Mitchell and Webb


Got a ‘bogoff’ for y’all in those two utterly unfunny cunts Mitchell and Webb.

Fucking hell, how can that posh voiced twat Mitchell pull that posh blonde sort Victoria Cohen? Y’know that one with the amazin’ set of tits.

She must have to wear a blindfold when the fat cunt hoists his folds on top of her.

Don’t worry Dave, I’d happily stand in to give her a real seeing to, seeming as you probably couldn’t find your microscopic cock anyway yer cunt!

As for Webb…..well there is only one proper description for him.


Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

5 thoughts on “Mitchell and Webb

  1. He pulled Victoria Coren because he isn’t a cunt and is eloquently as clever as she is. Also, he probably has a donkey sized cock.

  2. anyone with a cunt is a cunt or going to be a cunt or has been a cunt or soon to be a dead cunt…so girls and ladies and grannies EDD reckons youre all cunts…
    so i nominate all FEMALES AS CUNTS..

  3. Rod has also had a ‘sense of humour bypass’ partly funded by the NHS and the NSPCA.
    Presumably he managed to remove his index finger out of his left nostril for long enough to actually write some kind of limp dicked reply in defence of his true love David.

  4. Webb’s a cunt. Mitchell ….cuntish at times …but very rarely. Shouldn’t have been nominated. Yeah we’d all like to give VCM a good seeing to, get off your keyboard mr warrior and give her the pork sword. Elsewise ….try not to get yourself nominated for being the kind of cunt that pisses his life in front of a keyboard telling the world who’s wife you wanna fuck when you can barely manage a wank.
    I say again ….Webb’s a cunt.

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