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I humbly nominate Hugh Grant to be included in your esteemed list of cunts. Is there a more fucking doe-eyed fop of a cunt on the planet?

The worst thing is that the Yanks love him and are convinced we’re all a bunch of squint eyed Eton educated mother-loving gooey cunts that wouldn’t say boo to a moose. He steps into my boozer and I’ll twat the embarrassment out of him…cunt!

Nominated by: Fleaboy

3 thoughts on “Hugh Grant

  1. Agreed.

    Hugh Grant is also a stupid cunt for getting caught with ‘Devine’ Brown.

    I mean Jesus tapdancing Christ!
    Who in their right mind would go out and get noshed off by an STD infested skank when you have Liz Hurley waiting at home?

    • Blimey! That takes me back a bit. Divine Brown tossing orf old Hughie in his motor. If memory serves the wankee had his foot on the brake peddle throughout so the LAPD were alerted by his brake lights pulsing away. Dumb cunt. Wonder what has become of her? Probably built a career in show-biz on it or am I too cynical.

      Just for the record here is a nomination:


      So it’s a right game in Glasgow. Commonwealth Games website overwhelmed by “unexpected demand”. Punters wasting hours trying to get on the site then unable to get tickets. Punters trying to book on the phone getting engaged tone then finding they have been billed £100 for the privilege. Sound familiar? London Olympics? You are not wrong. Same yank shower running the show? Correct. Ticketmaster.

      The London tossers were apparently obliged to use the yank cunts because they have some rolling sweet heart deal stitched up with the world governing body. Land the Olympics then you have to use Ticketmaster to flog yer tickets. Not so Glasgow so why use the proven masters orf the fuckup? I smell dodgy jockeys and the big fix. Lay odds that there is plenty of cash in large brown envelopes circulating in certain circles in Glasgow.

      They may have acquired a virtual monopoly on mass spectator events but once again Ticketmaster are revealed as incompetent cunts.

  2. When The Beatles hit America, the yanks thought all “Limeys” talked like Scousers. Then it was The Stones and Michael Caine: and the septics then thought that all English people were cockernee geezers (even though only two Stones were actual Londoners). Now those in the good ol’ US of A think that all “Brits”are like those cunts, Hugh Grant and Piers Moron, and that all English kids are like those plumb talking, swotty little cunts from Harry Potter…

    Ticketmaster are bastards indeed, Sir… So are Get Me In, Viagogo and every other “legal tout”. Of course the rapacious Tory filth see these touting cunts as kindred spirits… The new Culture Secretary (for fucks sake!), Sajid David took the piss when helavished praise on ticket touts as “classic entrepreneurs”: who should be allowed to operate without interference. This Tory oil slick added: “As long as those tickets have been acquired genuinely and lawfully, it is an honest transaction, and there should be no government restriction on someone’s ability to sell them.”

    So this thick, stupid cunt has never heard of the section of the Public Order Act that prohibits the reselling of tickets for football matches… And idiotic bastards like him are given positions of power in Britain?! No wonder the rest of Europe is laughing at us…

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