Eurovision Cunts Contest [6]

I would like to nominate the fuckfest that is the Eurovision song contest, this is from my own perspective so i dont think i need a link [or do i?].
(We’ll let you off needing a link since this is more about you being sick of hearing about it, than about the event itself – NA)

Eurovision, it hasnt happened yet and im sick of it, im sick of hearing that warbling limp wristed British entry especially when he covers other songs with his chutney ferret slant, its a fucking farce, countries vote for their friends irrelevant of how shit the effort is, trannies with beards, horrendous artists and general skullduggery, its all bollocks, its on the telly, radio, internet non stop, even when its over they will still be banging their drum because some other ponce beat our ponce and the injustice of it,

So for 3 months after the shit is over with you still wont be able to escape the fuckfest that is Eurovision and all its cling on cunts….

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

79 thoughts on “Eurovision Cunts Contest [6]

  1. I’ve no idea about this year’s contest as I stopped watching when the Polish girls won but the woke panels gave it to the tranny.

    I’ve not really heard much about it as i don’t really watch TV or listen to radio. Perhaps that is what most people here should do, to avoid being unnecessarily vexed.

  2. They could have a put a fresh steaming turd on the stage and the Ukraine would have won it.

    Truth is, their ‘song’ was a load of shit. Breakdancers, rap cunts, and even a dark hued personage (from the Ukraine?! Knob off!) to clinch the win and please the woke wankers.

    As usual, the whole thing was a load of crap. Mind you, that bird who represented Spain can polish my bell any time.

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