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5 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. British Board of Film Classification

    Oh lordy, will all this wokery never end?

    The BBFC has become the latest organisation to wet the bed and fall over itself in a pathetic effort to appease professional offence takers. What’s it done then? Taken a stand against orgies of violence and sex on screen? Er, no. The BBFC has (wait for it) decided that its certification for the 1964 classic ‘Mary Poppins’ must be revised from ‘U’ to ‘PG’, because of *gasp* two uses of ‘racially discriminatory’ language.

    I’m sure the matter is scorched into the psyche of cunters everywhere. I well remember swooning with shock as I watched the scene where the sweeps dance on the rooftop. From nearby, the batty character ‘Admiral Boom’ yells ‘we’re being attacked by Hottentots!’ before firing fireworks at them. ‘Hottentots’, as I’m sure every shocked viewer is aware, has been added to the ever-increasing list of words deemed offensive by some busybody or other.

    But why stop there? After all, the chimney sweeps were ‘blacked up’. Disney should be censured for this inflammatory imagery. And what about Dick van Dyke’s insult
    to native Londoners with his disgraceful racist mockery of their accent? I’m grossly offended by this crude and shameful caricature. Should he apologise? ‘Indoobitubly, Bary Boppins’.

    Oh dear. I’m so overcome that I think I’ve peed my pants.

    • i second this on the basis only the very active ‘woke’ community who actively go out their way to look for this sort of thing would know what that word meant. i mean, i am a 60 year old bloke and never heard of it….and took no notice of it either when i would have been of the age group it was intended for when i first saw the film. when you are 8 years old so so there are a lot of words you dont know the meaning of, but it didnt detract from the enjoyment of the film and neither did I instantly become a racist because of some of those words.

      i am very much looking forward to several traditional plays from shakespeare being censored or ‘revised’ in due course due to the use of now defunct words.

      i must also add, whilst watching that episode of top gear where they built a bridge over the river kwai? and used the word ‘slope’, i had never heard of that as a derogatory term to our slitty eyed friends, and i only became aware of its meaning in the context they subliminally meant AFTER they were told to apologise. and i dont think im that uneducated.

  2. People who go out of their way to find something to be ‘offended’ about.

    We’ve all come across them, in fact they’ve been given names.
    Karens or Kevins.

    They go out of their way to be offended.

    Starbucks: You didn’t spell my name correctly. Skreeee!
    That’s my seat ( in the pub)
    I NEED a mother and toddler place, because I don’t want my car scratched!
    I’m a single Mum, so I need your seat ( on the bus, no child, elderly or handicapped seat).

    I could go on, countless examples. A couple of these happened to me, but an ‘ accidental rap on the ankle’ left them hopping about, and me on my way in peace.

  3. “The Defendant Expressed Remorse”

    I read the following news article in the local online rag concerning a club treasurer intentionally defrauding a bridge club of up to ยฃ23,000.

    The club became suspicious and plod were called in and arrested her. She went to court and admitted all charges. Inevitably, her lawyer said she “expressed remorse” for her first offence.

    Anyway, the stupid judge gave her suspended sentence and that she must complete rehabilitation work and a 12-week, electronically monitored night time curfew – which to my mind bares little relationship to the crimes involved.

    The judge finished off by saying it was regrettable no compensation could be ordered, saying: โ€œIt seems to me there is little prospect of this money being paid back.โ€

    Therefore this cunt pinches ยฃ23k and ends up with a poxy sentence, while the club and its members end up with fuck all. But what is particularly niggling is the use of “expressed remorse”. Which basically means “I’m soz for what I did, but only because I got found out!”

    If it ain’t mental health as a lame excuse its this “remorse” shite used in mitigation, and juries and judges fall for it.

    Perhaps old Osama binliner could have used that excuse had he been captured and taken to the International Criminal Court. “Sorry, guv, for killing 3000+ infidels. Will a bit of remorse do for a suspended sentence?”

    Load of bollocks!

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