Kevin McLeod


The man is a smug faced, sanctimonious excuse for a cunt, driving round in a landrover where one isn’t necessary whilst browning his nose on the shitty rectums of pretentious toffs and belittling those who aren’t so well off on his reality tv for the cunty middle classes.

He’s an opinionated cunt amongst cunts. A proper annoying cunt!

Nominated by : Blah Blah

5 thoughts on “Kevin McLeod

  1. McCloud Its Kevin McCloud.
    Yeah he’s a massive prick e.g. “oh look at what you built, you could hardly afford it but i’ll just fucking kick the last remains of a human your human soul, after all the stress and hard times living in that fucking caravan for several years, with sly comments and how you should of built it using the glorious power of hind sight and smugness”

  2. You fucking moron. If you are going to slag someone off at least take the time to get the name right or CORRECT IT…

  3. When the cunt wears a hard hat, it never fits ! His cunting head is so long, the hat sits four cunting inches above his cunting ears !

    Smug cunt.

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