I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. I am of the opinion that armed conflict between NATO and Russia, is inevitable.
    History shows us that appeasement of a dictator is futile.
    Like a bully or a blackmailer, they just come back for more.
    The time comes to bully the bully, or to surrender.
    Whether any such conflict would go nuclear, is anyone’s guess.
    But there’s a conflict coming.
    It’s time for the West to start walking the walk.
    War is inevitable.
    Just get on with it.

    • Not great comedy, there are much funnier Biden impersonations on homemade YT channels, but it points to how Biden is seen on the world stage at a time when America needs a strong leader and Biden is consumed by frivolous policies like ghost guns. And any day now, Hunter Biden will be indicted.

      • It’s all over America media, has been for weeks. Legal analysts say it is likely. He HAS TO face charges, my God, the evidence of his crimes is overwhelming. His entire life has been a scandal, as has, “The Big Guy’s,” ie. his clueless father who happens to be President.

        Google news links:

      • Even if charges are brought against the crocked cunt, I doubt anything will happen.

        I stopped watching Fox News for the same reason. Every fucking night Hannity would start his show with “Breaking news…this is huge…new facts have emerged which prove Killary/Pelosi/Biden/Democrats/whatever…colluded/broke the law/lied to congress/whatever…..” and nothing ever happens. It never does.

        The political classes get away with murder in plain sight every day. Talking heads jump up and down and froth at the mouth, salivating at the prospect of the cunts being exposed, indicted, charged, thrown out of office, fined, jailed, you name it. And then nothing happens.

        Once in a while we get thrown a bone whereby someone gets exposed who could bring down so many others. Epstein was a good example. And what happens? Exactly.

      • I know a bit about Gaetz. He has a podcast I listen to from time to time. He says this is all totally fabricated to get him to shut up because he’s a ‘rising star’ for the Repubs and does a good job at exposing the duplicity and corruption of the Demoncrats.

      • It’s good that Gaetz exposes the degeneracy of the Dems, but there is the possibility that he himself is a degenerate who has had sex with teenage prostitutes, the evidence seems to be there. There’s also the fact that he was the ONLY person in Congress to vote against a 2017 anti human trafficking bill. I mean, who the fuck votes AGAINST a bill like that? A creepy guy, that’s who. When you look into this guy, he seems creepy and his story doesn’t make sense. We’ll see what happens.

  2. I suppose these reports of chemical weapons use is the crossing of a red line.

    Right at the start some American General saying ‘Putin always does what he says he will do’.

    Are we seeing ‘escalate to de-escalate ‘?

    There’s something of a ‘plan’ it feels. First we bomb the shit out of Ukraine. If that fails to break their spirit at least we have punished them and we just concentrate on East. If we struggle there we will use chemical weapons to show we really mean business.. If that fails and we’re looking at a humiliating defeat we use a tactical nuclear weapon. If that triggers MAD so be it.
    We have nothing left to lose.

      • Morning RT.

        Maybe it is.

        Just thought-informed that Russia had launched a nuclear attack Kamala would start giggling.

      • All Russia has to do is tell Biden is that a nuclear war will kill more dark-keys that whiteys and Biden will take the option of the table. “Simples”, as that little Russian rat used to say.

      • Nuclear war is no joke. Putin was at a funeral the other day and he had the nuke briefcase in his hand. Meanwhile, the U.S. seems to be pissing about with unimportant shite, anti-guns, LGBTQ, pronoun training in the military. It’s all beyond satire.

      • Actually, Putin could start mocking America’s transgenda agenda crap and the Hunter scandal. That would enrage Biden, send him spinning into a vortex of despair.

        “You have son who take photo of his deek with M&M candy on it! Your son is degenerate crackhead who now paints like child molester, Rolf Harris. You care more about chicks with dicks than war veteran who live on streets covered in human waste. Meester Biden, you clean up your own country before you come over here to Russia and fall down stair of plane like Gerald Ford!”

        Putin wouldn’t directly mock Joe, he doesn’t need to, he knows Joe is clueless and useless and just babbles at podiums then had a poop and a nap.

      • Reminds me of the time Putin sweet talked Appeaser May:

        PUTIN: “Ah, Mizeeze May…I vant you give me your cuntry…your people are tired of phoney Tory gender neutral jackboot…they cry out out for strong, white, male, bear wrestling, butch, homophobic, psychopathic cunt who will rid them of peaceful and libtard scourge that make whoopy unhindered in your once proud nation!”

        MAY: “Ooh, I don’t much like the sound of that Mr Puking. But seeing as I’m a useless, soft as shite waste of space, I am of course keen to ‘negotiate’ – but be warned: a very wise man called Ken Clarke says I’m a ‘bloody difficult woman’! And besides, what could you, the leader of a tin pot third world dictatorship whose economy is even smaller than that of Italy or South Korea, possibly offer me, a vicar’s daughter who’s jolly clever and cunning to have got where she is today, and not a pushover at all, eh?”

        PUTIN: “I have nice field of wheat in Siberia, all ripe for the running in.”
        (Pukin takes out a crumpled black and white picture ripped from an old encyclopaedia and shows it to May)
        “And I have booked pogroms for Libtards, Peacefuls, Poofters & Pikeys, to commence immediately following your elections in May, which with influence of Russian State I have already won by landslide!”

        MAY (studying crumpled picture): “Where did you say this cornfield is?”

        PUTIN: “Umm…luxurious seaside resort of Siberia…”

        MAY: “it’s a deal Mr Putrid, and as a demonstration of good faith I will throw in £100billion and an HS2 engine driver’s cap to boot“.

      • Lancaster again stars as a rogue Air Force cunt who tries to take over a nuke missile base in, Twilight’s Last Gleaming (1977, Robert Aldrich who made The Dirty Dozen, etc)…

        Great film, not well enough known.

    • The Americans and Brits I’ve heard have generally postulated that Putin tends to do the opposite of what he claims?
      The Russians have always been the most prolific yet hopeless liars for centuries, and even private investigations have uncovered the minute details of it’s dreadful deeds .. such as the chuckle – brothers involved in the Salisbury incident. The film “Death Of Stalin” is more accurate than many think .. and Putin’s Siloviks .. his immediate 50 – 100 ultra – nationalistic inner circle will be frothing at Russia’s incompetent and negligent display thus far being mocked the World over. Putin looked a tosspot over the Kursk incident .. a chump over various poisonings .. [all attributed to Russia within days] and now looks spent..talks to people at his surreal 14 foot table and reportedly has his food tested and then tested again? He makes even the loopiest Bond villain look quite affable and run of the mill?
      There is an “Alice In Wonderland” element to the Kremlin..and has been for 100 years? Everyone is scared of everyone and heads are lost quite frequently, as a bemused and confused Russia people make of Putin’s pronouncements what they will.
      No! .. Putin tends to do what he has ruled out .. and hasn’t twigged yet that we’ve priced that in! His Red – Indian name is “Talking Bollocks” and as “Bunkered” as Hitler was in his last desperate months!!

    • Morning Miserable.

      I’m here, last posted yesterday, see above. I expect Gutstick is taking a well earned break.

      • Morning Ruff👍

        Yeah, hope hes ok?
        He helps create balance.
        With him on one end of the seesaw and Chunky on the other it makes for finely balanced equilibrium 😉

        Doesn’t look like DCI Gene is coming back does it?☹️

  3. Sweden has decided to join NATO. Finland says a decision is imminent in weeks.

    The war has served to enlarge and strengthen NATO, not contain it. A good thing too.

    Nice work Russia, you dozy cunts.

    • From Defcon Level Warning System today:

      We are at Defcon 3 right now, do we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to be at Defcon 2 or higher by next week? That’s what Sweden and Finland joining NATO will do. And as I keep saying we have Joe Biden as Commander in Chief with the Gold Codes right now. Can’t see him ever using them, but Putin would without hesitation. God help us.

      • He’s bluffing.
        Call his bluff,
        Admit them to NATO,
        Fast track it.
        Tell him, he wants war he can have it.
        We have nukes too.
        He’ll back down.
        Hes full of shite.

      • I don’t think that Putin is bluffing, not at this stage. Before the invasion, I thought that Putin had gone soft in his old age, but he hasn’t, he sees that Europe, UK and USA are “led” by weak fools now, a grade-A degenerate in the White House, babbling away at podiums while his country falls to bits. None of the “leaders” of the west have been taken seriously for a long time, well, we are in serious fucking times now, not that most people notice that right now, but they will. Food shortages are coming, Biden at least has a shred of honesty to have admitted that yesterday. It all feels abstract right now, up in the air, but it won’t be like that for much longer.

      • Ukraine must be ruing the day it gave up it’s nukes in exchange for Russian guarantee of its territorial integrity. And instead of appeasing Putin we should have welcomed Ukraine into NATO.

      • It’s too late for should have, would have, could have. We have to get practical in the here and now. Do we all do nothing? I’m all up for laughing at this absurdity, of course! But not everyone has the luxury of that attitude. Things could get real fucking ugly this year.

      • Just prepare the way our grandparents did. Be sensible and don’t get involved in the bullshit and hysteria when it comes. We’ve learned how that pans out from the last two years. If there are peace marches including in Russia, that would be good. Living in a desolate hellscape won’t be cool like it is in the movies.

  4. Hes I repeat full of shite.
    Hes not stupid.
    He knows anyone using nuclear weapons will automatically receive the same,
    Weapon systems guarantee that.
    Hed be condemning his beloved Russia to annihilatation.
    No one will thank him for that.
    What would he gain?

    Naw, need someone with big bollocks to square up to him.
    Say fuck you. Lets dance.

    Hed back down.
    Hes struggling to take fuckin Ukraine!
    No chance against NATO.

    • But that what I keep saying, no one, bar China would really stand up to Putin right now. USA has to lead the way and look who is driving that special needs rainbow bus right now. Putin will carry on doing his thing and we only partially know what that is. And as I linked to above, it seems NATO is already in Ukraine and U.S. military personnel are in Ukraine. And when you sift through the data, it seems like Russia is “winning” by a small margin. At some point, Putin will declare a victory, then move on to phase 2.

      Spain are pissed at America for docking a submarine in Gibraltar…

    • First they claimed it was a fire on board.
      Then they said that the fire never touched the ammo on board.
      Then, all the crew were safely evacuated.
      Then, it sailed back to port under its own power.
      Then, the fire was out. Ship was being towed back to port.
      Then, only 5 crewmen arrived at port. S&R ongoing for 453 others.
      Then, the cause is being investigated.
      Then, Britain supplied modified Neptune missiles to Ukraine.
      Then, Britain herself was the one who fired the missiles at the ship.
      Then, the cause is being investigated again.
      Now, it sunk during a storm while being towed back to port because of EXTENSIVE DAMAGE CAUSED BY ORDINANCE EXPLOSION DUE TO FIRE.


      • Either the ammunition blew up, which would be amazing incompetence on the crew’s part, or the Ukrainians hit it with a missile. Either way, it makes the Russians look ridiculous. Credit should go to the home team, it isn’t the first ship they’ve hit. I’d say Putin’s men are a laughing stock except that all the death and destruction they’ve caused is no laughing matter.

      • Indeed. The Russian forces are not all they are cracked up to be. When they are genuinely fighting to preserve their homeland – like Stalingrad, WWII, the Napoleonic wars – they fight like lions and you’d want them on your side. And in both those conflicts they were part of a wider Western alliance.

        But in other conflicts where the hearty of the soldiers is not in it, they are plagued by inefficiency, lack of initiative, mutiny and savagery. It doesn’t help that their kit is crap as well. Essentially an updated medieval army.

  5. Russia warns US of ‘unpredictable consequences’ amid latest US arms shipment to Ukraine:

    I reckon we are pretty much in WW3 now, the early days, like being in July 1914. Ukraine is the Franz Ferdinand catalyst of WW3. It went from, “oh Putin is sabre-rattling at the Ukraine border, the silly goose!” to, “we are almost at DEFCON 2 and staple foods are about to become expensive and scarce,” within a brief sixty day period. Things are happening at lightening speed and we have Joe Biden as Commander in Chief with the nuke codes, the guy is a space case, out to lunch, the lights are on but nobody is home. In Number 10, our leader is thankfully compos mentis, but no one trusts him AT ALL and for all his Churchill channelling, he’d never make a wartime PM as he has babies – wartime leaders can’t have little babies gurgling and giggling in the background and in their psyche. And he hides in fridges. He’s scared of the press. I mark him down as a well-read bookish blowhard buffoon who is scared of confrontation and that is something Putin isn’t. God help us.

    We need a genuine badass POTUS and PM and quick, but fuck me if I know who that is, as all the politicians these days have had soft, cushy, carefree lives, riding the gravy train, slaloming through the gauntlet, avoiding any confrontations with the media and public. In the old days, politicians were held to account, any whiff of scandal and they were ousted. Perfumo would laugh off his critics these days. Boris made a fool of his wife and family to shack up with a bit of fresh crumpet and won’t give a numerical answer to, “how many children do you have?”. He does as he pleases, shirks responsibility just as Biden has done for five decadent decades, a lurid life. He and his family are sexual degenerates, that has all but been officially exposed now. Biden is hated in America, no one speaks to him, he’s lonelier than Nixon now, No wonder Putin feel so bold.

    • Don’t worry. Biden knows what he’s doing.

      Did you see him today? Gave some speech and then turned around smiled, muttered something and then shook hands with the empty air.

      No need to worry.

      • Is it the End Times? ‘Through a glass darkly’ Then we shall see face to face.

        We seem to be moving inexorably to all- out world conflict.

        It’s all getting rather reckless. This ship that was supposedly sunk had ‘nukes’. What state are they in?
        Chernobyl has been compromised.

        Putin is losing badly. He must stop the West arming Ukraine. What does he do?
        ‘unpredictable consequences’. What’s that?

        If Russia lose in the East he has nothing left to lose.
        Very worrying.

      • Mm, im not worried.
        No way Vlads generals and the men behind the throne in Russia would let Vlad start nuclear Armageddon.

        Vlads probably been dumped by his boyfriend, why hes acting up.
        He misheard it as ‘lets bum Ukraine ‘.

        Hes made a right fuckin mess of it all.

        His days are numbered.
        Cooler heads will prevail.

    • Interesting video, I never thought about it that way, ie. the relevance of Kiev as the birthplace of Christianity for the Russian motherland. Never knew that Kirill was so politically involved and made political statements. He went to Antarctica a few years ago for unknown reasons, six days [previously he had historically met the Pope in Cuba. Current Pope is woke, he’s made more political statements than some politicians since he arrived. Well, he’s a Jesuit, so what did we expect?

  6. Wee Jimmy Krankie has been banned from Russia for supporting Ukraine.

    a) I’m surprised anyone in the Kremlin even knew who this cunt is and cared even less on her opinion.

    b) Can Boris ban her from England?

    • They should pass bylaws in Scottish cities and towns banning “blockheaded lezzers with shit haircuts,” between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

    • Boris and Appeaser May have been banned too! 😂

      Be the last place they’d want to go anyway. Putin seems incapable of getting anything right.

  7. It seems that Putrid has launched the expected assault on Ukraine’s eastern border.
    I hope the Ivan’s get a fucking good hiding.
    And Putrid gets offed by his own side.
    They still haven’t taken Mariupol.
    And a lot of their sailors sleep with the fishes.
    Come on, you fucking Ukrainian heroes.
    Pile them high.
    And use them as sandbags.
    The cunts.

    • Seconded Jack. I was reading about the steelworks the Azov battalion and some marines are holed up in, incredible place and perfect for urban warfare if the poor cunts still had ammo.

      • It’s a shame about the ammo situation, unless the Ukrainian’s have been telling porkie’s. Hoping to draw Ivan in.
        I bet it’s booby trapped to fuck.
        There’s some big bollocked fuckers holed up in there.
        Hats off to them.
        Evening, LL.

    • 2 Thessalonians 2:4
      He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship; he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God.

      • Yes they want to get spiritual things back as it were. So wants this church now.

        Both Putin and Kirril.

        That would be a physical thing. A church.

        But in both their minds this War is a spiritual quest/offensive..

        That stuff in Putin’s speech on the eve of the war about Ukraine not being a proper country, Russia and Ukraine sharing the same ‘spiritual space’. That will have all come from Kirril.

        And there does seem to be a ‘sacrificial’ feel to Russia’s campaign. All these Generals dead. I am sure it is because of incompetence and outdated weaponry. But it has a feel of them throwing their lives away or something.

    • Putin’s soul (if ever he had one) has long been the property of the Devil.

    • A lot of people are saying that China are using the lockdown as a means of denying essential goods to USA and China may be switching over to war production.

  8. Vlad Puddin just tested his new intercontinental ballistic missile in a warning to the west (ooooh your hard).

    It’s called Satan ll 👿🤘

    What happened to Satan 1?
    I don’t recall that?

    Didn’t take off?
    Fizzled out then rusted?
    Scrap lads took it?

    Hes full of shite🖕

      • Its a bit rubbish isnt it MMCM?
        Bit ‘spinal Tap”.

        Dunno if any truth in it but heard a rumour he wanted

        “Vlads red-hot love rocket”!!

        Got outvoted though.

      • “Vlads red-hot love rocket”!! That’s the theme for this years Putin Calendar, MNC.

  9. I see the supermarkets are limiting shoppers to one/two bottles of sunflower oil.

    Ukraine is the biggest producer of the stuff apparently and Uncle Vladimirs special operation to rid the area of Nazis has hit supplies of the stuff.

    It’s always been about oil. 💪🏼🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

    • Spam fritters don’t fry themselves, boyo! Time to unleash the Kraken on Putin! 😀

      • I’m amazed that RAPE-seed is still called RAPE-seed. Uncle Ben got the boot, which I still don’t understand, it’s a great product and there he was – Uncle Ben, but no more, it’s just “Ben’s Original” with no happy faced Ben staring back at me from my cupboard. So… they cancelled one of their own? Eh? It’s not like Ben was bent over picking rice like a yard-ape with his ‘Massa’ bringing the whip down on his back, was it?

        I’m off to watch the new cut of Mississippi Burning… it’s 27 minutes long.

      • Gene Hackman takes on a whole town in the 1950s Deep South for no reason, then the credits roll.

  10. Elon Musk buys Twitter! Woohoo!

    I’m not a fan of him, don’t trust the cunt, but if he lets Twitter be 100% free speech as long as you don’t break the law or incite breaking the law, then I’ll return there and go full-blown trash talk of the the things I know are bullshit.

    • Expect more exposure of Elensky’s corruption and coke habit in that case.
      Over and out.

      • It is a little, actually VERY suspect that anyone would pay $44 billion for Twitter. That’s half what YouTube is worth. Twitter is powerful, but isn’t it just people spouting their own take on things? $44 billion could buy you a lot of happiness. Owning and running Twitter sounds like a fucking colossal headache.

    • …They’ve cropped the top off…? The WEF is not the top of the tree/pyramid.

  11. Talk of Ukraine seems to have really died down, why is that? Is it boring to people now? It stirred HUGE emotions last month, but this month we seem to have moved on to… other stuff. Where are we heading with this?

    • The Johnny Depp trial seems to be the thing stirring up people now. Something else will come along this summer that will be the “new thing” to support. But I keep reading and hearing factual info on food shortages, That’s one thing in life where shit gets real: FOOD.

      • Ukraine was and is, a horrible tragedy, but we all know now that it’a part of a bigger picture. The question is: where are we heading this year and what should be make preparations for? There aren’t rhetorical questions, I’d like to know what you fine gentlemen think. Cheers. 🙂

      • I am staggered how little hysteria is being generated by the prospect of a nuclear strike on Britan.
        It has been said of Putin over and over again that ‘he always does what he says he will do’.

      • The Ukraine tragedy will rumble on for at least a year, I suspect. Until Putin judges he can retire from the field with at least some face. Rather like other conflicts it will fall of the radar to a degree but it will still be big news. I think most of us have said what we wanted to say in the first shock of the invasion. It’s mostly conflict reports now but the situation hadn’t changed – viz, that Putin is a monumental cunt and this won’t end well for him.

        I still don’t think Putin will risk nuclear war. It can only end with the annihilation of Russia. NATO has three nuclear powers, including the UK of course, and he knows NATO can match him nuke for nuke.

      • Vlad was also filmed at a meeting this week with his hand shaking uncontrollably. The man is sick and possibly dying. Reports are he has cancer and/ or Parkinson’s. His death would give Russia’s new leader an excuse to pull out. Assuming he’s not followed by a Putin wannabe. If and when he goes, and it could be soon, there will be a titanic power struggle in the Kremlin and this could seal the fate of the war, one way or the other.

    • If the Ivans even think about it, the US submarines in the Baltic will turn Moscow to glass.

      But you are right, Miles. People in this country made more of a fuss about that cunt, Chicken Floyd George and that BLM bollocks than they have about a possible nuclear threat.

  12. I’ve just seen the Ukrainians are pulling down all the Soviet era statues in Kiev now, last time I saw such cuntishness it created ISIS, It doesn’t matter, Ukraine will always be Russian in my mind!!!

  13. Biden has asked Congress for $33 BILLION Dollars, for Ukraine.
    Two thirds of which is for armaments.
    That’s an awful lot of firepower, good.
    That will upset Big Bad Glad.
    He’ll probably threaten a nuclear strike……again.
    Get To Fuck, you butchering cunt.

    • These threats of nuclear strikes are a sign of weakness. It’s the same as saying “ don’t upset or I’ll throw my big toys out of the pram”.

      I see we have sent our nuclear submarines to the Baltic. The US and France doing the same. Allegedly training exercises but really a message of intent.

      • We may have said we’ve sent our sub’s to the Baltic.
        But we might just be being sneaky 🙂

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