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1 thought on “Nominations

  1. Talksport for a cunting please.

    I used to think Talksport was good back in the day.
    I recall many an afternoon travelling home in the van listening to the crackly football dominated conversations and crap repetitive ads.

    Of course it’s gradually gone down hill like every thing else.
    All over everything and anything woke and the “that’s raaaaycuist!!!” brigade by whoring itself out to Black Lives fucking Matter. Reminding the listener that the players “Take the knee”
    Helping promote hysteria, division and paranoia with relentless coronavirus adverts.
    And so on…

    Well, they’ve just recently became part of the Ministry of Truth in Airstrip One it would seem.

    Ex England International, Trevor Sinclair, alongside his colleagues was discussing the relatively recent and apparent surge in the numbers of professional players suffering chest problems. As you’d imagine, being a supposedly “in depth” football programme.
    Imagining himself to be part of a civiized, mature society where free speech was invaluable, Trev had the temerity to mention “the jab” and which players had had it etc.

    Before he as much as gets the words out of his mouth, Big Brother upstairs, obviously doesn’t like the trajectory of the conversation, swoops and cuts off the broadcast.
    Leaving just a graphic screen.

    A new religion is born and blasphemy will carry harsh penalties.

    It would appear that the North Korean media could maybe learn a thing or two about censorship from the UK media.

    Talksport – You shit Cunts.

    13 second video.

    This could be a coincidence as well but surely it’s unlikely.

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