Hairy Bikers


Two hairy fat camp geordie food poisoners who can out-shite an indian takeaway.They bring a whole new meaning to newcastle brown.

Time to cunt the hairy bikers.

On the subject of shite which of the camp duo does the steering and who rides pillion? How did your pubic hair get into the mayo? After you with the goose grease dude.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

3 thoughts on “Hairy Bikers

  1. I nominate David Cameron for promising the Dowlers, the McCanns, the Watsons, Christopher Jeffries, etc that he would implement the Leveson recommendations to prevent future Press criminality. But as soon as Leveson was published, Cameron rejected it out of hand (thereby wasting the MILLIONS of public money he spent on the Inquiry) and has not met with ANY of the victims of Press Abuses since then, while he has frequently held secret meetings with senior Press Industry executives. Cameron is not just a cunt, he is a LYING CUNT. In fact he is not merely a LYING CUNT, but he is an ODIOUS, HYPOCRITICAL, POSH, LYING CUNT. This man needs dragging out into remote field, along with Jeremy Kyle and Piers Morgan, where all three of these cunting cunts can be beaten to a cuntly pulp, thereby erasing their repugnant cuntitude from the face of the planet.

  2. If i ever have the misfortune of been at one of their live shows i will be sure to ask them if they bum eachother?

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