Giles Fraser


I am absolutely staggered to find that the unutterable cunt Giles Fraser has never been nominated.

Hardly a fucking day goes by without the fatuous moon-faced gurning cunt picking up an appearance fee from the BBC on Radio 4 when they want some cunt to blether, without need of being prompted, mealy-mouthed lefty platitudes to convince us that God votes Labour, Jesus takes the Guardian, UKIP are the spawn of the Devil and The Tories are slaughtering the Firstborn all over again by way of the – wait for it -”cuts”.

Surely no other cunt has ever launched a career with so little talent entirely on the basis that he got sacked for not doing the job he was hired for.

Christ, what a cunt!

Nominated by: Jack Savage

13 thoughts on “Giles Fraser

  1. hear is an interesting statistic ” 3 out of every 4 members of the holy roman church are paedo cunts who abuse their power” , now i know why the church is against abortion because how are you suppose to rape kids when people aren’t having kids , priests love to ruin the insides of little children what a bunch of cunts, father? Sons of the devil is more like it.

  2. Religion, what a fucking joke.
    Ever wondered why people kneel down to pray? It’s so the Priest can fuck their mouth easier.

  3. I somehow wonder what these “Holy Rollers” are paid for. Certainly not to preach the gospels to their (diminishing) congregations. The problem with the the Church and especially the Church of Rome, is that it tends to forget that its shamen are merely flesh and blood and denied the opportunity of a damn’ good shag, they turn to porking choir boys. (All of course dating back to the ages when the church was a major landowner and didn’t fancy its priests having families which would inherit the land).
    what I find hard to forgive as regards both the CofE and the Catholic church, is the acts of the inquisition, the decimation of other cultures, the witch trials and the centuries of buggering and abusing kids. Note that the Pope and his gang of frock wearing cunts have never apologised for ANY of those crimes.
    Sanctimonious cunts.

  4. Look you cunts, there’s no point indulging in indiscriminate cunting, it has to be relelevant to the cunting in hand, and you cunts can’t just go cunting willy nilly all over the shop like a bunch of cunts.
    Giles Frazer is the cunt in question, and a questionable cunt he is too. When the Occupy movement chose to camp outside St Pauls he rose to fame by resigning from his job in support of their meaningless protest. Since then he has popped up all over the place apparently in a tireless bid to turn the church into a secular, left wing pressure group. To be fair, he’s probably a very pleasant sort of cunt who would help you if you were in a jam, but he is still – alas – a cunt.

    • If memory serves, based on the forum rules as stated on the top right corner of the main page, the only way to nominate a cunt to be featureed on the site is to put it as a comment in response to the latest featured cunt (which is why it appears the comments are thread-derailing) and the mods will decide if your cunt is cunty enough to get cunted.

      There is no mention in the rules about your cunt having to be relevant to the cunt whose comment section it appears in.

      • That’s how its been done and will continue to do so Im sure. So, you may need to admit it to all – My Name is Brian, and now Im the cunt

        • Fuck off King Cunt, you can’t even be arsed to make sense. And what’s wrong with full stops? Sharpen up you cunt.

      • I take your point Mr Long Legs. On second thoughts my objection is not regarding the relevance of the cunting in question but the scope. If you start cunting religion then you have cunted about 85% of the world population. That is cunting on an unfeasably large scale. That sort of cunting is unprecedented as far as I am aware. Where will it end? The animal kingdom? physical matter itself?
        “I nominate Hydrogen atoms for a cunting cos the fuckers get everywhere”. Its a slippery slope.

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