Cyril Smith [2]


On the subject of Fat Nonces, whom even an xxxxxxxxxl size would not fit, the Independent Police Commission is FINALLY carrying out an investigation into the misdeeds of that fat pervert Cyril Smith.

Admissions emerging that not were plod ordered to release him when he was first arrested, but then threatened under the official secrets act and made to hand over all evidence that would have sent the fat bastard and his accomplices down for a very long time.

The downfall of one very fat MP of a party which had its fair share of perverts would of course not make headlines for long, so one must assume that there were bigger fish caught in the investigation.

The cunts who ordered the cover up need to be named and shamed

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6 thoughts on “Cyril Smith [2]

  1. What puzzles me is that none of his victims managed to escape.

    Outrunning that fat cunt would be a piece of piss.

  2. As well as physically and sexually abusing kids in care homes, Smith was also in the pocket of the asbestos factory in his constituency, and even rubbished claims of asbestosis in Parliament years after the link had been established.

    Started as Labour, moved to Liberal when he realised there was more chance of being selected as a candidate.

    What a total fucking cunt.

  3. Named, shamed then fucking jailed for conspiracy to defeat the ends of justice. Fucking criminal cunts !!!

  4. Its kind of ironic that the Independent Police Commission will only look into the matter once the nonce is dead, the 1,000 suspicions, 1,000 complaints and hundreds coming forward just isn’t enough to catch a high profile nonce cunt, Its too big of a bother for the International Pedo-Police Cunts too busy looking at the “evidence” and fapping to the abuse pictures. (If i was one of the abused) I would get pissed off at them(the media also) if they are just starting to look at it now, What utter bullshit.

  5. Jim Fixed it for me he made my dream a reality of being a dairy farmer I got to milk cows blindfolded , then he sent a copy of his book God will’ fix to me to blot out any repressed memories

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