Katie Hopkins


How Katie Hopkins have not been cunted, I’ll never know…

There are too many bad things to say about this vindictive saddlebag with eyes…

A professional gobshite. a celebrity troll who thrives on controversy (and through that, self publicity) and a cunt of the highest caliber….

Appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and forever telling others what they are doing wrong? Get to fuck you old witch!

Nominated by: Norman

12 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins

  1. Superb bit of photoshopping.

    A TK Maxx version of Christine Hamilton, Hopkins lacks Hamilton’s authenticity. All her businesses have failed so she’s reduced to being a professional troll in the pay of Rupert Murdoch. Tar and feather the cunt and stone her to death outside the News UK HQ.

  2. Apparently Hopkins has had a ‘panic button’ installed at her house. Because she fears she might be murdered…. We can live in hope, eh?….

  3. Leo McKinstry is a huge cunt… A Dacre/Desmond acolyte and, like so many other Mail and Express hacks, lets his own personal vendettas and personal hatreds dominate his writing…. Everything from foreigners, the disabled and the working class to Princess Di (McKinstry hates her, for some reason. I think he’s a misogynist. I remember him going off on one with a vicious diatribe about Marilyn Monroe too… Fuck knows why…) and more have been on the end of his written rants. This human slug is a nasty cunt and like Dacre and all those other Mail and Express twats he should be fucking exterminated, as our friends from Skaro would say…

  4. Another piece of total cuntery from TV exec cunts…. Lip Sync Battle…
    This is where Hollywood cunts like Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Cunt mime to classic songs in a celebrity miming face off…. They fucking mime to a hit record and try to outdo each other… And this is television entertainment?!

    Needless to say, the look at me cunts go completely over the top and act like Janis Joplin with a red hot poker up her arse, or Tom Jones or Mick Jagger on triple strength viagra…
    Basically it’s an ego wank and more publicity for these Tinsletown cunts, doing something a chimpanzee wouldn’t have too much trouble with… I defy anyone to look at this clip and not think ‘Cunts..’


    • Well fuck me. I think I have seen it all now and what a fucking pile of shit that is and a total waste of time.

      For a couple of decent actresses that are in demand in the flicks how the fuck as someone convinced them this is anything other than a cuntfest??

      • Emily Blunt i wonder how many she has sucked off to get to where she is . Emily Blunt more like Emily Cunt or Emily Blunt Cunt and why are they Lipsyncing doesn’t she act. I think movies and T.v. are such shit nowadays.

  5. This fucking cunt tried to sue me, that tells you everything you need to know about Katie Hopkins.
    I hope she gets dementia and her children pack her off to Veritas, if anyone deserves euthanasia it is this sour fucking cunt of a whore.
    And how come normal people get court summons for speaking on Twitter yet this cunt gets a panic button and not so much as a caution….

    She will be a washed up Gin soaked cunt within 5 years, making way for the next professional ‘troll for hire’ to sweep the chatshows and infect Twitter with their bile, vitriol and delusional fucking views.

    Fuck off Hopkins, you have had 14 minutes and 59 seconds of fame (and I use that term loosely)
    So long, farewell, auf weidersein goodbye, you sour cunt I’d shit in to your eye

  6. The old shitty mouthed slagwagon also constantly blocks people on Twitter… The witch dishes it out, but she can’t take it (that cunt, Stan Collymore is also a serial blocker. Not to mention a wifebeater!). I too find it strange that someone can be arrested for making a sick joke on Twitter about Fabrice Muamba or the McCanns (cunts!). Yet old mackerel knickers Hopkins gets away with murder….

  7. Hopkins is a unbearable Cunt it makes sense that she installed the panic button she pissed pretty much everyone off just for existing but besides that she has pissed off the
    scots twice ,Irish
    Ebola patients, old people, people hate her cause she a eliteist cunt , and shes even pissed off people with dementia “people with dementia are ‘bed blockers’ who utilise scarce hospital beds and who would be better off if they were euthanased.” unfucking believable its as if she was direct descandant of hitler , I can’t even imagine why anybody would want to kill her , because it would be more fun to gangrape her

    • So break the cue in half… the sharp end rammed up her nostrils into brain, the other end up her… well I’ll leave that LURVELY choice up to you, as it’s your party!!

  8. That Photoshopped picture didn’t even get me aroused, either it’s the wine or i still have some standards.

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