Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeves fake

Rachel Reeves is an utter band wagon jumping, uneducated, knee jerk reactionary moron, and soon to be tunnel cunted fuckwit.

You’re a typical ‘I invented motherhood therefore all should yield before me’ stasi politico witch.

And no, you fucking stupid cunt, you can’t represent the people of Leeds west and be mother, so you better step your ass down at the next election. Typical socialist war cry, I want the right to have kids and I demand you pay for and look after them whilst I have my ego trip. Rest assured she will be after the patron sainthood of the too posh to push brigade.

Fucking mendacious cunt.

Nominated by: The Captain

15 thoughts on “Rachel Reeves

  1. almost got the whole hand in the cunt , this feminist is poison she believes shes some kind of divine goddess and any man who looks at her funny is evil and has to immediately apologize or gets cunted to death with her teeth in her cunt

  2. CAGE are hereby cunted for being despicable apologists for terrorist cunts. In fact, I’m going to leave it there because their own website cunts themselves more effectively than I ever could: http://www.cageuk.org/

    Do you know this website, Lez…?

    • oh god not another one , a new one pops up everyday another islam is peace website, it doesn’t exactly say that but its no doubt funded/cunted by muzzles , as soon as I saw the article Jihadi John: “‘Radicalised’ by Britain” i thought fuck are these cunts evil this terrorist kills 9 journalists and responsible for beheading 21 Syrian soldiers and possibly others and they say we are being too hard on him? If anything the papers made him into a cunting superstar and gave him and his followers The Jihad Beatles moniker i mean we sold out our cuntry along time ago the Queen has been selling us by the pound with these evil cunts Emwazi(Jihadi John real name) was “extremely kind and gentle”, “the most beautiful young man”, “the most humble young person that I ever knew”.” Said Asim Qureshi, Research Director of CAGE on Mohamed Emwazi’s radicalisation
      Unfucking believable These muzzles need to be deported fast but god knows that won’t happen

    • I had heard of them Fred.
      I was going to remark that they are typical of the left wing liberal breed of braindead cunts who proliferate modern society, but I think you are right, they are not even worthy of an extra cunting

      • On second thoughts, after seeing how much they’ve leeched of the Rowntree foundation, they and especially that odious little cunt Asim Qureshi deserve a special cunting. I will pen a suitable nomination for consideration shortly

  3. I watched this stupid fucking tranny on Question Time last night, spouting absolute bollocks in bass-baritone.

  4. Sepp Blatter is the most arrogant cunt in the world. Who the fuck does he think he is? Louis XIV? The emperor of fucking football?

    Apparently European clubs provided 75% of the players at the last World Cup. Why don’t they simply refuse permission for their employees to play in this corrupt reptile’s shitty competition? Better yet, UEFA should simply leave FIFA and start their own competition – the World Trophy perhaps. Like to see those FIFA cunts’ faces when they realise that the flow of European money that pays for their 5-star, first class lifestyles has been cut off. Fucking bastards.

    Pity that cunt Jihadi John didn’t meet Blatter in the Middle East. Christ, I fucking hate that utter, utter cunt.

  5. What the fuck? I’ve had THREE posts disappear from this site now. What the fuck is going on?

    • No idea, QDM. Might be booted out by the spam filter. Normally this only applies to post with more than 2 links but it might be something else. Spam filter has been changed recently. Used to get hundreds of spams a day in a big list so probably would have picked up anything that shouldn’t be there anyway but now it just disappears into spam and vanishes so I can’t hunt through and look for stuff.

      Email me a copy of what you tried to post at dioclese@gmail.com and I’ll take a look…

      • I didn’t actually make any copies. I’ve never had this problem before, so I didn’t think about making copies. For future reference though.

        • after you write whatever copy and save , if it doesn’t show right away good chance it was taken as spam or your email settings are screwed up

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