Mike Hancock


How could any woman resist him?

That fucker Mike Hancock is a cunt. Can’t keep his cock in his pants, when he’s not shagging Russian spies, sexting teenagers or sexually assaulting the mental defectives that vote for him, he’s setting up his family with cushy sinecures by abusing his position as a city councillor or fraudulently claiming thousands for non existent expenses accrued during the course of his “duties”.

If the stars of the firmament were suddenly to rearrange themselves in order to spell out “Hancock is a Fucking Prick”, several light-years large, it would by no means be even half-way sufficient to adequately express how much of a cunt this man really is.

He is, of course, a fucking Liberal Democrat.

Nominated by: Termujin

4 thoughts on “Mike Hancock

  1. Fucks sake, been away for a year and you cunts happen to still be lacking in imgination when nominating cunts.
    I’ve been spending the last year drowning in ’em.
    Now I’m back so er…..look out!!

    Anyway, I have so many to choose from I’m gonna start with that fucking slack jawed cunt who does that ‘Great British Bakeoff’ thing, Paula Hollywood.

    What kind of publcity shy cunt has a surname like ‘Hollywood’?

    It’s a tough choice ‘cos that fucking lezza cunt Sue ‘Harry Potter’ fucking Perkins was gonna get it, but I thought it’d be more fun to prod the fat fucker after he ditched his missus and kid and fucked off with some yank bird. The cunt.
    And while I’m on the subject, all hair gel, no substance is the phrase that springs to mind.

    Fucking dribbly cunt.

  2. Got a ‘bogoff’ for y’all in those two utterly unfunny cunts Mitchell and Webb.
    Fucking hell, how can that posh voiced twat Mitchell pull that posh blonde sort Victoria Cohen? Y’know that one with the amazin’ set of tits.

    She must have to wear a blindfold when the fat cunt hoists his folds on top of her.
    Don’t worry Dave, I’d happily stand in to give her a real seeing to, seeming as you probably couldn’t find your microscopic cock anyway yer cunt!

    As for Webb…..well there is only one proper description for him.


  3. Rhianna.

    Why’s this cunt not taken any top honours?
    Lets do a checklist….

    Shit songs – check
    Fucking ugly cunt – check
    Porbably shagging some simian headed Polish cunt – check
    Opens gob and put pours out all sorts of vicious non entertaining shite – check
    Full of own self importance – check
    Will be forgotten in 5 years time when she has to sell all her fucking shit houses ‘cos she’s a broke fucking degenerate cunt – check
    Hopefully will get stoned and trip up, thereby breaking neck in the fall/process giving us all a break from her fucking general tediousness – hope so!

    What a mothballing, pock marked old cunt. Fuck off!!

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