Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

For some unfathomable reason the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is being held in the middle of a pandemic, touring the matches through 11 capitals to ensure that England is punished for Brexit by killing off as many people as possible when they all come streaming in to the country for the finals at Wembley.

If you’re one of the brain dead morons that’s dying for your footie ( literally? ), then this page is for you. Fill yer fucking boots here instead of polluting the main site with your drivel!

691 thoughts on “Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

  1. Anyone would think Pound Sterling was the first and only player to have had racial insults aimed at him. Loads of other players have had it worse. Big Cyril, Paul Cannoville, John Barnes, Paul Parker, Remi Moses.

    Only difference is they took it like men and didn’t pull the race card. Sterling loves pulling the race card and playing on his ‘heritage’. He never shuts up about it and he’s almost as bad as Megain Markle for it.

    • Liverpool fans would’ve noticed earlier, but I realised Sterling was a cunt after the 2018 World Cup.

      He was fucking shite all tournament and should’ve been dropped, but wasn’t.

      He then claimed that the fans and the media being critical of his performances were ‘racist’. The colour of his fucking skin hadn’t crossed my mind. Or pretty much every other cunt in the country. He was just shite and people were simply questioning why Wokegate wouldn’t drop him.

      But no. Everyone must be a racist to have the temerity to be anything but sycophantic over everything he fucking does.

      He and a few others (Rashford, Mings and I’d include Henderson, Kane and Wokegate himself too) make it impossible for me to get behind the team.

      Don’t you fucking dare tell me to ‘get educated’ you fucking thick cunts. I have a first class honours degree, A levels coming out of my arse and actually read fucking books sometimes. I know what the knee taking represents. Either you do not (so get educated) or you’re being lying, disingenuous pricks.

      Would it be ok for me to throw out nazi salutes at Jews and tell them to ‘get educated’, as I’m saying I actually mean ‘Jews are great’ when I do it?

      It’s the same fucking thing, you thick bastards.

      Shove the trophy up your woke arses later on. I’ll cheer when you cunts are gone from the team that carries my county’s name.

      Get fucked. Forza Italia.

      • Sorry Cunty but regardless of circumstances you should never cheer against your own country. Not least because the Italians can be right cocky bastards.

      • Wokegate and other MSM/BLM cunts making lazy generalisations about us plebs being thick racists really is taking the piss. But of course they have to be seen to be supporting BLM for fear of being shitcanned by their woke employers and social media.

        And what is even more ironic/moronic, is that these same cunts take pot shots at England fans for booing, and yet don’t say fuck all about opposition players not BtK or their fans booing!

        Ergo: if England fans boo and diss the knee, and opposition fans and players do like wise, doesn’t that make their ignorant racist cunts as well?

        But nothing is said against other countries because that would in itself be racist.

        Fucked up woke logic that only the dimwitted would understand and get sucked into.

      • Well said CB

        Fuck this England team.

        I cannot overstate it.

        They can fuck off and rot with the rest of their SJW and race baiting fucking cronies in the media.

        Half of these woke cunts wanking over this virtue signalling shit fest couldn’t spell football let alone know anything about it so fuck them.

        If that makes me unpatriotic or anti this or anti that – I don’t give a fuck.

        Football (the actual fucking sport as it used to be!) has often been my only escape at difficult times and a passion since childhood.

        To be lectured by pundits and experts from television studios which all too often clearly lack this sacred diversity (all fucking black or women) is a fucking insult to my intelligence.

        So as a football fan – come on Italy

  2. On this, the day of the final, spare a thought for TBRILW, one of this page’s most regular contributors. Who has had his primary source of entertainment taken away by his own hand. Where else now will he post his inane ramblings whilst pretending to be a successful millionaire?

    • Isn’t it time you dropped your obsession with TBRILW, General?

      Good grief lad, let it go – there are far more important things to worry about.

      • I honestly don’t know why you liked him. He was like Jay from the Inbetweeners with less charm.

      • Me and TBRILW had our serious clashes, but were able to bury the hatchet.

        Even with him gone, you can’t let it lie, can you?

      • I’m just revelling in the fact that he got banned. Insulting admin generally doesn’t work out well.

  3. Reading the MSM front pages, you’d think England had already won the fucking thing!

    All this praise for the players and especially Wokegate, even with the queen pinging him a letter wishing him and his team the best of luck!

    You just wait for the 180 degree about turn should England get hammered. The MSM will be calling for his head, and criticising the team for being shit (apart from the BAME players of course. If they play shit MSM will blame the fans for racist behaviour woof)

  4. Didn’t realise Paul Mariner, of Ipswich Town and England, has died of brain cancer aged 68!

    I remember him well, playing alongside Mick Mills and John Wark back in the late 70s early 80s

    I wonder if the current England team will pay tribute to him tonight?

  5. I read that the Italians are going to take the knee tonight or are considering it at least. In “solidarity” with England apparently. Why would you want “solidarity” with a bunch of cunts you are trying to beat at sport?
    Bollocks I say! Something is going on here. Words have been had, pressure has been applied.
    Let’s see what happens, the cunts.

    • It seems to motivate our chippy cunts when teams refuse to ttk. The Italians might do it just to stop giving the ‘England’ team extra motivation.

      To be fair, the coach would be wise to say, “Look, we don’t agree with this bollocks, but they play better when teams refuse to do it with them. So let’s just do it and not mean it. “

    • No he isn’t.

      He’s a mincing, diving, treacherous, chippy, greedy, race baiting little bastard.

      Hope I haven’t missed anything.

  6. Further to my comment before.

    If Italy take the knee for St George and the arse bandit community then I’m fucking done with ever watching a televised game again.

    I’ll stick to attending the local teams matches – provided they don’t piss their 500 odd fans off by adopting this utter fucking shit as well.

  7. Well,one thing’s for sure….England ” fans” will make complete tits of themselves,win or lose. If they win,they’ll probably get pissed and smash up the local Pizza shop…if they lose,they’ll probably get pissed and smash up the local Pizza shop

    Sad,embarrassing,lightweight Wankers.

  8. Italy have a great team, but I hate seeing them win. I’ve always loved Brazil and still love the matches against Italy in 1970, 1978, 1982, 1994. And I’m one of those Scots who has always been bemused at the anti-English pish that a lot of Scotsmen spout. I love England, amazing place and people. Britain and Ireland are among the truly magical places on Earth.

    I just want see a dramatic end-to-end game, no red cards, great goals.

  9. I’m not remotely interested so I won’t be watching this shit but I’d be more than happy to hear tomorrow that both teams took the knee and spontaneously combusted. That would be a result for me.

      • You can get 40-1 on both teams to spontaneously combust prior to kick-off at Bet Fred. Of course, the cunts won’t pay out if you win, Moggie!

  10. Well its final day, and ive no real opinion either way who wins, BUT I just glanced at the TV EPG and ITV have the game listed as England vs Italy, whereas the patriotic BBC have it listed as Italy vs England. They can’t even put their homeland first in a simple fuckin’ listing. What is wrong with them? They need nuking out of existence.

      • I stand corrected. Im not a fan. It Just seemed ‘out of place’ to me, and well… it seemed typically BBC.

  11. Half time 1-0 England. England by far the better team. Unless the eye ties wake up I can see England getting another for 2-0.

    Prepare for woke overdrive.

      • It’s not a good game, I’ll give you that. But England got an early goal and have shut Italy down since then. Just seen a load of dickheads without tickets getting booted out after storming the entrances lol.

      • The problem with trying to park the bus on this Italian team is they’re really good on the break.

  12. Wokegate pre game-first thing he said was something like:

    “It was great on the way to the stadium to see all religions and creeds lining the streets.” Lol

    Can’t fucking help himself. I thought he was going to break into a rendition of ‘Melting Pot’.

    It’s going to be excruciating in the media (wokeness) when they win it (which they will).

  13. Did a naked streaker just run on the pitch? They used to show that shit back in the 70s and 80s! Remember the woman with the MASSIVE TITS at the rugby?

    But of course, in the age of hardcore porn where people spit on each other just a click away on the webz, we can’t have a naked man be seen on live TV. That could “corrupt young minds, derp derp derp.”

  14. Sir Raheem Cruyff Pele Maradona Zidane Sterling.

    Decided to have the night off when it really mattered, obviously.


    Never mind, maybe all the other teams will die of heat stroke in Qatar next year.

  16. Wokegate has the tactical football brain of a chimpanzee. Just like the Croatia semi at halftime the game was there for the taking. And just like then he just couldn’t see it. Get the lead, flood your own half and hang on like grim death. Pickford, not a player I like, saved us from a good spanking with his best performance for England.
    Haven’t survived that he then makes a complete and utter fuck up of the penalties. Is he hoping for another pizza advert the cunt?

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