction to science in a primary school. He never ever gets beneath the surface of any subject, reciting the most obvious of observations and then grinning at the camera as though he knows he’s just astounded you with his wisdom.

Self-congratulatory idiot.

Those who would like to be educated about science and entertained at the same time should watch Michio Kaku. Now there’s someone who really knows what he’s talking about.

Nominated by: Allan

10 thoughts on “Brian Cox [2]

  1. When ever you neeed to fall asleep in front of a TV, Day or night, watch this cunt. I cant last more that 15 minutes.

  2. He looks like one of those cross eyed Eastern European chess players from the 70s…
    I read somewhere that Cox is ‘making schoolgirls interested in science and astronomy..’
    What sort of schoolgirsl? Blind ones? Insane ones? Mind you, a lot of them adore One Direction, so being daft enough to like Cox is a possibility…

    Schoolboy crushes? We had a PE teacher (Miss Kendall) and she had the most magnificent pair of tits… I missed a penalty in the inter-schools semi final because of her….
    It was encouarging that she cheered my name as I stepped up to the spot, but did she she have to jump up and bounce like that when she did it?

  3. Yet another alleged Physicist employed by the BBC to promote the agenda, he only got the job because he has a ‘haircut’
    Physicists are aresholes, spouting on about theories like quantum mechanics as if they are fact when they are actually just a hypothesis.
    But the BBC love cunts like Cox, he is young, has a haircut and wears jeans so the masses lap him up like some kind off genius.
    The BBC have loads of them, that cunt Alice Roberts, Suzannah Lipscomb and who could forget physicist Helen Czerski who famously had to ask on Twitter why her iPhone with a cracked screen still worked as a touch screen (I kid you not!)
    A PHD in Physics is about as useful as a media studies degree or an NVQ from Art College.
    Fucking bunch of cunts, the lot of them!

  4. Condescending, arrogant cunt with his Justin Bieber wig and his butch wife. Parrots the same textbook theories which are keeping us from advancing at a descent pace. He has an OBE so may well be another paedo since he works for the BBC also.

    Something creeps me out about him (despite all the standard circumstantial paedo requirements he has so far met) and it’s similar to my thoughts on Jimmy and Rolf. He is nowhere near as intelligent as people make him out to be and his rise to fame is questionable. I think he is Tony Blairs love child but with what?

    • I think you’ve got the same feeling as me. He’s really creepy like he’s not self aware, or, he is but he doesn’t care about what intelligent people think. If he’s on TV in today’s world, he’s probably compromised. I think at minimum he’ll be a homosexual. I think you have to be to get on the TV now. It’s like being an honourary pedo, as those in the know that if you want to be buggered, you’ve probably been sexually abused in formative years, so it’s all the same thing in a lot of cases. His facial expressions appear fake to me.

  5. The cunt was also the keys player in shite gay pop/dance/knobturd band d;ream utter stupid haired cunt

  6. Grade A Cunt, there is something really creepy about him. I can’t put my finger on it. Errrr, I have realised what I said.

  7. So glad this website exists….

    I mean it’s just the way he speaks, he really thinks he’s making a point….although he is making a valid point – that of being a cunting cunt.

    What a cunt.

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