2 thoughts on “Fire Brigades Union

  1. Public ‘servants’, what would you expect cunts.
    No doubt local councils will use this as an excuse to cancel public firework nights and frown on private ones thus wrecking yet another of our traditions in their Common Purpose goal of establishing a New world Order,…ooops, sorry wrong blog.

    Firemen will soon be crying into their fucking tepid tea when there is no more overtime next Nov. 5th, cunts.

  2. All hail the power and majesty of “…isacunt”! as the spineless ‘striking firemen on Bonfire Night cunts’ backed down at the last minute in the face of a merciless twin cunting Nominated by Captain Haddock
    Seconded by HeadsonPoles

    Seems CH got in there first and I nominate him for the new award of “CUNTER OF THE YEAR” which would enable him/her to be called “THE CUNTER” for 12 months.

    Nomination only mind, if accepted obviously the award would be decided by …isacunt admins since it’s not a fucking democracy.

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