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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. ”Nearly half of Black people believe hair discrimination has increased in recent years”

    Yes, even hair is at it in this racist hellhole that is modern Britain.

    This from a completely unbiased survey from hairbrush brand ‘Tangle Teaser’.

    ”Hairbrush brand Tangle Teaser has found that 46% of people surveyed with 3C-4C hair believe unjust judgement has increased when they wear their hair naturally”

    Now I dont have a fucking clue what 3C-4C hair is but I am willing to believe that these problems are racist.

    Why oh why are we such racist cunts? Did Rosa Parks skip paying her bus fare for nothing? Did Magna Carta die in vain? (T Hancock, sometime in the 50s)

  2. The Conservative leadership contest

    I’d like to nominate the Conservative party’s navel gazing leadership contest.

    This link sums up the contest quite well:

    [A six week contest, between two totally unsuitable candidates, played out interminably to the whole population of whom only 0.2% are allowed to vote on the outcome.]

    At this point, over half way into the contest, it seems there might be a clear winner but the process rolls on regardless. The previous incumbent of 10 Downing Street, meanwhile, having insisted on “staying on” (presumably to keep creaming those lovely expenses and lining up favours for wealthy businessmen in order they may return them post office) is refusing to have anything to do with running the country.

    And, all the while this farce carries on, the “cost of living crisis” (mostly brought about by, some recent and some longstanding, inept decisions of the same politicians) rages on. But not a word about this from these cunts. It doesn’t exist to them and they don’t even bother paying lip service to it.

    Brexit was about a little bit of power being returned to the people. The Conservatives managed to avoid that happening whilst carrying out the pretence of actually doing something about it. Buoyed up by this they now think they can just totally ignore the population whilst they indulge themselves in their pathetic political games.

    There’s an old saying: never forgive and never forget. Carry this thought with you to the next general election when you will get a say (and have the opportunity to spoil your ballot paper because all the other cunts on it will be just as bad!). [Assuming of course there aren’t riots and a complete breakdown of society in the meantime.]


    With a swirl of the kilt, and a glass of whiskey in hand, and the sound of the pipes in my ears, I venture North of the Border to present this obvious poof to you:

    Just to prove Miss Kranky has finally lost her marbles, she has apppointed this “man” (?) as her “Period Poverty” czar.

    His free products will be available to “anyone of any gender”, so if a fruity Scotsman comes up to a Rob Roy figure in a pub and offers him a free fanny wrapper…….. I suspect the A & E departments of various Scottish hospitals are going to be doing a roaring trade in patching Mr. Grant up.

    Give the silly cunts independence as soon as possible, so they stop pissing OUR money against the wall.

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