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7 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. I wasn’t sure about cunting this particular project but on balance I thought fuck it and here we go.

    Energy Bills on Prescription

    A pilot scheme to pay heating bills on prescription to those who are vulnerable to cold to ensure their homes are warm, sound good and it’s a success, well it couldn’t be anything else.
    Now because the pilot scheme was so successful it’s going to be expanded, to qualify the payment has to be approved by ‘professionals’ so no worries about scum bags cashing in 😂

    Well it’s all free money, so no problem and like food banks you just know demand will outstrip supply.


    Some will regard me as a cunt for nominating this cunt, who had the misfortune to lose her sight some years ag, but she is an “influencer” (a polite term for ponce who uses their looks and their chutzpah to get free stuff to boost to the skies on the internet, and if they don’t get it will leave bitchy negative comments on their site.

    Miss Edwards is the face of a brand of shampoo:

    It is her gurning face and little girl voice that boils my piss, in addition to being so self absorbed and narcissistic. “Being blind” she says in her 10 year old voice, she then goes on to describe the perils of other brands of the same thing (the ones that haven’t paid her to be their “influencer”). It is that irritating voice and the faces she pulls, looking for all the world as if she had just entered the lavatory cubicle that Dame Kweer has just left, with the odour of his expenses lunch and the ointment he has just applied to calm his grapes of wrath at their height, and at their most malodorous (like Kenneth Williams advised in Carry On Spying to “give it a minute”), she barged straight in and her screwed up face shows the young lady failed to take that sage advice.

    Lucy, dear, confine yourself to your website and stay off TV. She is a ginger nut with a flabby face as well to make things worse Pantene should hire lovely Lisa Nandy, stripped and under the shower as we see her apply their unction. Widescreen and HD of course.

  3. Ben Wallace, a Major cunt, a snot gobbling twat as Defence Minister.

    Wallace has been in a bit of bother in his constituency of late, and to add to the argument to cunt this mother fucker comes this.!
    A recent announcement from Wallace that the Appledore Shipbuilders ( N Devon ) have been awarded a Naval Contract worth 1.8 billion to build 3 Naval support ships!

    Bollocks! The contract is to a venture with Harland and Wolf ( Belfast) who will build some of the contract. OK fine, but that is not what was clearly stated in the original release in the Bideford P5ress. However i digress!

    The Major part of the deal ( 1 Billion ) will be going to Spain ! Yes Fucking SPAIN ! ( The twats who sent an Armada here in an attempt to conquer us, have been awarded the Lions share f the contract ).

    The drizzle of our money benefitting the EU sacred cow.

    Wallace is a cunt ! There are no two ways about this. Appledore Shipbuilders and Harland and Wolf could have shared the contract.! I smell EU and Manilla about the whole fucking issue.

    A Minister of Defence lining the pockets of the EU and Spain and a Navy dept that gets ships built by “Johnny Foreigner” is a big fucking no no.

    Wallace ,yer a cunt !

  4. Mpox – The Disease Formally Known as Monkeypox.

    Well since we are all living in clown world where hurt feelings and the possibility of offending the Lefts usual minority pet victimhood groups exist, this should come as a surprise to no one.

    BBC Link

    Yes, Monkeypox will now be renamed Mpox announced the World Health Organization “after complaints over racist and stigmatising language linked to the virus’s name”.

    Since we throw untold billions into the disease-ridden corrupt shithole that is Africa and pay those cunts at WHO over $300m as of 2020, at least we know M’Tembe and his mates are not being stigmatised.

    A pox upon them all. Now eat da poo poo!

  5. Authorities that think by renaming something will make it better or not cause negative reactions by the general population are Cunts.

    The world health organisation have decided to rename “ Monkey 🐒 pox “ . It will now be known as Mpox.
    Ffs cretinism at its finest.

    Many piss poor reasons are cited in the article above for why this rebranding of the disease is best for all !!

    Bullshit. What difference does what a name of a disease 🦠 is to its consequences on the people with it or most likely to catch it. None.

    I offer an opinion that it is done to protect those with it the practices they practice before catching it and with the continent which has most sufferers from suffering prejudice.

    Prejudice for its own sake is wrong but so is ignorance and denial of certain facts leads to a prolonged problem. This is also the case with many other bad things in the world right now.

    Migrants. Illegal cunts high speed trip back to where them came

    Stabbing for fucks sake 2 more poor kids died last night forget PC target the bastard groups responsible and save lives

    Mental illness terrorists. !!! This again stops those responsible being targeted and lives been saved.

    On and on I could go. And so could most folk.

    Renaming something solves nothing stop fuck arsing about deal with the elephant 🐘 in the room Cunts.

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