Jack Whitehall


Jack Whitehall is a monumental cunt.

I am not sure why it is he continues to appear on BBC shows, now with one of his own with his fucking Dad.

He cannot put a sentence out without mentioning “oh did you know I was Posh “?

This cunt is nothing more than a fuck puppet for mincers such as Graham Norton and he and his dad need to now fuck right off out of here.

Nominated by: King Cunt

18 thoughts on “Jack Whitehall

    • In fact, according to Wiki:

      Jack Peter Benedict Whitehall

      Siblings: Molly Louisa Whitehall, Barnaby William Whitehall

      Seems to me like the entire family should be cunted on the basis of their names alone.

  1. Yes right you are Fred. Its me that deserves the cunting now. I am a cunt.

    Though be he Jack or Jake, It does not deter from the fact that he is a complete and utter cunt.. And his dads a fucking cunt as well for having, naming and keeping the siblings.

    • listen to Tism’s song I might be a cunt but i’m not a Fucking cunt as punishment or as therapy , but jake whitehall is a unfunny cunt who steals other peoples stand up routine and jokes he hids his guilt with cocaine and noncery , hes only famous cause his dad was a film actor agent who had judi dench and colin firth as his manager so its good he got cunted for bringing these cunts to fame

  2. And his mum is one of the biggest agents in the UK. I wonder if that’s been a factor in his success? I’m sure it’s simply down to his glowing talent. Jesus.

  3. Headline…………….Three UK schoolgirls ‘travelling to Syria’

    Good fucking riddance. Fucking stupid cunts, hopefully they get treated like the fucktards they deserve to be by the retarded cunts that are ISIS.

    What a trio of spastics. One can only hope they are shot dead before they get a chance to procreate.

    • Makes you wonder at the stupidity of these teen idiots. Fuck knows what their family are thinking now. Still they are going over there to become freedom fighters for the Islamic cause and will probably end up being married off to some sweaty terrorist, have 5 kids in swift succession and be worn out by the time they are 30.
      There is an irony here, those who live by the sword die by the pork sword.

    • Or bullseyed by an airstrike. What I want to know, is why cunts like this aren’t charged with treason when they’re arrested for trying to sneak back into Britain? I mean, they hold British passports, which means that legally, they are British citizens. And since they’ve been fighting/working for the enemy, they are traitors. So why isn’t that useless cow of a DPP charging them with treason?

    • Deport all of their families back to Shitistan. Who gives a fuck if they have english passports, and bollocks to the fact that one can’t be ‘stateless’.

      If they want to fight for an unrecognised bunch of cunts then they should be forced to rescind their citizenship and take citizenship of the Mad mullahs sand covered Islamist shit hole. And as they are under 16, their families are cunts and they should be forcibly ejected to Syria.

  4. Cunts like those ‘three schoolgirls’should be wiped out… Fucking killershaggers….

    Stan Collymore is a club class cunt…. Twitter eh? Where else can you be preached at on the rights and wrongs in football and the world by a wife beating, dogging cunt?

  5. Those three schoolgirl cunts should be wiped out cunt. Jack whitehall…Funny cunt I find but getting a bit old.

  6. The fat cunt is useless he also sounds like a turburgling cunt
    jack whiteturdburgler

  7. Can’t Fucking stand this Cunt. What hurts more is knowing that he is dating Gemma Chan. I get that she wants to be famous, but there must be more deserving people out there? She can do so much better. My only hope is that she is manipulating him to suit her ends. Also, he is dubbed the king of comedy. Where did this Fucking title come from?

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