Anti-Brexit Cunt of the Year 2018

The polls are closed and the results are in.

It was a close run thing and surprisingly Treeza the Appeeza only came third

But remember – it’s only advisory and we didn’t really know what we were voting for!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Who do you think is doing their worst to overturn Brexit?

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13 thoughts on “Anti-Brexit Cunt of the Year 2018

  1. And John Major never even made it onto the list. Obviously no-one spotted him touring NI with his protege, Blair, just before the referendum!

  2. Personally, I think not only was this too close to call, but is against Britains best interests. In my humble opinion, the contest should be re-run ( and again if necessary ) until we have a result that I like.

  3. I’m grounding my air fleet to show the British people what Cunts they are for voting the wrong way….
    M o’ L

    • Should never have given the great unwashed, rabble a vote. Give them A Basic Intelligence Test, 1 vote for answering 1 general knowledge question correctly….Example;Capital of France?…errr? Spain?..Fail…now Fuck Off you thick Cunt.

    • Did you know you have to be invited to be in the QT audience, they get your question first and only allow you to ask the question if they deem you worthy. Jury rigging cunts!

  4. Shit. I totally missed this vote. Ben Bradshaw was top of my remoaner list. I seem to recall hearing what a backstabbing cow Anna Soubry was when she worked for Central Television in the 80’s. Not second hand gossip mind you, straight from the horse’s mouth. She is a lot like Bradshaw. Self serving and untrustworthy.

  5. Lbc’s james O’Brien and Nick abbot are definitely radio’s biggest cunts with their stupid juvenile attitude and self righteous views/comments.

  6. Everyone seems to forget about that annoying cunt Alistair Cambell.. he wont let it lie. The twat needs locking up with Blair over the weapons of mass destruction.

  7. Anna Soubry, a jumped up twat of a cunt, failed presenter of 90’s craptalk tv programme ‘Central Weekend’. Now somehow qualified to tell the entire country how to think, an absolute utter cunt of cunts, her and Ash Sarkar have to be prime candidates of cunt of the year 2018 surely!

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