Cunt of the Year 2019

Well, it seems our resident code monkeys know their stuff and the results appeared on the stroke of midnight (much better organised than London’s ethnic fireworks display for football wankers).

Thanks to all who voted. Comments are now open.

Happy New Cunting Year to you all .

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Who was the worst British cunt of 2019?

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Who was the worst Political cunt of 2019?

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Who was the most undemocratic cunt of 2019?

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Who was the worst EU cunt of 2019?

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Who was the worst Corporate cunt of 2019?

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Who was the worst Foreign cunt in 2019?

28 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2019

  1. Some clear winners there but more of them.
    Either proves the outstanding cuntitude of May or that the buggers are breeding.

    Interesting that The Donald wasn’t even nominated…

    • Hopefully the accolade “Cunt of the Year,2019” will be some small comfort to Mr.Bercow after he missed out on a seat in The Lords.

      • The sad truth is that Bercunt would be proud of being Cunt of the Year 2019 and probably value it more than a seat in the Lords.

      • Nice to see the old avatar back, Dick.
        Symbol of stability in uncertain times.
        Stout yeoman , keep it up.

      • Aye, Jack….bored fucking titless….should really go out and get something done,but just can’t be arsed.

      • No. Meant to drive somewhere later..if I can even be bothered to go at all.

      • This isn’t like you at all Dick. You’re usually a resourceful and busy chap.
        Surely you’ve got some poison pen letters to write ?
        Or water supplies to disrupt ?
        How about driving the Hilux through the vicars rose bed ? That’s a good way to lift the spirits.
        Chin up Old Man, chin up !

      • It’s the winter wasteland. I’m even sick of shooting pigeons. I downloaded and installed an audio driver on my computer today. That bored. Tomorrow I shall get a key cut.

      • By the authority vested in me as the Ruler of the Caliphate of Honqtuhp Phurbaal and Grand Imam of the Al-Aqsminster-Kharpet mosque, I proclaim that Former Speaker, John Bercow is now Lord of All Cunts and Shite of the Garter.

    • I’m new to all this cunting, you cunts, although I agree with all the cunts above,
      Yours cuntfully, Paul the cunt Henry the third.

  2. Any normal bloke who’s wife had cuckolded him with a filthy pikey would have killed her, or himself or both. The cunt has no fucking shame whatsoever.

  3. I wonder how many of our nominees have ever googled their name, and found their way to their own cunting? Or been sent a link by someone out of friendship/malace? Or, even found the site because they thought someone else was a cunt, then found themselves on the next page?

  4. I’m interested to see that in the results for worst British cunt of 2019, there are three Scottish cunts in the top five or 60%. Plus another who has a Scottish name (Andrew, Prince of Darkness). Is this a record or will it be beaten next year?

    • #MeToo Ruffy. I think we should demand a new vote because it is abundantly clear that the cunters had no idea what they were voting for. Mind you, it doesn’t help that there was such an embarrassment of riches of cunts to nominate so much so that I believe in years to come 2019 will be affectionately known as ‘The Year of the Cunt’.

  5. As is my democratic right, I demand a fucking recount! There is no doubt in my mind that the Cunt of the Year award should go to that foul, yo-yo knickered ‘of colour’ yank, Rachel Markle! Her very face screams ‘CUNT’ loud and fucking clear! An absolute fucking disgrace and deserves locking up in The Tower, followed by a public beheading!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe there should be a category for Cunts who dig their own cunting abyss and insist on throwing themselves in. Prince Andrew. Cunt.

  7. Funny how, Just two months into 2020, I’ve already sent 98% of these cunts to a place where they will never be mentioned again, because they ARE Yesterday’s cunts!
    So, it was fun reminiscing, but let’s start the new decade with newer, and probably worse cunts!
    Barmier for a start, and Civil Servants!

  8. I am a no talent cunt with boobs and no brains that stalks guys that hate me using shady tweets and time numerology so that they know that I know I’m stalking them because all I have left is that little check mark and baseless tweets topped off with half naked Instagram pics and once my looks go them I’ll truly have nothing but asinine political views backed by my mighty high school education from the world renowned tottenville hs no guy wants me anymore and I’ll never have children because I spew bullshit on Twitter for a no compensation living and no decent guy will fuck me also because I’ll never follow black people on social media but I’ll virtue signal that black people matter and their lives matter just don’t appear anywhere on my social media pages because you’re so fucking black it’s embarrassing good gosh take a shower in gin and juice before your mom gets home

  9. fuckin brillant.just found this site this evening .ive meet loads of cunts in my life and still meeting them.

    Welcome aboard. Do stop awhile, have a look round and enjoy our sweary ranty website – NA.

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