Stuart Hall


Another paedo cunt from the fart filled corridors of the BBC goes down. What else is left in the woodwork?

Have hated the pink faced shiny arsed northern cunt with verbal diarrhoa ever since his first appearance. “It’s A Knockout” was cringe cunting cobblers and the cunt got paid for doing it.

His mistake was to come up with and star in a version for the underfives. “It’s A Cockout”.

Nominiated by : Sir Limply Stoke

4 thoughts on “Stuart Hall

  1. I thought about burning his face, but looks like some cunt beat me to it.

  2. Well yes, it does look like his cunting face has had a good cunting done on it.

  3. Nonce Transferred over his Mansion so the victims cant take it, I hope that’s completely illegal and the cunt gets done for it !..CUNT !

  4. I used to turn the radio off when ‘Mr Head’ came on with his stupid football reports. He thought he was so clever. Couldn’t stand listening to the cunt. I was overjoyed when they locked him up. Now he’ll never get near a microphone again.

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