Costadinos Contostavlos


Costadinos Contostavlos, better known by his stage name Dappy, is a violent retarded chav cunt who can’t seem to grasp living in a modern society where women are not ‘bitches’, ignoring a chav cunt is not ‘disrespek innit’ and dressing like a welfare recipient who has just had a major giro error in their favour is not a fashion statement for turning up in court on ABH charges…again.

The pathetic little prick can’t seem to keep his fists to himself for more than five minutes whenever he gets let out of the secure ward with his gaylord homies (or is that homos?) and unleashes it’s talentless fucktardeness on an unsuspecting population.

And to make it worse, it is the sibling of crap knob gobbler and equally talentless chav spoontard Tulisa.

Stupid, stupid cunts. Their father must be so proud.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

Dappy. Talentless little wannabee gangsta who thinks he’s a member of the crips.
Amazes me that the weedy little Greek managed to throw a punch without being battered senseless. Truly the worst export from Greece since Nana Mousskouri, with the possible exception of his slapper of a cousin.

The boy deserves a one way trip to the showers in D wing

Nominated by: Toadspanker

15 thoughts on “Costadinos Contostavlos

  1. Is it worth cunting Salmond again just to rub the cunt’s snout in his entirely predictable defeat?

  2. Bugger, our best chance to be rid orf the Land orf the Brave with Benefits and we fuck it. Double bugger. The happiest man in jockoland right now is Salmond. The floppy bollocked cunt had a new brown tartan made in case he actually won. His game plan was to up the ante and double bluff his way to defeat whilst finessing the No camp into making cast iron offers orf higher benefits, more devo ect ect all at the expense orf the English. There was no way that Salmond’s mob could actually pay for any orf their lavish promises without English money and Cave in Cameron fell for it. The average jocko punter was canny enough to rumble this and thus kept stumm about real voting intentions.

    No sign orf Salmond pissing orf with his tail between his legs because the gobshite has got what he wanted. Safely tucked up the arse and feeding orf the intestines orf the auld country while playing his favourite game of biting the hand that feeds him. Thus the jockos can go on resenting the English and claiming a great conspiracy against them whilst still picking their pockets.

    Never thought to find meself saying a good word about that paranoid cunt Brown but undoubtedly the jasper shored up the sliding labour vote at a crucial time. Did that then zammo vanishes orf our screens while cunts Milliband and Darling reappear to bask in the afterglow orf victory.

    Did not disclose in previous communiqué me plan B in the event orf a Yes vote. Keep me powder dry ect ect. Can now reveal a hand picked cadre orf suicide cunts dug in in bunkers in strategically situated golf courses acrorss jockoland. Have now effected a recall of some BUT NOT ALL.

    Enjoy your golf Cameron.

    • Hopefully Cameron will play on Trump’s golf course, Sir Limply, then your suicide squad can do away with two cunts for the price of one.

  3. I seem to remember that JM Barrie once was quoted as saying that:
    “There are few more impressive sights than a Scotsman on the make”, referring, (if my history is correct) to the way the Scots flooded into England in 1700 and something after the act of the Union, looking for handouts and good times after they were shafted somewhat royally by the perfidious English.
    Now of course, the Tartan twats don’t even have to bother their lazy arses in flooding into England, as thanks to the stupidity of Cameron and Milliband, will ensure that they will be assured a better deal than had they gone it alone.
    Worst of all, they know they have screwed us over and they will not let us forget it.
    Cannot be long before the Welsh see their opportunity and demand more cash from the UK, home rule and the right to bugger sheep legally

  4. On The Fall orf Salmond

    Alex Salmond has fallen. It is customary for the political classes to come together to heap paens of praise upon their fellows whom they despise the most when they have come a cropper. Such a moment has again come in British political life. It is now Salmond’s turn to drink from that insincere and poisoned chalice as our leaders deliver their eulogeous obituaries. As a student orf history and as one who has lived through many such events in a blessedly long and cuntakerous life, may I add a few thoughts in honour orf the man.

    Salmond, you fuck faced bulging eyed tosser, you have made it your living to dredge up every last racist prejudice from the sullen constituency orf resentful retards that you represent. Over the years you have pandered to their failure and like some jocko Hitler, have nurtured their festering inadequacy into a howling mob and unleashed it upon the English. You promised them a tartan paradise and like so many shite arsed jocko warlords before you have led them to ignominious defeat. Welcome to your Culloden you cunt.

    On occasion you have a certain celtic fluidity with the English language and in the ears of your followers, the facility to turn shite into gold. Only problem is old sport that under the penetrating eye orf the television camera the ready smile and the generous bonhomie that you effect when it suits you is revealed to be as fake as fuck and merely the well worn artifice orf a professional politician. In faith, you come acrorss as a smug cunt. Like any true Scotsman you are the first to take English gold and all the trappings that come with your grace and favour lifestyle.

    Worth noting that the cunt has been on the left wing trot and awkward squad wing orf the SNP and a long time devotee orf the socialist/republican cadre within it, hence Her Majesty’s dismay at any hint orf referendum success. Much has been made orf the cunt’s childless marriage to a woman 17 years his senior and I make no comments over claims orf impotence but I merely observe that that wobbly gut on the cunt coupled with a small cock makes for a simple natural method orf birth control.

    • Sir Limply, a truly masterful analysis. My esteem for you has no bounds. I remain your bondsman and will follow where ever your capricious whim dictates. This cession malarkey is clearly infectious: Tipton has just voted to cede from the union: . Ferrets will replace the gold standard and free pizzas for all Tiptonites. Seriously thinking of buggering off back to the land of my birth to take advantage of all the ‘freebies’ and grab some ancestral land in West Smethwick. Hooray. No, second thoughts best to stay in my 5 bed detached luxury home (with en suite) in Nuzzyland.

      • It’s a very nice house. I’ve seen a picture…

        Better than the shithole I live in. Aaarrrrsseeee……

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