Bahar Mustafa


Something that needs a good cunting is Bahar Mustafa.

This sad act, Trotskyite, leftard thundercunt is the student union ‘Divershitty’ officer at Goldsmiths college. Apart from being a ‘right on’ leftist shit-wit, in the style of Rik out of the Young Ones, this shit-cunt twat actually believes that she is the victim after banning white people and men from one of her lefty student fucktard events.

OK. Let the cunting begin with some classic Bahar Mustafa quotes:

“There have been charges laid against me that I am racist and sexist towards white men”.

“I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender”. (WTF!!!???)

“Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

OK then fucktard, I dare you to stand in the middle of Tottenham high street and shout the ‘N’ word at the top of your lungs. Surely as a tart and an illegal immigrant you must be immune to an enraged gang of the locals intent on separating your head from your body, a-la PC Keith Blakelock…..Please try it, I’m begging you to try it!

Apparently the righteous shit storm that she has provoked is the result of “A witch hunt and shameful character assassination by the media”.

It gets better:

“Reverse racism and reverse sexism are not real”.

“We will not be silenced; we are militant. The world is not ready for minorities to challenge the status quo, but resistance to our resistance is futile.”

Riiiight. Lets have a look at that little gem shall we.

First up, she seems to think she is the fucking Borg. Second, minorities do not dictate to their host nation how they expect to be treated. This is why the majority of the indigenous population of European countries fucking despise Muslims who refuse to integrate into the culture of their benefits providers. Bahar Mustafa included.

Hashtags such as “kill all white men” and “Misandry” on her personal account were “in-jokes and ways that many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves”.

Okey Dokey love. We in the heterosexual, white indigenous community also have a way of expressing ourselves. It involves sacking fucking idiots who spout the kind of leftist doublespeak bollocks that may actually end up getting someone killed.

And what the fuck is a ‘Queer Feminist’?

As a child of the 70’s I remember vividly some nonce wearing a spunk stained duffle coat poking his knob through the chain link fence and scaring the living shit out of all the primary school kids in the playground.

I also vividly remember the school caretaker rushing the cunt with a broom and then mumbling something about ‘Fucking queers’ as the nonce cunt beat a hasty retreat. To this day a queer is and will always be some fucking perv who likes to expose themselves to little kids.

One imagines that a ‘Queer Feminist’ does exactly the same thing, only at all girl’s schools. Instead of a flaccid penis they wave a blood belching vagina at the terrified kids therein.
In the world of Bahar Mustafa this is probably absolutely fine because is challenges the patriarchal phallocracy or some such shit.

If you peruse the silly bint’s Goldsmith’s website it gets even better, not only because Goldsmith’s was founded and still funded by white, English (and mainly Jewish) MEN, but because it gives a fascinating insight into the truly disturbed and disturbing mentality of the kind of cunts that hold some authority over easily influenced (thick as pigshit) teenage students.

Seriously, take a gander at the laughable shit that the lefty loser posts under ‘her promises’.

Apart from looking like a badly shaved Wookie and clearly having typical student hygiene that you can actually smell through the computer screen (smellier than an Anchovy’s twat I’ll wager) she will most likely end up being sold off to some 60 year old cunt member of ISIS by her parents for bringing eternal embarrassment on her Turkish family.

If her family are reading this, please make it a one way ticket. We don’t want her back.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

16 thoughts on “Bahar Mustafa

  1. This ugly hippy cunt should go to Soweto and ask the people there if racism isn’t real…
    With any luck she’d get a burning tyre round her neck…. I really do despise hippies…

  2. That UXB from World War II that was found in Wembley… I am wondering: if the thing had gone off and wiped out the whole Britain’s Got Talent studio (Cowell, Ant and Dec, Walliams, the lot) would that have wiped the slate clean with old Adolf?

    • We can but dream…

      Hopefully it would have gone off when Gary Barlow was the special guest.

  3. “smellier than an Anchovy’s twat”
    Love that one!, cheered me up no end

    The fact that this silly little bint is enrolled at Goldsmiths, illustrates the decline of standards there. Perhaps she might consider a long holiday to Syria, where a rigorous gang-banging by her ISIL “brothers” might knock some sense into her. though frankly, I think even they would not touch her with a bargepole.

  4. I knew someone who was similar to this Bahar Mustafa.cunt… I say ‘knew’, but it was a on an online forum years ago… She seemed alright at first, but she started to give it all this radical chic shite… Saying she was bisexual and a feminist (she also had a gripe about whitem people)… She was in actual fact a misandrist: she tried to create divisions within the place by starting ‘women only’ topics and discussions… Something both male and female members objected to… An American kid (a nice lad) posted that his brother took him to a strip club for his 18th birthday… This silly cow went on a rant about how disgusting and sexist it all was…. Then a month later she said she got off on watching two men at it… She came up with loads more crap like that and much anti-men stuff into the bargain… She once had a pop at me for being a white Manchester United fan (?!?) … People got tired of it and she began to be ignored… She’d say anything to shock or be noticed and she started going on about how she fancied serial killers and how she had Ted Bundy on her wall… I called her a weirdo cunt and asked if she had a poster up of Brady or the Ripper too… She was fucked off for good after that… The point is that it that, like this silly slag, social, racial and feminist issues have nothing to do with it really… As far as Bahar Mustafa. is concerned it is all bout her and getting noticed… I’ve nothing against real feminists, but I hate those who use the term to spout off their own personal hang-ups and hatreds… Sisters are doing it for themselves? More like I Me Mine….

  5. As I can’t give a thumb up to the original post, I’m putting this on so I can thumb it up. Because Odin deserves recognition for his comments on this utter arse of a woman.

  6. Mad women like her shouldn’t really be putting their thoughts on the record when they are on their bad week. It’s hormonal.

  7. The photo of her proves the old adage ” you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig”

    • thats harsh on pigs if any of them had a face similar to bahar shitbucket mustafa shite

  8. why not kidnap this racist diversity slut and overdose her with laughing gas as a punishment for her filthy arrogance bahar mustafa you are a repulsive cockroach in actual fact i am being unfair to cockroaches because they have more integrity than this racist islamic female shitbucket

    • Bahar Mustafa is a dumb cunt, I wonder how she feels about piss porn? cause i’d piss all over her stupid twat face, and her being a fellow Trotskyite I wonder if she knows who Leon Trotsky actually is?,Trotsky was a communist ,mass murderer cunt responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths and was a Marxist ideologue. Knowing Mustafa (this bitch from the lion king or something?) she would probably laugh off the deaths and say they deserved it. If I ever see this cunt I’ll give her a bitch slap so hard she’ll fly back to pakistan and she can try being a radical feminist there.

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