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Sony Pictures are a bunch of cunts. They produce a film that is so crap that nobody wants to watch it (see Scaryducks review here) and then manufacture their own cyber attack to publicise it and make people want to rush out and see it.

Then as a result the CIA decide to launch a cyber attack on North Korea’s internet system pushing the world closer to global nuclear war.

The end of the world as we know it? Possibly – but what the fuck! We got people to watch our shit film.

What a bunch of greedy, short sighted, self centred, money grubbing cunts!

Nominated by: Dioclese

31 thoughts on “Sony Pictures

  1. Doubt the population would be affected by an internet outage.
    Sony are irresponsible idiots, although managing to offend people on a large scale has been done quite successfully by Mel Gibson with his “Agony of Christ” film (or whatever it was called and by the spoof on the life of Mohammed, which annoyed the muzzies somewhat.

    • Unfortunately, I feel that succeeding in pissing off the muzzies somewhat goes a fair way towards making up for the other crap…

    • annoying muzzies is too easy, yeah muzzies can never take a fucking joke or have any humour what so ever, sony probably did attack itself or let CIA or FBI took over then some screwy shit happened which somehow involved lizard sqaud and other DDoS’ers and wannabe hacks , also this movie looks like another shitty seth rogen movie how does the movie companies keep letting seth rogen and franco keep pumping out pineapple express clones same type of stupid humour for humourless cunts , it was also to high of a budget , it was also suppose too feature cameos by cunt waif celebrities , imagine getting payed 10,000 thousand dollars for not even being in the movie corrupt movie industry cunts

  2. Actually worked for Sony once, tho’ not Sony Pictures.

    Sony UK management are total cunts IMHO

  3. Most corporate managers are cunts. In my many years on this tired planet, one thing I’ve learned is that to be a manager, you have to wear a cunts mask and the higher up the corporate tree you climb, the more the mask becomes part of you.
    I left a (fairly well) known advertising firm before I became a corporate cunt

  4. Their famous Walkmans were the most overrated, overpriced and last five minutes shite too… The tape Walkman was bad, but the CD Walkman was even worse… Del Boy flogged better crap than that…

  5. Posted this as a cunting as soon as the story broke but not alas picked up. Perhaps a bit out orf date now but not without merit:

    Sony are surrender monkey cunts (that is Saru no seiki o hōki in Japanese you slit eyed cunts). What a fucking shower I ask you. Nippo san in Tokyo gets a severe dose orf the shites just because a bunch orf pimply arsed wankers have hacked a few obviously accurate emails (any scummy arsehole private investigator working for a Murdoch newspaper can do that for Christ’s sake). Then threaten dire consequences if some crap adolescent film having a laugh about our dear leader Kim Wrong-un is not pulled. Inform the hacker cunts that they are disabled toilets and fuck orf or we’ll set Uncle Wadders on ’em.

    Classic example orf how to give power to the tosser Dave brigade. They make a few absurd threats and the world goes crazy. Media frenzy feeding media frenzy. Internet bollocks. They only have the power that the likes orf Sony and Obama give to them. It was ever thus. Recall in me time working in East Germany in the good old commie days (title for a song there Chas?) all the commie cunts and general populace were slinking around terrified orf saying or doing anything that could mark their cards at commie central. They thought everyone else was an agent orf the State. When the whole commie edifice went belly up a trawl through the millions of files left behind identified only about 100,000 state security cunts (Stasi) to eavesdrop upon and control a population orf over 16.5million. The people controlled themselves through fear.

    Now this whole troll/hacker nonsense does not even benefit from the hands on of a bunch orf kraut commie thugs. Just a few wanking sickos in a basement making anonymous threats over the internet. My main regret is that since Sony pulled the film, sportsmen like ourselves have lost what little prospect there was orf seeing the threatened kinemas packed full with the target audience orf wanking yank teenagers get blown to fuck. And that is a pity.

    • Sorry, Limply. Don’t know what happened to the original. Would certainly have used it.
      This comment was caught in the ‘tosser Dave’ filter and I released it as soon as I spotted it.

  6. Anyway me principal reason for coming orn the site was to observe that the fucking airwaves are full orf glutinous shite streams eulogising some football fucker name orf Gerard. “Legend is inadequate to describe him” and similar toss. Well an old Anglo Saxon epithet equal to the job comes to mind that is familiar to us all. Sure I have no need to spell it oit (would not wish to be cast into moderation again).

  7. Priince Andrew back in the news again, for the wrong reasons…
    I always wondered why he could have his pick of the birds, yet he married a munter like Fergie….

    Still, if this latest story has any legs it will restore the title of Randy Andy and it will be really big fish to fry….

    • Interesting to see how it pans out. Either Randy Andy has been corrupted by smoozing with too many oily Sheiks or the ambulance chasing yank lawyers are trying it on.

      • I think it has something to do with that convicted nonce, Jeffrey Epstein, who was a mate of Andrew and his pet woofer, Fergie….

        Steven Gerrard is a cunt.. This overrated, never won a league title, DJ bashing (albeit mob handed) scouse cunt is being eulogized all over the shop as he has announced his decision to leave Liverpool FC… Greatest LFC player of all time? Anyone who says that is a cunt… I am no Pool fan. But everyone knows that Kenny Dalglish was their best ever…

        • Norman’s right – anyone who partied with notorious kiddy-fiddler Epstein will have done mountains of Bolivian marching powder and numerous underage girls.

  8. Not had him down as a Kiddie Fiddler I must admit, however, the house of Windsor have had their fair share of scandal over the past years.
    As for Fergie, can only assume HRH was doing his bit for equality and diversity by bringing a bit of Ginger into the family.

      • Some yank jasper name orf Epstein is alleged by a gang orf yank lawyers orf procuring under age girls for the rich and famous. I quote:

        According to the motion, Epstein’s clients included “many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.” The alleged victim accuses Epstein of requiring the women he gave to powerful individuals to “describe the events” with them “so that he could potentially blackmail them.”

      • Don’t have much time for the Royals, but I must confess to being amused at Harry’s pranks.

      • I disagree Norman – Harry is the spitting image of Diana’s sisters’ kids, so there was obviously ginger in her side of the family. The Hewitt theory is amusing but false.

        • I wonder..
          The urban myth is kept alive by the somewhat uncanny resemblance he has to Hewitt, ginger hair aside.

  9. Sandra Lambert is a cunt…. Lambert is the manager of 149 Jobcentres and a self-proclaimed lifestyle guru… She was thick enough send a tweet in which she awarded a Texas style sherriff’s badge to Jobcentres in the midlands for upholding their DMA decision rate… A DMA means a referral to a Jobcentre ‘decision maker’ to process a benefit sanction. It is the second time this month a DWP manager has been exposed praising their staff for hitting benefit sanction targets ..

    Sandra Lambert should be fucking shot….

    • The woman is as vile as Esther Mc Vey.
      Lifestyle guru? No but definitely someone with sociopathic leanings. Anyone who can derive the pleasure she does from her actions has to be.

  10. Call yourself what you want, but the cunt at IP address (you know who you are and so do we) would be well advised to fuck off right now. You have been warned.

    • Nice one… These trolling cunts think it’s great fun: poking someone with a stick and gobbing off online… As they think they are safe and untouchable behind their keyboard full of spunk stains and cheesy wotsit crumbs…. But it’s a different story when some big angry bastard (or two, or three, or four) is banging on their door wanting to ‘have a word’…
      It has been done before (to more elusive, bigger and uglier people than this little turd!) and it can be done again….

  11. I have no intention of watching this flick. I watched these Franco and Rogen in This Is The End, and I wish I fucking hadn’t. The only bright side was that I didn’t have to pay, otherwise I would have embarked upon a Hulk like rampage across San Antonio (which is where I was I watched it. There isn’t a word in the English language to adequately describe exactly how shite that movie was.

  12. I nominate “1 billion lumen, brighter than my high-beams, brighter than the sun, ow my eyes are burning, inconsiderate LED headlights-using cunts”.

    “Retinas? Who needs retinas? Retinas are for pussies!”……… cunts.

    Even worse is when these fucking shit lords drive around in the day time with their LED headlights/fog lights on. Hey Chuckle Fuck! The sun has got his hat on…… and his ray bans …… and he’s squinting because of you you cunt!

  13. I hear Sony are flogging off their share of the Lennon & McCartney song catalogue… As long as that musical antichrist, Simon Cowell, doesn’t get his disgusting hands on it….

  14. Sony have a special department that carefully monitors which of their products people actually like, so they can discontinue them and replace them with utter shit.

    Prove me wrong.

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