Jordan Horner


Jordan Horner is a bacon dodging, amateur leprechaun impressionist.

This cunt has just been sent down for trying to impose Sharia Law in East London. The ginger twat has a face only his mother could love and clearly embraced Islam to get an arranged marriage to some unfortunate 11 Pakistani girl so he can finally pop his cherry. With a bit of luck maybe he’ll now get his cherry popped by Big Mary from C Wing after fumbling his soap in the shower…

Nominated by: Occams Razor

15 thoughts on “Jordan Horner

  1. He’s gone for the head on upside down look. In 50 years time the cunt will be the double of Uncle Albert from Only fools and horses.

  2. Pity Sharia Law didn’t call for the extermination of Ginger Cunts.
    A truly nominatable cunt at any rate and I agree, I hope he gets a good non-halal porking in the showers

  3. and.. on the subject.. I’d like to nominate that Welsh Paedo Ian Watkins for a good cunting, if nobody has any objections?

  4. Unfortunately even Bubba on C wing wouldn’t bugger this ugly cunt. I’m just hoping some cunt throws an incendiary device into his cell for Christmas.

  5. there was a girl at my school called Sharia Law – she let lads finger her slimy hole for sweets and cigs

  6. This chappy needs a big black man’s cock up his cunting cunt to give him a good cunting. Wots a big ginger cunt like him doing converting to Islam anyway? I reckon if they sent him to Somalia he’d get the cunting of his life. If they sent him to Saudi Arabia there’s no telling what they’d do with a ginger like this.

  7. 24 carat ocean going, highly polished ginger cunt of the high order of the admiralty. To be honest i got nothing against gingers…. but this cunt i truly make an acception for. What the fuck does he think he looks like? i bet even his fellow muslim kin are looking at him and thinking ….

    “For fuck sake son, couldn’t you have just become a fucking mormon or a fucking catholic, i mean we have a bad enough press as it is without having a social outcast like you amongst us you no good ginger fuck….”

    hey ho though its almost cunting christmas….

  8. This ginger devil does not represent our people. The great prophet would not allow such a ghastly, disgusting vile creature to preach the truth. He is an infidel and God willing, may him and his family suffer a thousand deaths!

    Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر)

  9. After just seeing that ginger prick on BBC 1 about Muslims
    Walking around preaching shit should be stoned and hung and set on fire

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