The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him)


I’d like to nominate Muhammed the prophet, aka Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn Abd Allāh ibn Abd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim, as a cunt.

Not because he raped an eight year old girl, as that’s pretty much par for the course for politico/religious types, but because I have to queue for half an hour at the fucking airport security in case one of his bum-boys wants to crash me into a skyscraper in his name, and cos I have to buy a half litre of water in the boarding area for two fucking quid, or stick a bottle under the dribbling piss-stained hot-water tap in the Luton airport bogs.

Nominated by: Silly Bercow

19 thoughts on “The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him)

  1. Can’t agree more. While we are at it let’s cunt the deity, Allah- total cunt among all deities.. Only Woden exists. Anyone who disagrees gets their noddle lopped orf…..

  2. Get your facts right mister. Mohammed (peace be upon him) was a cute and sweet little Arab boy. He was an innocent illiterate dunce all his life because of a severe genetic disorder caused by his father’s evil corruption.

    So I blame Mohammed’s parents.

    Mohammed’s father (Muham-mad) was a narcissistic psychopath. He was also a sick paedophile pervert that prayed on little girls. He also sodomised animals, baby camels in particular. Muhammad fucked all his sister siblings and married his youngest sister when she was aged 8. When his son Mohammed was aged 12, Muhammad forced him to pretend he had written, by word of Allah, a book called The Koran.

    This book was written by a wannabe famous Arab scholar who was into pseudo-science fiction. The sick pervert Muhammad sold a heard of stolen camels to this scholar in exchange for perpetual copyright of the Koran story.

    Muhammad also went on to invent the Burka religious garment and advocated it be used to subdue women.

    The rest is now history.

  3. So, basically what you are saying, is that if Mohammed’s parents had bought him an xbox, taken him on holiday and taught him that raping, looting, beheading, stoning and pretending to be the Jean Paul Gaultier of Arab fashion design was very very naughty, he might have grown up into a very nice, if dim, young man?

  4. Don’t get yer knickers in a twist, me Lud.

    Basically what I am saying is people are confusing Mohammed the son and Muhammad the father.

    Whether with or without good parental guidance the innocent boy son grew up and became a Muslim cunt, just like the rest of them. But it was his father that fucked the world with all the Koran and Islam stuff.

    Ask any Muslim fucker: who is their prophet – Mohammed the son or Muhammad the father? The answer from them all will be (or words to that effect): “Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the father of Islam and our prophet”.

      • I know that my Lord; and very good approach satire it is too.

        I posted my miserable response about it primarily for the benefit of the many uneducated dunces that frequent this website.

        • I hope you are not referring to me George. I had the finest education that only an inner city secondary modern could provide. Shame Tipton secondary modern mysteriously burnt down just days after I left to take up gainful employment in the local foundry.

        • you sure your not a ex muzzie cunt in disguise cause you really like muhammud alot enough to defend the cunt , i dont care if its the father the mother or the son or the holy fucking trinity , if his name is muhammud then he is a cunt and my enemy, you muzzies badmouth jesus but his followers aren’t going around like a bunch of cunts beheading people get to your country of origin ungrateful cunt goatfucker

  5. Whichever one it was, we are left with a legacy of a dark ages faith that needs wiping out for the good of humanity

  6. That Ian Paisley was a total cunt. I should have nominated him for the Dead Pool long ago, he has been lucky to escape death for too long.

    I served with my troop in Belfast in 1969, and had the dubious pleasure of meeting Dr No. My lasting impression was, like so many of his compatriots in Belfast, he was a total fucking arsehole, and was the complete personification of a cunt.

    May the devil take his soul……….

  7. While we are at it, why are Moslems such stupid cunts?
    While they are not unique in being taken in by a lying cult leader, (ie Scientologists, Mormons and the sorry rest of them) there seems to be no rational explanation for them wanting to take over civilised countries. Every Islamic country is a shithole of poverty, intolerance, savagery, female abuse, etc etc. So why the fuck do they want to reduce Europe to this? They will be worse off as well as us Infidels. There will be no benefits or housing just public displays of savagery and religious police measuring beards and ensuring women stay indoors.
    Can anyone explain why Moslems are such totally stupid cunts?

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