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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Exhibitionists

    An ‘oi! Don’t frighten the horses!’ cunting for sexual exhibitionists, a couple of whom I happened to come across (no pun intended) in Asda’s car park this afternoon.

    I’d parked away from the busier area, and on returning, saw that another car had parked one space across from mine, leaving a space in between. Seated in the front were a couple who I’d guess were in their late thirties. Nothing remarkable in this, but as I began to manoeuvre my trolley between the cars, the bloke promptly inserted his hand between her legs and made great show of vigorously massaging her fanny.

    Now I couldn’t give a monkey’s what people get up to in their spare time, good luck to ’em, I say, but blimey, a bit of decorum’s surely in order. It was obvious that they knew that I could see them, and from the gratified expressions on their faces, these two were clearly a couple of thrill seekers who got off on that very fact.

    I loaded up my stuff and drove off, wondering whether I should have tactfully suggested that they should get a room. If nothing else, they were chancing that someone would take the car’s registration and call the scuffers; but I suppose that the risk simply added to the excitement.

    Now I’m one of the most broad-minded individuals you’ll ever meet, but this sort of behaviour in public seems a bit unseemly and coarse to me. Finger away to your hearts’ content I say, but show a bit of class and do it behind closed doors, and if you do want to be seen, do so in the company of like-minded individuals.

    Now dear, just close the curtains come over here, would you…

  2. Oh dear me. Another cunting please for Bianca Williams.

    Wannabe sprinter , Olympic hopeful, ha. And race baiting cunt.

    More information as come to light regarding this poor fucker who made such a noise over being stopped by traffic plod that officers lost their jobs.

    Turns out that on three occasions she refused to identify who was driver her car. Had 11 pts already on her license and now has a further 18 pts and a 6 month driving ban. Hurrah for small mercies.

    Thankfully the magistrate refused her request to keep her license. Will it get plod their jobs back. No of course it won’t.

    What a self serving race baiting awful motorist this Cunt is.

  3. The BBC and the Licence Fee

    These cunts want to ramp up the licence fee by almost 10% (or £15) from the current £159 to £173 per annum next April.

    The government, and in particular Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, has responded by an almost-but-not-quite “fuck off you greedy cunts!”

    The BBC defends the rise after the fee was frozen for two years due to the pandemic, energy and cost-of-living crisis. But Frazer said that people are still struggling to feed and heat themselves without the added problem of paying more for the licence fee.

    There was a drop of over 400,000 licence renewals last year, most of these were legitimate, although the BBC/Craptia did pursue over 1000 weekly cases of licence evasion.

    The government also suggested that people have far more choices now, especially with catch-up and recorded streaming (neither of which need a licence unless watched via Iplayer).

    The BBC’s Royal Charter ends in 2027 and the licence fee may be replaced with a more modern alternative, including subscription, or an additional tax added to the Council Tax, Income tax and benefit payments.

    The BBC replied by saying it is looking to save money and offer value for money in these changing/challenging times.

    Yeah, well we all know where they can start with their savings … don’t renew the contracts of their so-called superstars like Lineker and news-readers for a start (don’t sack them or make them redundant otherwise they’ll get a massive pay off)

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