9 thoughts on “Monsanto

  1. Since you and G.O.T. have been giving Barry some coverage after the lad from Beds. got a life time ban how about the root cause of the problem?

    Inspiration to Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, Muchelle Obama and assorted commie man holes & fuckedwitz community organisers.

    Saul Alinsky, troublemaking Chicago gangster admiring cunt.

  2. Camille Paglia is a nasty old Ga-Ga envy, ‘abortion is a sacrament’ dyke of a cunt.

    But Lady Ga-Ga is still a pervy cunt.

  3. Viviane Reding is an interfering, EU money-grabbing, Roma pikey-loving shit cunt of the highest order.

    Sarko is a top bloke for telling her to fuck the fuck off out of it, or to admit all the Roma pikeys to her beloved Luxembourg.

    Vive La France.

  4. Badgers, tb spreading striped look at me I am really cute but in fact cost the UK farming industry millions a cunt; the cunts.

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