New Zealand


There are more cunts per capita in New Zealand than there are people for fuck’s sake. And the flora and fauna is truly horrible!

Take those Moas and Kiwis with their shite fuct-up wings for instance. Evolve already, you avigation-dodging cunts. Fly! Be free! And you Giant Moas, Dinornis robustus Ha! Not so robust are ya? Where are you now? Fucking extinct cunts!

Nominated by: Cuddling Aquarians

3 thoughts on “New Zealand

  1. Charlie Brooker is a smug cunt… of those cunts who people on twitter think is funny and ‘crucial’.
    Go fuck yourself .

  2. I am truly shocked Bintus Exoticus, I really am. Don’t you realise that the 6th February is NZ’s national day (Whitwhangi Day) and the only day of the year when you can legally shoot Maoris, as long as it is before noon.

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