Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe


Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is a hybrid lackey of the hidden and controlling psycho 1% that give orders to our libtard government party politician cunts. Hogan-Howe plays an essential role in preserving political correctness on the streets of Britain, ever stepping up surveillance to undermine freedoms and increasing the vigilance of members of the public by PC thought control to snitch on their neighbours in the name of security.

Hogan-Howe’s patch is UK capital city London. His remit is to maintain London as a multicultural cesspool. Compliant survival of the fittest (all take, take take libtard idiot retarded liberal capitalist/socialism drone citizens). London libtard drones must labour for the elite 1% and their lackey gofers. All profits of their labour go to the 1%. All taxes on their labour go to the creature comfort costs of citizens who are unemployed and without labour.

It all works with the help of “his men” (metropolitan police officers). If you wish to apply to become one of Hogan-Howe’s officers, any interest to learn common law or ambition to serve and protect the public is not needed. You will be told the Met is not a police force and you are unsuitable for service training. The Met prefers recruits that show an interest to learn statute law or have aptitude for public security. You will be told the Met is a police service and you are suitable for force training.

Bernard Hogan-Howe – utter psycho police pig cunt.

Nominated by: Expose Libtard Cunts

23 thoughts on “Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

  1. I don’t agree.
    He’s not perfect (what copper is)? However, he is the first senior policeman who isn’t afraid of getting tough on criminals and especially the main problems of society, such as drugs, immigration, terrorism.
    I personally found his stance on stripping radicalised Muslim proto-terrorsist very encouraging
    Sorry E.L.C. Can’t agree with you on cunting him.

  2. Jimmy Saville supplied him with “presents” for his devotion to the Royalist Economic Elite.

    • Would you care to elaborate on that somewhat nebulous statement?
      Also, please clarify for me, just exactly what, is the “Royal economic elite”.
      You see, I’m tempted to think its just more conspiracy theory bullshit. (but open to being educated) 🙂

        • Seriously? David Icke is a fucking cunt (who needs cunting)
          He is a snake oil seller, no better than those ministers you see on American evangelist TV channels asking for money to save your soul.

          He has changed his “theories” more times than John Barrowman has swallowed cock.
          First it was the end of the World on 1997, then Reptilians, then it was the Moon is a spaceship, then it was the Moon is a mind control device, then it was Saturns Rings doing the mind control.
          Then instead of being Reptilians it became “demonic entities outside of visible light”
          He gave a talk in 1996 which I attended and he gave some good info about the truth about money and the New World Order Agenda (like it or not, this is happening and is TRUE) but all his other crackpot bullshit is to make money, 25 books in 25 years, £60 a ticket to see him at Wembley, buy his DVD’s, books and sign up to his newsletter then of course he crowd funded lie of The Peoples Voice. over £400,000 officially raised when the target was £100,000 for a years costs, the place shut down within 2 months, and that des not include the private donations made via Paypal/Bitcoin etc

          He is like a pied piper (much like Russell Brand) who is hoovering up and confusing people who realise that there is ‘something wrong with the World and the reality we live in’

          But that’s a whole other discussion

          Anyway, CUNT DAVID ICKE, for being a cunt, a deceiver, a liar and a fucking money grabbing whore

  3. I was kind of hoping that the Holy book would provide some insight that did not involve mind domination and human -alien breeding programmes by extra-terrestrial lizards from the planet zarg

      • its a reworking of the old testament and parts of the new but its such a obvious copy but with harsher rules like cuttting cunts up before sex, pedophilla is encouraged so is goat fucking, beheadings to encourage people to convert, pretty sick religion if you ask me. Christopher hitchens critique of it is very spot on , also Martin Luther says some interesting details on the evils of islam BTW this hogan ho looks like he wearing a suit designed by scientology cunts then again most uk uniforms look like they were designed by the seaorg

  4. Icke is a lunatic cunt (and he was a shit goalie)….

    Told you Chelsea fan Richard Barklie was/is a cunt… The Paddy Prick is now squirming since he was caught bang to rights pushing a black man from a Paris train… Barklie now claims that he pushed the man because ‘The train was full’… I’ve been on many packed trains, tube trains and Metrolink trams, but I’ve never felt the need to push anyone off… No matter how crowded it is (or how annoying people are!)… This pathetic, racist fuckwit isn’t even man enough to admit he did it, even though he is on CCTV And spare us the ‘I am not a racist and I do oodles of charidee work’ bullshit.. Sometimes one can just smell a cunt a mile away, and this slimy toad definitely fits the billl..

    No lover of Tottingham (as Ossie Ardiles used to say), but I hope they twat Chelsea and that sour faced cunt, Mourinho, today…

  5. I’ve just been blocked by Chris Spiveys site for pointing a number of anomalies in his claims about the Glasgow Bin Lorry incident. He really can’t handle criticism.

    • Spivey, colemanexperience, Max Farquar, how to be a complete bastard…. Just some of the sites I’ve been blocked on for not towing the ‘party line’

      I was even blocked by a CofE Bishop when I disagreed with him on his web site. I wasn’t being rude or offensive with any of them. Just reasoned debate. Guess reason doesn’t count?

      Welcome to the club.

      • I’ve been banned from Spivey’s site too. Maybe it’s something to do with my screen name? I mean, we all know that the Cromwell Street murders didn’t happen – it was a hoax staged by crisis actors designed to whip up hatred against illiterate serial-killing patio builders…

        • oh come on you don’t actually believe that do you why would would he commit suicide if he didn’t kill and rape children , face it fred west and rose are sick paedo cunts , i understand your using it as satire, but i’m open to theorys maybe he was a patsy and some paedo ring/shadow group is really responsible it all smells too cunty to me

  6. Philip Collins
    Short arsed mouthy little cunt from Genesis.
    I admit to liking Genesis up until I saw this twatty fucker singing ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ in an ill-fitting jacket on TOTP. I remember wondering who the fuck was on my tv at the time and on closer inspection, it was this cunt. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. I was so shocked and stunned by this unashamed act of disgusting blasphemy I’ve only just recovered thirty years or so later. He has since gone on to more cuntery worthy of all Big Brother/ I’m a Celeb shitheads put together. The man is a crime against nature.

    • Gabriel was the main man in Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway is their masterpiece).. That awful song Collins did with the lad from Earth Wind & Fire was also one of pop music’s more dubious moments. Not to mention the Prince/1999 rip-off (Sussudio) and the staggeringly hypocritical ‘Another Day In Paradise’. And as for glamorising and romanticizing a Great Train Robber who allegedly clobbered train driver, Jack Mills , in the diabolical Buster…. Well…

    • Oh Phil Collins deserves a monumental cunting, not only for his crimes against music, that’s surely a given, but also for his one memorable ‘acting’ role playing loveable crook Buster Edwards in the 1998 film ‘Buster’
      He is a monumental cunt who soon fucked off to Switzerland once he made a few quid with those bunch of fucking cretins ‘Genesis’.
      To add insult to injury his fucking daughter is now turning up claiming to be an actress, nothing to do with your Dad being Phil Collins is it?

      There was only one ‘true’ Phil Collins and may he RIP

      • Against All Odds was shit too (the song and the film)… I wanted to give Rachel Ward one though…

        Collins is indeed a cunt, but Tony Banks of Genesis seems to be an even bigger cunt… Ask Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett…

  7. Very good point on u can’t hurry love. No one likes a cover. Too karaoke for most.

  8. ….and what of the streaky fucker, Rutherford? He is on record as saying, and I quote, “Not a good writer, (Hackett), no, not a good writer. Good player, though”.
    A bit rich from the man who penned “Snowman” and other absurd shite. Hackett’s output in the first year alone of leaving Genesis surpasses anything the three other tossers did in the next 30 years. Cunts.

  9. anybody with a doubled barreled surname called bernard has got to be a total cunt

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