Sandra Lambert


Sandra Lambert is the cunt who manages of 149 Jobcentres and a self-proclaimed lifestyle guru…

She was thick enough send a tweet in which she awarded a Texas style sherriff’s badge to Jobcentres in the midlands for upholding their DMA decision rate… A DMA means a referral to a Jobcentre ‘decision maker’ to process a benefit sanction. It is the second time in recent months a DWP manager has been exposed praising their staff for hitting benefit sanction targets ..

Sandra Lambert should be fucking unemployed. That’d teach the cunt…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. There seems to be an ever-increasing number of lifestyle gurus these days. I’ve seen Offices, Colleges and other workplaces plastered with cracker-barrel motivational philosophy in the form of “inspirational quotes”. One FE establishment I visited recently, had them painted on the walls. Mindless, patronising shibbeloths, designed to infuriate those unfortunate enough to have to work in their shadow and on those grounds, motivational speakers and their bullshit deserve a cunting all to themselves.
    Sandra Lambert of course is not only a prime example of this plague of patronisation, but also a vindictive bully in the way she treats staff and those unfortunate enough to have to make benefit claims.
    I’d agree with Norman, a year of being unemployed and having to live in one of the worst council estates in the North would benefit her sense of social justice and perhaps get some of the blubber off her

    • Cherie blair and tony twat had some fenshui or whatever guru and were always writing out cheques for x£1000s.Wish I could land a million pound job telling people to move their furniture from one side of the fucking bedroom to the other.Perhaps I should ask down at the job centre.I sometimes think when some tit wins the euromillions and vows to keep their menial office job and continue living in brookside with a new ford fiesta that forget the exotic holidays ,stable of super cars and big houses home and abroad no what I think is that if I won I would never have to step into one of those vile job centre shit pits ever again and that’s fine by me.

  2. Q: What’s the difference between Sandra Lambert and a Walrus?

    A: One has got a moustache and smells of fish. While the other one is a creature that lives in the sea…

  3. Must be comforting for her to know that if her lifestyle guru gig hits the rocks, she could always find employment as a Jabba the Hutt impersonator. How could she possibly advise others on their lifestyle, when her own has made her bigger than the fucking iceberg that sank Titanic?

  4. Have to admire the speed at which the IS boys saw through the back of the poor cunt’s neck in their beheading videos. Ms Lambert would slow them down a bit judging by the girth of her Gregory.

  5. Remember the old Peter Sellers gag: ‘The Fuhrer is alive and living in Kate Smith’

    Osama is alive and living in Sandra Lambert….

  6. Seems like it’s worth cunting IDS again on the basis of this. Not that IDS can ever be cunted often enough…

  7. Ian Duncan Smith requires a cunting of the most epic proportions imaginable. Much as I loathe and despise Islamic extremists, these pair are truly deserving of having their throats slit slowly and the resulting video posted online.
    So “Jihad John”, show us you have some balls and are not just a goat-shagging kiddie-fiddler and put these two out of our collective misery in the name of Allah

  8. Lambert looks like a cross between Mrs Puff from Spongebob Squarepants and the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock…

    Celebrity Big Brother is a veritable cuntfest… Katie ‘Broomstick’ Hopkins, Calum ‘I wish I had my dad’s looks and talent’ Best, Katy ‘Any Which Way You Can’ Price, Patsy ‘Starfucker’ Kensit, Perez ‘Embodiment of the modern celebrity cunt’ Hilton and Keith ‘Still an irritating Scouse cunt’ Chegwin….

  9. Ignore the above comment as I made a mistake which has now been rectified

    I offer up as a nomination for your delectation GABBY LOGAN

    Daughter of Terry Yorath, this former gymnast is now a ‘luvie’ of that left wing broadcaster the BBC. She can be seen presenting everything on the BBC from ‘Match Of The Day’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Final Score’ to the classics on ITV such as ‘Splash’ & who could forget her own short lived show on Channel 5 ‘Live With Gabby’. you would be forgiven for not knowing this show as only 3 viewers ever tuned in.
    Basically this cunt would present the opening of a public toilet just to get on TV.
    However, what makes her total ‘cunt’ material is her well documented tax avoidance (not hearsay but FACT) & I am sure if any journalist had the balls to investigate her ‘Logan Foundation’ they would find even more ‘tax avoiding scams’
    People like her make my fucking blood boil, she sucks public money from the BBC and is well rewarded for her bland presenting, yet she deems this not to be reward enough & so engages in the usual ‘media types’ scams to avoid tax. Every hard working person in the land pays tax and so should she, especially when she is sucking at the teat of ‘Aunty Beeb’.
    People like her should be banned from ever working at the publicly funded BBC & be forced to repay every pay cheque she has ever received the thieving cunt.

    As if this was not a good enough case for a true cunting I fail to see what is…But, let us not forget she is married to Kenny Logan, that lard arsed lummox of a cunt who used to play Rugby for Scotland & her father was that Welsh cunt Terry Yorath, another nondescript sportsman (footballer) who is associated with the second shitest city in the UK after Liverpool, that’s right, fucking Leeds.

    • You display a cunting so stupid that a straight-jacket is warranted.

      In my opinion Gabby Logan made a mistake a few years back by joining Channel 5 to present a discussion and magazine show following The Wright Stuff named as Live with Gabby. Didn’t last long. because it was a bollocks idea that dumbed down the drone viewers.

      Nothing wrong with a little diversion and fun cunting for your most disliked TV presenter or retard celebrity if you know how the media works. But you don’t, moron, so don’t insult my intelligence and fuck off.

      Gabby Logan comes from a successful sporty family. I believe her father was a professional footballer and went into football club management as a manager of a team I cannot recall. Gabby went into gymnastics, and was good enough, having represented the UK at some such late 1980s Olympic event I can’t recall. But she had to retire at age 17 because of some such physical disability I again don’t recall.

      She is well educated and knows her sport so chose a career as sports presenter instead, (Beginning on local radio, I think). Gabby Logan was one of a small number of female sports presenters to have made the transition to terrestrial television. Eventually snapped up by the BBC. Gabby Logan speaks drivel sometimes, just as the higher paid sports presenters Clare Balding or Sue Barker do. For the BBC to get value from her she is under contract to do stand ins and guest appearances on other BBC shows. And I do believe she also writes regularly for The Times newspaper.

      As for tax avoidance, good luck to her. Everyone should do likewise. The fucking government only wastes our tax monies and steals way way too much from us all rich or poor.

      If only people get as agitated about party politicians and banks robbing us blind, or their children’s future in a permanently depressed economy, or the innocent people in faraway lands being killed by the US-Israel led Axis of Evil, or the coming wars with Iran, Syria, (and maybe Russia & China), or the fact that our elementary school kids are being forced to learn of the joys of homo-anal sex. What a pathetic losers most bloggers are!

      • “Nothing wrong with a little diversion and fun cunting for your most disliked TV presenter or retard celebrity if you know how the media works”

        Ditto if you know how this site works. Now who’s the moron?

        • I am talking about the perception – deception of all media information. For instance, that you identify yourself with the Fred West, only you know why. That I identify myself as against authority worshipping (politically correct), so called ‘eduducated’ liberals (aka libtards) only I know why.

          I do know how this site works against all who are cunts and morons, but some cunts and morons also actually do some good for humanity. That most of us don’t want to know this because we find it hard to understand things such as cognitive dissonance which can make us all say or write moronic things.

          Ditto That you may think I am a moron is true for you, but not necessary true for another. I think you are a moron but know you think it is not true.

          Which makes me what I am: good and bad.

  10. So exactly what “good for humanity” has Gabby Logan performed?
    Presenting ‘The One Show’ whilst Alex Jones is off on a ‘BBC funded jolly’ for the BBC’s Red Nose Day?
    Maybe she secretly dresses up as Santa Claus and goes to St Ormond St hospital to give presents to the sick children?
    Maybe she is brokering a peace deal between the Israelis & Palestinians?

    No she is sitting on her ass getting paid extortionate amounts for keeping morons like you entertained and oblivious whilst obviously avoiding tax at every opportunity.

    Maybe you should rename yourself ‘I’m A Retarded Cunt’?

    • I think Logan is a libtard and potential game for a cunting. I also think you are a libtard, and like all libtards you are vipers and scorpions degenerating each other. Read my reply to Fred West above and know my motivations for exposing you for what I think you are – a fucking stupid hypocritical blogger, therefore a libtard.

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