How we do stuff

Whether you’re new here or whether you’re an old hand, this is how it works…

Nominations :

Leave the name of your nomination, and the reason why, on the nominations page by clicking the big red button on the front screen or ‘NOMINATE’ in the menu and, as soon as we can be arsed to do it, we’ll post the cunt for you.

We won’t write your cunt up for you, so if you can’t be fucking bothered, neither can we!

A couple of rules :

(1) Don’t nominate a cunt anonymously ‘cos it fucks up our spam filters and you’ll disappear and never see the light of day. Make up a name, you lazy cunts.

(2) Our blog, our rules! So, we will decide who has enough cuntitude to deserve a good cunting.

Trolling :

We have a zero tolerance policy on trolling. All trolls are cunts, so of you’re a troll then just fuck right off! Don’t bother trying to use proxies because we can back track them and you’re less likely to get your first comment approved.

If you’re a first time commenter then your first comment will be moderated. After a first approved comment you’re in – so fill yer boots! We never publish your email address, but if we think you might be a troll then making up an email address is never gonna help convince us you’re not.

Don’t piss about insulting other contributors and commenters because that’s trolling. We review all comments, so behave or we’ll kick your arse out again. We’re here to cunt the cunts of the world not to cunt each other, so piss off and don’t a cunt!

Your views are your views :

We don’t take responsibility for your comments. They’re your responsibility not ours. You slander or defame somebody then that’s down to you. Also forget all the religious hatred and anti-semetic bullshit because all religion is a cunt anyway. There are laws against spreading hatred and we’ll pass your details on if the old bill come knocking.

Now that’s all cleared up, we can get on with the deeply therapeutic naming and shaming of who you think are the world’s top cunts. Enjoy!