Nick Faldo


Was going to nominate the cunt of cunts from the snooker world – but given the existence of Judd Trump, Mark Selby, Peter Ebdon and Dennis Taylor, it’s a difficult choice.

So instead I’ll nominate Nick Faldo…

Nominated by: Cuntbag

22 thoughts on “Nick Faldo

  1. Nick Faldo should be buried in the sand with just his head sticking out. Then a giant golf club, man-handled by a crane, should smack his head over the channel to France. That’ll learn the cunt to be so smug.

  2. This is an emergency cunting of newly-convicted kiddie-fiddler (and Alistair Darling lookalike) Max Clifford. The media are referring to him as the “King of Spin”. King of Cunts, more like. If anyone was the physical embodiment of a sinister, dead-eyed paedo cunt, it’s Clifford. A sanctimonious hypocrite who publicly damned Savile when those allegations emerged, Clifford has spent his career claiming the moral highground while simultaneously preying on teenage girls. And any cunt with half a brain could see that most of the “stories” Clifford promoted were fabricated. He damned others for lying, while spending most of his time lying too. Well, now at last there’s good news: his career is over, his company is finished and come Friday this paedo scum is going to be banged up B Wing where he belongs. Come on Clifford, you vile cunt – prove you’re not a coward as well as a paedophile by killing yourself before you’re sentenced, you sad, sick CUNT.

  3. Max Clifford should be hanged. The dirty cunt!
    Makes you wonder though… How many likeminded nonces PR cunt Clifford has protected and hidden over the years…

    • I would suspect that there are a lot more of the maggots to surface yet. In the meantime, Max can carve out a new career as a soap attendant and starfish in B wing’s showers.

  4. That slag, Esther McVey, should be in the cunts hall of fame…

    She started off with a silver spoon in her gob. Then she became an autocue, card reading bimbo for breakfast television. Now she is an MP. She is also Iain Duncan Smith’s bitch and the dolly of the Tory Party Scum…

    McVey is the bitch who openly persecutes the unemployed or anyone who is working class come to that… The woman is filth. Pure Conservative Nazi scum, and a total and utter (and a probably well used one by her Tory buddies) cunt!

  5. Heston Blumenthal is a prime rib of a cunt. Not least because I just had to waste my time finding out how to spell the cunts name correctly.

    This fucking Captain Cunt is so painfully fucking rich it turns my cunt inside out. He’s become famous by just adding ridiculously cuntish things to standard cunting meals, then standing there in his cunt glasses with a head that looks like somebody started making a Toby jug then gave up half way through, spouting shit like ‘It just seemed so natural to me to take a British favourite like Toad in the Hole and inject it with dingleberries fresh from my putrid, fetid anus, and semen. Instant classic!’. You absolute fucking CUNT Heston my boy.

    I hope this cunt hurries up and dies pretty fucking soon so I can return my attention to wanking over that tasty sort refereeing the snooker at the moment.

    • It’s spelt C-U-N-T in my dictionary, and good call. Fucking mong is making a living from fusing cooking, mechanic’s tools, contents of farmer’s slurry pits, and food poisoning. If he turned up to fix my boiler, I would pretend to be out, and ring the next plumber in yellow pages. Certainly wouldn’t eat anything cooked by him.

  6. Now Cyril Smith is being investigated. In fairness I think some young lass accidentally put her breast in the path between his hand and the nearest pie. Totally understandable accident as far as I’m concerned

  7. Bernie Ecclestone. On trial for bribery. His defence is that he paid someone off so they wouldn’t tell HMRC that he evaded 2 billion pounds of taxes. Oh, that’s ok then.

    I have to wait 15 days to see if HMRC will restore the extra 3k tax free allowance I am entitled to will get reinstated. If they don’t, I will start my own formula 1 series, that’ll learn them

    • Popped this in as a companion to James Stunt. His father in law Bernie Ecclestone:

      Bernie Ecclestone

      Serial liar, dodgy deal maker and corrupt little cunt, Bernie has been called all of these things and more (little prick, bite sized bastard ect ect.) The truth of these matters pertaining to his involvement in Formula 1 and other tax matters is being decided in a German court. It is alleged that the little cunt has run Formula 1 motor racing as a personal money machine for over forty years. He started as a used car salesman and failed small scale driver and then went on to control every aspect of the “sport”. He couldn’t get it up so he took it over.

      Bernie has trousered a vast fortune out of controlling the rights and merchandising of the richest sport in history. Along the way he has accumulated the biggest unpaid tax bill in history, in the region of £2 billion. Way to go little man.

      He manages his affairs through a family slapper trust called Bambino although he maintains he has no connection with it and the fact that it sounds like the name of a mafia crime family is purely coincidental. Kind of the trustees then, all of whom are personal associates, to buy a vast mansion in Kensington (and the most expensive house in London) for his wife. Now divorced, he receives £100,000,000 a year from her as part of the divorce settlement. How very civilised.

      This poor slandered and misrepresented 5′ 3” mini-cunt with a barnet like an old slag’s fanny is reputed to be worth in excess of £3.8 000,000,000. That’s right, nothing cheap about this blog, we give you all nine zeros for free.

      On his way in to court Bernie was observed to be driving himself. He had a racing steering wheel stuck down the front of his trousers. When he turned it to the left he hopped to the left. When he turned it to the right he hopped to the right. However when he got to the court, security roughly pulled it out. Bernie turned to the Kraut judge and said wiping the tears from his eyes, “I thank the court for removing that steering wheel. It was driving me nutz.”

  8. Cliff Richard’s a cunt. He’s been up more kids arse-holes than a vet testing baby goats for prostrate cancer.

    What a fucking cunt.

    What about Elton John you say – fuck off!

    What about Peter Mandelson you say – he’s a 2nd division puff who’s only had about 5,000 kids.

    What about William Hague you shout – OK – I admit that kiddy-fiddling bastard is in the same league as the dirty cunt Cliff Richard but shy of many arses for the cup.

    I bet Cliff Richard is fucking Tony Blair up his Satan arse right now as you read this shit (with kids for afters).

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